• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 43 (26, 13, 3, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to Platinum: 76-100 Hours, depending on how much time you spend grinding. (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 2
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: No
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No so play on Easy.
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the EU, US and Asia versions have their own lists but do note that these lists are shared between the PS3, PS4 and Vita.
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No



Welcome to Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom, a game based off the anime and manga: Shingeki no Kyojin, where you can take control of Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi and a host of other characters to take on 50 foot giants called Titans who have an appetite for humans. This game was made by the same developers as Dynasty Warriors and takes lots of elements from their games e.g. fighting in a large map, helping allies who are in need of assistance and taking on hordes of enemies. A few differences include no bases for you to defend and instead of taking on a thousand small enemies and a couple of strong enemies, your job is tackle fifty much larger enemies and one or two more stronger enemies. If you get stuck, then please see here for some tips: LINK


Step 1: Play Attack Mode up to Chapter 3

Attack Mode is the story mode of this game and will be where you play through most of the game. Here, you live through most of the Attack on Titan storyline up to the anime's first season, with the climactic battle against the Female Titan and half of the second season, up to the Colossal Titan and Armoured Titan's fight which are split into four parts. The first three are straight forward but the fourth, the Epilogue, won't be available straight away, though will require you to play through the Survey Missions which are located in the base camp opposite the soldier who lets you replay story episodes. These Survey Missions are short, non-story based missions that let you complete a series of side missions and one main mission and a good way to grind for EXP, money and materials. They're divided up into areas and each new area will unlock a new story episode in the epilogue. Chapter 3's completion will unlock most of the other content so clear up to that point first. In the story playthrough, you will also subconsciously or purposely collect minor trophies that will fill up the majority of the trophy list:

You'll never have to take care of me again!
Today, for the first time...humanity has won against the Titans.
Hey brats...What's the situation here?
What else can we do? The world is a cruel place.
We've got a talented one here.
Hmm...Not bad...
Well, you see...It's just seething with rage!
I still don't know anything about our world.
We're always at an information disadvantage against the Titans.
If you don't know something, you just have to learn it.
Sorry, buddy, but I'm just a natural.
It's humanity's turn now.
Just shut your mouth and invest everything in me!
Devote your heart!
Humankind is striking back!
More...Kill more...
Got it all dirty...Damn it.
Don't worry...Just keep training.
Huh? Help what?
Finally...I can be useful.
I'm just glad it didn't turn out any worse...
This is our chance! Don't let it get away!
I was able to control myself perfectly.
This is where my gamble begins.
It's great you have something you could put your life on the line for...
Avoid unfavourable battles.
Fight! Fight! Fight!!!
My speciality is tearing through flesh.
That's why I picked you.
This is a true salute!
This world has always been a living hell.

Step 2: Attack Mode clean up, Epilogue and above

If you somehow didn't get some of the aforementioned trophies during the initial run, don't worry, this is your chance here. The Epilogue will now be unlocked so you can work on that along with the Survey Missions. Along with this, you will need to do some extra work as well, including defeating Dire Subjugation targets, strong Titans sometimes in the form of Bizarre Titans (Armoured Titan, Female Titan and Beast Titan), and requests by various characters in the base camp, usually in the form of kill X number of Titans, sever x number of Titan limbs etc.

In this mode, you will get most of the other trophies:

Humanity will feast on the Titans!
If you're gonna cry here, you might as well quit.
What do we do now?
I swear to you...I will eradicate the Titans!!
Huh? Are you God?
Don't be stupid. I've always been talkative.
It may be a small thing, but it will mean we've finally managed an attack on the Titans!
It's nothing like the other Titans.
If you don't fight, you can't win.
You're all brave soldiers. You have my heartfelt respect.

Step 3: True Attack Mode

This is where a good majority of your playthrough will go to. There's only one more trophy to get but requires the most time: The outside world must be ten times bigger than inside the wall! Now most of the Gallery that needs completing will have been completed through your normal run, the only thing needing completing is the weapons and gear, and the only way to do that is to craft every single blade/sword, scabbard/canister and omni-directional gear, a herculean task to say the least. Most of the materials you will need are in the normal Titan Attack but the materials that you need for both the strongest gear and the most difficult to obtain are in True Attack Mode. In this mode, you replay the story but with the following changes:

1: The Titans are smarter.
2: The Titans will face you much quicker to avoid being attacked by their nape.
3: The Titans will grab you much quicker.
4: The Titans are harder to take down.
5: Your gas and blade meter will go down much quicker, forcing you to be more wise about which Titans to attack and how to proceed better.

Once you have acquired the entire list of weapons and gear, initiate and complete any random quest and then you will get the following trophies:

The outside world must be ten times bigger than inside the wall!
I'm going to destroy them! Every last one that's on this earth!

[PST Would Like To Thank megasean3000 for this Roadmap]

Attack on Titan: Wings of Freedom Trophy Guide

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43 trophies ( 13  26  8  )

  • Get all the other trophies and this one will pop.

  • Reached 25% Survey Mission completion.

    See I swear to you... I will eradicate the Titans!!

  • Reached 50% Survey Mission completion.

    See I swear to you... I will eradicate the Titans!!

  • Reached 100% Survey Mission completion.

    The Survey Missions are optional missions that can be found next to the soldier who lets you replay Story Missions. When you complete a mission, you get EXP, materials and money the same as you always do, you will see a percentage of that mission's area increase, for every 20% completed, you will gain a new figure for the gallery and for every 80% of each area completed, you'll unlock a new area and a new episode for the epilogue. There are six areas in total and are as follows:

    - Southern Region 1st Survey
    - Interior Defensive Area
    - Wall Perimeter Secure Area
    - Eastern Region 2nd Survey Area
    - Southern Region Unexplored Battlefield
    - Deepest Depths Special Battlefield

    Each of these areas will have a number of different missions for you to do. Fortunately, you do not have to complete all of them with an S ranking nor complete the Dire Subjugation, though it is recommended that you do. Gaining S ranking and completing the Dire Subjugation will increase your money earned, give you some valuable materials that you will need to unlock the weapons and some requests require you to complete Dire Subjugations and kill X number of Titans in specific areas of the Survey Missions. There's no pressure to complete them with S rank and Dire Subjugation since it's not required for a trophy but doing so will make things easier when completing the gallery. If you do decide to go for the S Rank and Dire Subjugation, most are fairly easy because they require you to e.g. kill a certain number of Titans and complete all of the Side Missions in the mission and you get S rank if you do the Dire Subjugation and the main mission fast enough. Once you complete all the missions, with an S rank, Dire Subjugations or neither, you will get the trophy.

  • Completed 10 requests.

    See Don't be stupid. I've always been talkative.

  • Requests are missions you receive outside of actual missions by characters in the base camp. They are simple enough, unlocked by completing Chapter 3, often requiring you to complete a certain task in a mission, sometimes in the Survey Missions in a specific area. Each character will request three things and have a scene play out with certain characters and some will even give you new costumes. All the requests won't be available all at once and some requests may be from the very character you're playing so if you run out of requests to do, simply reload the game and choose a different character and there will be more waiting for you. There are a total of 81 requests and will find them here (credit to Hero for this): LINK.

  • Achieved a Battle Rating of S in an episode.

    See It may be a small thing, but it will mean we've finally managed an attack on the Titans!

  • Performed 10 Complete Subjugations in a row during one battle.

    To perform a Complete Subjugation, you need to attack a Titan's nape (the back of its neck) with your sword without bouncing off it from a bad angle, getting grabbed by it, attack without dashing first or building up speed, attack it with an empty blade meter or attack a guarded spot (this comes when attacking the Female Titan's crystallised spot or the Beast Titan's hairy parts). As long as you avoid the above scenarios, you can perform a Complete Subjugation. Do 10 of them in a row and the trophy will be yours.

  • Performed 50 Complete Subjugations during one battle.

    This one is quite tricky for early Story Episodes and Survey Missions, since the most that will be there is around 20-40 Titans. However, the later Survey Missions have an abundance of Titans for you to slay, particularly in Deepest Depths Special Battlefield, where some missions have 70 Titans and by the time you reach these levels, you will be skilled enough to avoid attacking at bad angles or being caught by a Titan and even if you miss one or two, you still have lots to correct the mistake. Make sure to do all Side Missions, since they have more Titans and if you're still uncomfortable with getting a Complete Subjugation, go as Armin, Hange or Erwin, they have the Tactician's Eyes skill that lets them use allies to attack for them and quite perfectly I might add. Once you've got 50 Complete Subjugations during one mission, the trophy will be yours.

  • There are three factors in play when getting a Battle Rating of S:

    - Missions completed
    - Titan Kills
    - Time

    Each episode has a different level of each that must be completed. For missions, you must complete every mission the episode offers, this includes the Side Missions that's marked in green on your map. For Titan kills, aim for as much Titan kills as possible, try to clear the area of all Titans. Time is very lenient, as long as you're not spending two minutes at a time on one Titan, then time shouldn't be a concern. Some episodes are harder than others, particularly in the epilogue episodes as it's hard to juggle main mission, side missions and Titan kills in the allotted time but if you come equipped and make sure to go characters with high strength, like Mikasa and Levi, it shouldn't be a problem. Once all episodes have an S-Rank, you shall get the trophy.

  • Reached 10% Gallery completion.

    See The outside world must be ten times bigger than inside the Wall!

  • See The outside world must be ten times bigger than inside the Wall!

  • See The outside world must be ten times bigger than inside the Wall!

  • This will more than likely be the last trophy you earn, because it's the hardest and most time consuming one in the game. There are six elements to the Gallery:

    - Public Information
    - Regiment History
    - Music Collection
    - Muster Roll
    - Equipment Field Guide
    - Titan Field Guide

    Public Information is the information charters that make up the loading screen, you get more the more you go through Attack Mode. Regiment History is basically cutscenes from Attack Mode, including ones from requests, as soon as you've completed Attack Mode and all requests, this one will be completed too. Music Collection is a list of music the game has and again, you will get this by completing Attack Mode. Muster Roll is a list of character models and you will get more by going through the Survey Missions. For every 20% complete in each area, you will gain one new model for a total of five for each area. Titan Field Guide is a list of all the Titan models you'll encounter in the game, this one's a little more tricky than the others because this includes Dire Subjugations in Survey Missions so if you've completed Attack Mode with all Dire Subjugations and still missing a few, go to Survey Missions and get some Dire Subjugations there. Overall, it's nothing overly difficult.

    But it's where the Equipment Field Guide comes in that makes this trophy a Platinum stealer. It's a list of all the Blades/Swords, Scabbards/Canisters, Omni-Directional Gears and horses you've made/bought in the game. There's 77 Blades/Swords, 74 Scabbards/Canisters, 74 Omni-Directional Gears and 7 horses, making a grand total of 232 things to buy and craft in the game and some can't be crafted without first crafting its previous item, for example, you can't craft a King Tiger Zero MK. II without first crafting a King Tiger Zero. The horses are not a problem as they just have to be bought but if you have the money, then it will be the first completed. All the others require two things to make: a lot of materials and a lot of money. It's impossible to complete this section without tackling True Attack Mode, because in that mode is the materials needed for the more advanced items, like S-Grade Steel, Meteoric Iron and Giant Tree Core. That and each item will cost a lot of money. The Survey Missions in True Attack Mode will replace the Muster Roll models but will cost a lot of money so it's recommended that you do that as well and once again, aiming for the S-Rank and Dire Subjugations if you're able, to get even more money and materials. It's recommended to use Sasha and Christa for farming, both have the Elimination Bonus which makes farming rare materials from Titan limbs easier and Christa has the Reward Bonus which increases your money gained after every battle. A full list of all the things you need is found here (credit to Hero for this): LINK.

    Some players have reported that the trophy will not show when the last item has been crafted and the gallery at 100%. If this happens, just replay any mission in the game and the trophy will pop once it has been completed.

  • Reached maximum Soldier Skill with a character.

    You get EXP for every battle and when you gain enough, you get a level in that character's soldier skill. The maximum level for a character is level 7 but will start to slow around level 4. It shouldn't be a problem, you will most likely get this trophy in the middle of doing the Survey Missions. You don't need to level up every character either, just one will do, Eren, Mikasa and Levi are played the most during Attack Mode so your chances of getting this trophy will be high if either one of these three are the ones you are playing as during the Survey Missions.

  • Just like level EXP, you will gain EXP for your Corps Skill after every battle. The maximum Corps Skill level is 99 and is another late-game trophy you will get. After a certain number of levels, you will have access to the weapons, gear and horses from the shop to craft and buy so getting to level 99 in your Corps Skill is mandatory for the Gallery completion.

  • Developed a weapon.

    You will first have access to the weapon's development shop after the first level, once you get to base camp, simply go to the shop and craft an available item. If none are available, then play the second level as some should be available once you complete that and go back to base camp with some extra materials.

  • Used more than 100,000 Corps Funds in total.

    This trophy is easily obtained by focusing on equipment and horses, since some of the horses cost a fortune. The trophy will pop, once you have spent over 100,000 Corps Funds.

  • Unlocked all characters.

    You will unlock all the characters after completing Chapter 3, which include:

    - Eren Jaeger
    - Mikasa Ackerman
    - Armin Arlett
    - Jean Kirstein
    - Connie Springer
    - Sasha Blouse
    - Christa Lenz
    - Levi
    - Hange Zoe
    - Erwin Smith

    After unlocking all of the above, the trophy will pop during the credits.

  • Subjugated a Titan with Eren.

    You first encounter a live Titan in Chapter 1 Episode 1 "Invasion" where a Titan is used as a tutorial for actual Titan combat. Simply kill it and the trophy will be yours.

  • Subjugated a Titan with Levi.

    You first take control of Levi in Chapter 2 "Scout Regiment" so kill the nearest Titan, then the trophy will pop.

  • Engaged in omni-directional movement for 1 minute without landing.

    the skies with your ODM gear and it's hard to control sometimes but some players can stay in the air for the entire battle. A good tip for this trophy is to anchor yourself to a Titan and continue to circle around it by pressing and but if your anchor comes loose, simply dash by pressing - rinse and repeat. Do this for a minute and the trophy will be yours.

  • Subjugated 10 Titans within 1 minute.

    This trophy is incredibly easy once you go Titan Eren for the first time in Chapter 1 - Episode 5 "Roar" and will be mowing down Titans left and right, all of which are concentrated on Trost District HQ. The trophy will pop, once you have subjugated 10 Titans in under 60 seconds.

  • Had an ally join.

    In Chapter 1 - Episode 2 "First Battle", you will get a tutorial on Allies and have to invite Armin by pressing . The trophy will pop, once he has joined you.

  • During most battles, you will see that a Titan has grabbed one of your friends and will try to kill them. To save them, you just have to attack any part of the Titan's body to make them stagger and release the ally, before it can kill them. Your friend will thank you and the trophy will be yours.

  • Activated a Decisive Battle Signal.

    Your first opportunity to activate a Decisive Battle Signal, is in Chapter 1 - Episode 2 "First Battle". You will notice a yellow bar grow at the side of your character's icon. Once the bar is full, press when locked on to a Titan part and you will launch an attack. You will know you've done it when the character launches a blue signal flare and all your allies attack at once. The trophy will pop, once the flare has been fired.

  • Fought to victory in 10 battles without taking any damage.

    You take damage when a Titan steps on you or grabs you. This trophy doesn't require you to fight 10 battles in a row without taking damage, as just 10 in any order will do. You will get this trophy naturally as you play but if you're still struggling, just replay Chapter 1 - Episode 5 "Roar" a few times, the Titans in this will rarely attack and it's much shorter than the others.

  • Avoided 30 Titan attacks in Focus Time.

    Focus Time is when when you're critically injured in battle (your character icon is glowing red), there will be times when you're attacked that the screen will glow blue and time will slow down, giving you a chance to dodge out of the way. Successfully dodge 30 Titan attacks throughout the game, then the trophy will pop.

  • You will get side-missions in nearly every battle you fight but can be recognised by the green exclamation marks (!) on your map. These missions have you do a variety of things for other characters e.g. kill a number of Titans around them, defend a certain point from Titan attacks, escort them to a certain location etc. etc. If you do all the Side Missions in Attack Mode then this trophy should come naturally but if not, Survey Missions have them too.

  • Used items a total of 100 times.

    Items in your inventory include extra blades, extra gas canisters, health bottles, flash grenades, sound grenades and fire bombs. Use a hundred of these over your playthrough and it will come naturally.

  • Subjugated a total of 1,000 enemies.

    Having to kill 1000 Titans does seem like a daunting task but it does come naturally. You have 25 Attack Mode episodes, as well as several Survey Missions to do, and if you should ever backtrack to another level to S-Rank it or to get the Dire Subjugations, that's more under your belt. This trophy should be yours halfway through the Survey Missions but for any reason it doesn't, just farm Titan kills in Chapter 1 Episode 5 "Roar", there's plenty of Titans there and you get through them very quickly.

  • Damaged a total of 100 parts.

    When fighting Titans above small size, you will have the option to attack their legs, arms and nape (back of the neck), attacking and severing any one of these parts 100 times will earn you the trophy. Theoretically, you will get this trophy after your 20th Titan if you attack all five parts of their bodies.

  • Allies damaged a total of 100 parts.

    Having allies damage a Titan part can be pretty tricky, allies don't normally damage parts, unless you're weak enough to leave them teetering on the brink and your ally comes in to finish the job. Fortunately, there is a way to make this easier: you have three characters: Armin, Hange and Erwin who have the Tactician's Eyes skill, which control your allies actions, simply go any one of them (Most likely Armin as he can be controlled as early as Chapter 1 - Episode 6 "Idol") aim for a Titan's body part and hit , your ally will then target the body part and attack it, keep doing it until your allies have severed 100 and the trophy will be yours. Recommended that you have allies with B-Rank or higher, since C-Rank hardly do any damage and their cooldown is too long. Characters with B-Rank are almost always characters that you help during a Side Mission while C-Rank characters are generic soldiers.

  • Had over 100 allies join.

    You can have up to four allies at a time and can be acquired either by approaching a generic soldier and pressing or when you assist a character with a side-mission most times the character will join your team. You should get this naturally since many requests involve allies joining you.

  • Experienced over 100 friendly unit deaths.

    Most battles will have a number of friendly units dying at a time, just as long as it's not a major character (whenever they're marked with an SOS) it should be fine to let the Titan eat them. You can keep track of the deaths in the battle when your map shows the words "Death" followed by the icon of that character and you should get this trophy naturally around halfway through Attack Mode but if you have had your allies on Guard, take them off it and ignore Titans who have non-SOS allies.


Secret trophies

  • Selected as a top-performing cadet.

    This trophy is acquired in Chapter 1 Prologue "The 104th Cadet Corps". The objective is to go through Keith's instructions and then be given a race to see who can cut the most limbs off the dummy Titans in 5 minutes. Simply go around to the dummy Titans and cut off as much as you can. If you get the most, Keith will name Eren the number 1 student and the trophy will pop. If you're replaying the mission once you complete Chapter 3, it's best to avoid the Dire Subjugation unless you're confident you can bring down the Smiling Titan and get a majority of the limbs cut. Keep in mind as well that the larger dummy Titans will have two spots to hit but if you hit the nape, both will go down and it will only count as one so make sure to hit both for it to count as two.

  • There are 8 episodes in Chapter 1, including the prologue:

    - The 104th Cadet Corps (Prologue)
    - Invasion
    - First Battle
    - The World the Girl Saw
    - The Mysterious Titan
    - Roar
    - Idol
    - Primal Desire

    Primal Desire will be when Titan Eren, closes the hole in Trost District. Once the mission is complete, the trophy will be yours.

  • Completed Chapter 2 of Attack Mode.

    There are five episodes in Chapter 2:

    - Scout Regiment
    - Ilse's Notebook
    - Titan Capture Operation
    - Lieutenant Levi
    - Return to Trost District

    Return to Trost District will be when Levi makes it to Trost District and save Eren and Armin from two Titans. Once you complete this mission, the trophy will be yours.

  • Completed Chapter 3 of Attack Mode.

    There are seven episodes in Chapter 3:

    - 57th Expedition Beyond the Walls
    - Long-Distance Enemy Scouting Formation
    - Bite
    - At the Entrance of the Forest
    - Choices and Consequences
    - Rescue
    - Soldiers Dance

    Soldiers Dance will be the final battle against the Female Titan. Once the mission is complete, the trophy will be yours.

  • Completed the Final Chapter of Attack Mode.

    There are five episodes in the Epilogue:

    - The Mysterious Abnormal (Unlocked by accessing Interior Defensive Area)
    - Escape From Death's Shadow (Unlocked by accessing Wall Perimeter Secure Area)
    - Titan Encirclement (Unlocked by accessing Eastern Region 2nd Survey Area)
    - Battle at the Ruined Castle (Unlocked by accessing Southern Region Unexplored Area)
    - Last Line of Defense. (Unlocked by accessing Deepest Depths Special Battlefield)

    Unlike previous chapters, the Epilogue's episodes need to be unlocked through the Survey Missions. Each time a new area for the Survey Missions is unlocked, a new episode will become available for the Epilogue and to unlock a new area, you need to complete at least 80% of the previous area. More details about the Survey Missions will be found in I swear to you...I will eradicate the Titans!! The last mission, Last Line of Defense, will have you fighting the Colossal Titan and once you complete this mission, the trophy will be yours.

  • Subjugated your first Dire Subjugation Target.

    See If you don't fight, you can't win.

  • Subjugated all Dire Subjugation Targets in all Attack Mode episodes.

    Dire Subjugation Targets are unlocked after you beat Chapter 3. They're harder than the average Titans, usually in the form of Bizarre Titans (Female Titan, Armoured Titan and Beast Titan, sometimes with different colour palettes) and are unlocked in every level of Attack Mode's episodes and Survey Missions. Each Attack Mode episode has one Dire Subjugation and a different requirement to unlock them, like making sure that no characters are killed, killing x number of Titans and completing all Side Missions, you can find out how to unlock them in the "Special Mission" section on the pause screen; once that is done, a warning will show that the Dire Subjugation Target has appeared. Some are more sturdy than the average Titan and will need an extra few hits to bring them down and some can be taken down in one hit. Once you have killed all the Dire Subjugation Targets in all four chapters, the trophy will be yours.

  • Subjugated a Titan with Titan Eren.

    You first take control of Titan Eren in Chapter 1 Episode 5 "Roar". Simply approach the nearest Titan and press to punch and kill it, then this trophy will be yours.

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