Deathmatch champion Trophy

  • Deathmatch champion


    Win a four-player Deathmatch online match.

    To achieve this trophy you will need to play a four-player Deathmatch. This means “Team Deathmatch” and Deathmatch/TDM rounds in Team/Objectives won’t count. To win this game mode, you will need to score the highest amount of kills within the set time limit. Furthermore, like Objectives Champion, you don’t need 4 different PSN ID’s.

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  • Won 2 four-player deathmatches allready now, but the trophy haven't pop yet. Is this glitched or am I just doing something wrong?
  • It has to be 4 human players not bots. Don't know if that's your problem but I though the same thing until I luckily got into a game of 4 actual people.

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