Atomic Ninja Trophy

  • Atomic Ninja


    Reach rank 30.

    This is one of two trophies that will auto-pop after one round if obtained in the other version

    To obtain this trophy you must reach maximum rank (being rank 30). To achieve this, you will need to gain a total of 66,000XP. This is really quite easy to boost if you have both a PS3 and PS Vita or 2 PS3’s as you can use your one PS3 to fill up the lobby with 3 accounts and then the second PS3 or Vita to fill the remaining spot.

    The method used to rank up will need these settings:
    Arena: Wormhole
    Game Mode: King of the Hill
    Time Limit: 15 Minutes

    Using the “Wormhole” arena, the ‘Hill’ will never change location so you can stay in the same spot for 15 minutes gaining XP. Using this you can gain a MAXIMUM of 4,800XP. There is the rare instance where a Power Play will activate. What this means is game speed is doubled and hence, the XP gaining per second will double for a short span of time. This will very occasionally push you over the 4,800XP mark. Another thing to be aware of is that you can move while the timer is counting down. Doing this will ensure you are standing on the middle platform when the timer reaches zero, ensuring the maximum XP.

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