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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (Personal opinion/Greatly skill dependent; Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 14 (2, 11, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30 minutes - 1 hour (Personal opinion/Greatly skill dependent; Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 4 (Saying "goodbye" trophy_gold.png, Red Key trophy_gold.png, Green Key trophy_gold.png, and Blue Key trophy_gold.png can easily be missed if you play through each stage as the ghost without possessing any other enemy), otherwise, no trophies will be missed if you use save states wisely.
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No, all trophies can be unlocked on Easy difficulty.

Welcome to Avenging Spirit (Also known as Phantasm)! Originally developed by C.P. Brain and published by Jaleco for arcades in 1991, this version of the game finally makes its debut on modern consoles in 2022 courtesy of Ratalaika Games, Shinyuden, and City Connection (as the prior home port of the game was only for Game Boy systems in 1992).

In this game, players take control of a ghost who can possess enemies and use their weapons across six unique stages as he embarks on a quest to save his girlfriend, who was kidnapped by a crime syndicate prior to his death at the hands of one of its men prior to the beginning of the game. There are two ways to play this game: the original arcade version (which supports two players), or the newly optimized console version that only supports one player, as seen in the screenshot below:

Like some of the other game ports published by Ratalaika (such as Gynoug and Gleylancer, for example), this game uses a special emulator that allows players to make save states, use its built-in rewind, and fast forward features, and much more!

dpad.png/ls.png: Movement
square.png: "A" Button (Attack)
cross.png: "B" Button (Jump)
l1.png: Rewind
r1.png: Fast Forward
:options:: "Start" Button
tp.png: Opens Emulator Menu


Step 1: Enjoy the game to your heart's content while going for the True Ending!

As per the usual tradition of games published by Ratalaika Games, this game includes an easy-to-earn platinum trophy on top of the game itself being a bit of a challenge if you're playing this normally (provided that you're new to the game itself).

Of course, as the title of this step suggests, this revolves around playing the game at your own pace while going for the true ending, and while there are missable trophies, you can easily earn them by following this guide and using save states wisely, which makes it easier for you to go back to whichever part of the game you feel you missed a trophy in (such as the green key in Stage 5 and the blue key in Stage 6, as well as the trophies for reaching a specific score to unlock them).

Once you have completed this step, you will unlock the following trophies:

Stage 1 trophy_silver.png 
Stage 2 trophy_gold.png 
Stage 3 trophy_gold.png 
Stage 4 trophy_gold.png 
Stage 5 trophy_gold.png 
Avenged trophy_gold.png 
Red Key trophy_gold.png 
Green Key trophy_gold.png 
Blue Key trophy_gold.png 
Saying "goodbye" trophy_gold.png 
Score 250k trophy_silver.png 
Score 500k trophy_gold.png 
Score 750k trophy_gold.png 
Greatest Job! trophy_platinum.png 

Avenging Spirit Trophy Guide

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14 trophies ( 11  2  )

  • Unlock all other trophies

    Once you have obtained all of the game's trophies, you will unlock a platinum replica of the game's protagonist for you to put into your collection of platinum trophies in his memory. This commemorates a job well done at saving the hero's girlfriend and giving them a proper farewell as he finally moves on to the afterlife.
  • Complete Stage 1

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the game's first stage for the first time.

    Before the beginning of the stage, you will be tasked with selecting which one of the four enemies you want to possess first, and once you make your choice, you will move on to the stage itself, which contains platforming elements found in traditional platformers, but be warned that projectiles from enemies can take up a good amount of your health.

    Another thing to note in each stage is that once the body you're currently possessing dies, you will become the ghost once more, but be warned that your energy gauge will deplete until you possess another enemy. You can refill energy by collecting red bottles that are either filled or almost empty while collecting capsules with hearts on them will refill the health of the enemy you are currently possessing.

    The first boss of the game follows the traditional whack-a-mole structure, but other than that, it is a pretty easy and straightforward fight. Be sure to watch the floor and jump away from whichever part of it the boss will emerge from so you can attack it once it shows up.
  • Complete Stage 2

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the game's second stage for the first time.

    This stage makes use of the same platforming principles found in the first stage, but also adds lasers to the mix, which can easily be avoided if you move to a safe spot (or jump) quickly enough to avoid them. Additionally, you can also unlock the Red Key trophy_gold.png midway through the stage, provided that you are currently possessing/found a new enemy to possess before entering the door to obtain it.

    The game's second boss introduces an obstacle that can harm the player in the form of the crane and a vent that can protect it from damage. Once the vent opens, be sure to jump and shoot your projectile as much as you can before it closes shut, but be sure to avoid the crane while doing so.
  • Complete Stage 3

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the game's third stage for the first time.

    The third stage makes use of the first stage's platforming basics while also introducing more enemies blocking your path. As usual, be sure to avoid any attacks from your enemies as you make it through to the end of the stage, where another boss will await your arrival.

    The third boss is a giant snake that will move up and down while shooting cloud-like projectiles from its mouth to attack the player. Be sure to watch its attack pattern wisely while attacking it (you can also jump when necessary), and whenever it shoots three times, it will begin to shoot two projectiles at once across different positions before going back to its usual attack pattern until you defeat this boss once and for all.
  • Complete Stage 4

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the game's fourth stage for the first time.

    Starting with this stage, the game will begin to have more than one area for the player to go through, making them a departure from what you have played through in the game's first three stages. The first area will have the player go through the depths of the sewers, while the second area will have them heading back up to the city as they near the end of their journey.

    This boss uses a simple, yet annoying attack pattern that can be easy to follow once you become more comfortable with how you space yourself away from the boss. Keep in mind that every time it attacks you while grounded, it will come up to the ceiling and attack the player with drops of its own ooze before coming down to the ground and emerging to attack you again. Be sure to attack it once it emerges until you have defeated it.
  • Complete Stage 5

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the game's fifth stage for the first time.

    The penultimate stage of the game will make use of branching paths that take the player to different areas depending on which doors they choose to go through. Additionally, you can also obtain the Green Key trophy_gold.png in the area you go to after choosing the upper door in the second area.

    Keep in mind that some doors will lead players to dead ends until they go back and go to the correct door to advance further in the stage. Thankfully, some areas can prove to be beneficial for Score 750k trophy_gold.png since there will be items you can collect that will greatly increase your score, and these items can respawn once you exit and re-enter the door you previously got those items from.

    The penultimate boss of the game is very annoying to deal with, but thankfully, it has no real attack patterns aside from it sometimes going down your path. If you have possessed an enemy such as a ninja who can throw shurikens, this boss fight will become a breeze to complete thanks to their ability to jump very high.

    You should also keep in mind that its only means of attacking it is its head, so be sure to aim for it when possible and avoid the other parts of its body.
  • Complete Stage 6 to finish the game

    Story related. Cannot be missed.

    This trophy will be unlocked upon completing the game's final stage for the first time.

    The sixth and final stage of the game will put the player's skills to the test as they will put everything they can into finishing the game. You can also obtain the Blue Key trophy_gold.png in the second area of this stage provided that the conditions to enter the area it is locked up in are met.

    Once all three keys are obtained, you will take control of the protagonist's girlfriend and play through the remainder of the game as her, where you will unlock Saying "goodbye" trophy_gold.png once you defeated the final boss while controlling her. It should also be noted that this trophy won't be unlocked until the credits have ended.

    The final boss of the game is pretty straightforward and not as annoying as the last two bosses you have fought against. This can prove to be a challenge while you are possessing a normal enemy, however, it is recommended to fight against him once you finally gain control of the protagonist's girlfriend, where you can easily defeat him since her attacks are much stronger when compared to those of a normal enemy.

    Remember to keep the homing missiles in mind when fighting against him, which can thankfully be avoided once they make contact with any of the platforms in the fight.
  • Collect the Red Key


    The Red Key is the first of the three keys you can obtain in the game since you will need it to save the protagonist's girlfriend and unlock the true ending.

    This key is obtained midway through Stage 2, where you will see an open gate along with some enemies that jump up while shooting with their guns in an easily predictable pattern that can be avoided if you know where to go to avoid making contact with them.

    Once you are inside the area this leads to, you will see a key in the next room, where you will unlock this trophy once you have collected it. Keep in mind that this can be missed if you get past this area as the ghost provided you didn't possess another enemy. Be sure to create a save state just in case if you forget to go to this area and collect the key.

    For more information on the game's true ending, please refer to Saying "goodbye" trophy_gold.png.
  • Collect the Green Key


    The Green Key is the second of the three keys needed to unlock the true ending and save the protagonist's girlfriend.

    At the end of the second area of Stage 5, you will come across two doors that lead to different areas. You will need to take the upper door to get to the third area, as the lower one will lead to a dead end.

    Once you are in the third area, you will need to jump up to the door above it and continue going left until you enter an area where lasers are running amok, this is where the second key will be obtained, therefore unlocking this trophy. Keep in mind that whenever you see enemies showing up, be sure to grab the grenade from when you enter this area to clear your path and make it back to the third area as you can now progress through the stage normally. It should be noted that save states should be used in the event that you forgot to obtain this key.

    For more information on the game's true ending, please refer to Saying "goodbye" trophy_gold.png.
  • Collect the Blue Key


    The Blue Key is the third and final key you can obtain on your quest to save the protagonist's girlfriend and unlock the game's true ending.

    In the second area of Stage 6, you will need to jump on the letters that spell out GHOST to open a door on the other side of the area. This door also includes the aforementioned letters next to it, and whenever you jump on a panel with that corresponding letter, it will light up. You can easily cheese through this by becoming your ghost form again once the body you're currently possessing dies, but keep in mind that you can only jump on these letters while you are possessing an enemy.

    Once you have all five letters lit up, you can now enter the previously locked-up door, where the final key will be found and this trophy will be unlocked. Be sure to keep the jumping slimes in mind as you should try to avoid them as much as possible when going for this key, as well as exiting the area and heading up towards the third area. You should also use save states when possible, especially when going for the area needed to obtain this key just in case you accidentally advance further.

    For more information on the game's true ending, please refer to Saying "goodbye" trophy_gold.png.
  • Rescue Gennifer and complete stage 6


    In order to unlock the game's true ending, you will need to obtain all three keys that are found in the game's second, fifth, and sixth stages (you can find how to unlock them, as well as their exact locations are at in their respective trophies).

    Once you have obtained them, you will now need to enter a door in the third area of Stage 6, which requires all three keys to open. This is where you will encounter Gennifer, the protagonist's girlfriend, and rescue her as he will take control of her body to help her escape the base of the syndicate that kidnapped her. Her projectile attack is also much stronger than that of a normal enemy's attack, but keep in mind that once you begin to play as her, your energy gauge will deplete whenever she takes damage.

    Needless to say, you will unlock this trophy once you have defeated the final boss while playing as Gennifer, where the protagonist will finally get his chance to say goodbye to the world before peacefully vanishing back into the afterlife.
  • Score 250000 points

    See Score 750k trophy_gold.png for more information.
  • Score 500000 points

    See Score 750k trophy_gold.png for more information.
  • Score 750000 points

    In order to unlock this trophy, you will need to score a total of at least 750,000 points or more throughout your playthrough.

    Normally, you can obtain points by defeating enemies, collecting items, and even defeating bosses, where you can also get a bonus on your score depending on how long you take to complete a stage. Thankfully, it should also be noted that every time you continue after dying, your score will not reset, which is very helpful when going for this trophy.

    In addition to the above, there is an easy method to rack up points for this trophy in Stage 5, where you can go to the bottom door in the second area which is normally a dead end. You can use this to your advantage to score a total of 10,000 points for each time you enter and exit that area before re-entering it by collecting the blue objects that lie there since they will respawn every time you re-enter this area.

    Repeat this process until you have unlocked this trophy.

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