Massacre Trophy

  • Massacre


    Get 1000 score in a single Deathmatch online match.

    In deathmatch you get points for being the cause of pushing an enemy into an environmental hazard. To achieve 1000 score, you will need about 40 kills which shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you are boosting. If you are having trouble with this you can try making the time limit longer as in 10 minutes, you should have no problems with getting 1000 score. I recommend using the Force Grab weapon as this is definitely the most powerful. The Rocket is also very effective for navigating.

    I would also make sure none of the players are using invisibility, this will make it harder to see them as staying still for too long will mean they turn invisible. Moreover, watch out for ‘Noob Rage’. A player will obtain Noob Rage if they die a certain amount of time consecutively without a kill of their own. Noob Rage lasts about 10-15 seconds and will make it so if you touch said player, you will be sent flying and get killed. This is a balancing mechanic that cannot be turned off, unfortunately.

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