Wings of Silver Trophy

  • Wings of Silver


    Collect 35 Solar on a drop-pod drop.

    This one might give you some trouble. Just memorize the pattern and try, try again. Especially in the beginning where you're likely to be dying a lot. Or simply try it out in practice where you can die as much as you want.

    I would like to suggest a more, less stressful solution.
    Do this in practice mode yes, however don't just keep dieing over and over, your respawn just gets more and more time added to it each time you do and quite frankly it's a waste of time! Instead select practice, dont worry about character or load-out, pick the planet you want to go to and start the match. Now, try to capture all the solar as you fall, however if you fail, simply quit the match and load it up again the same way I explained before (quickly) and try again, repeat this until you have the trophy.

    Took me three try's using this method, after many attempts prior the tedious way.

    Here's another video uploaded by benjamin1802 to help you out:


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  • How in the hell do you get 35 sheez! Hardest trophy in the game for me.
  • This can take a while, but you will probably get it before hitting max level if you make a real attempt on every drop. Stage Rabbit 4 has about 40? solar, so you can do it there even if you miss a few. Trophy will pop about the time you reach/pass the store/regeneration area.
  • Hardest trophy in this game ...

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