• Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5/10 (Trophy difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 1 (1)
  • Online trophies: 11 (6, 4, 1)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 6-10 hours (Personal Estimate (Estimated Time to Platinum))
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: Many Multiplayer Matches
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: N/A
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulties
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, PS3 and Vita have separate lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None
  • Additional peripherals required?: Vita can be useful for self-boosting, but none are required.


Atomic Ninjas is a 4-player only multiplayer 2.5D arena brawler developed by Grip Games. You will use different items to attack and zip around the map, trying to complete various objectives and win matches. While the player cannot kill another player, they can push them off ledges or into traps which gives the game a certain kind of uniqueness.

The game is quite fun and will require some skill. Trophy-wise the game is very easily boosted as you can boost the whole thing yourself with one PS3 and one vita. However, if you need to find someone too boost with check out the Boosting thread. If you are planning on doing this game without boosting, this game can be quite tricky with some of the Ninja Trials being a little insane.

Important Information:

- Trophies CANNOT be obtained in Ninja Academy. This won’t be mentioned again.
- There are 2 types of items: Weapons and Transport Items. They are glowing boxes on the arena. Below is a list, this will include in parenthesis what the item looks like.

  • Weapons: Shuriken’s (shuriken’s), Force Grab (blue energy around a wooden crate), Punch (boxing glove)
  • Transport: Rope Swing (Rope with a hook on the end), Rocket (Red rocket), Claw Jump (Claw)

- The trophy guide is written assuming you will be using “Wormhole” arena.
- There is no idle timeout on PS3. However, you will want to set the Vita system’s screen timeout to 30 minutes. This can be found under:
System Settings > Power Save Settings > Enter Standby Mode Automatically > 30 minutes
- You can add up to 3 ‘local players’ on PS3 with only one controller connected (3 is the limit. You cannot add more if you have more controllers).


  • Jump
  • Pick up Weapon/Transport Item
  • / Use Weapon
  • / Use transport Item
  • Pause/Start Game
  • Move
  • Aim


Step 0: Autopop (Optional)

If you have done one version of the game, you will unlock Trials and Tribulations upon entering the multiplayer and you will earn Atomic Ninja by completing a match.

Step 1: Core game + Tutorial

As soon as you load the game you will have to complete the Ninja Tutorial. This will give you an idea on how to play the game and it will also give you an idea of the different mechanics and abilities at your disposal to defeat you opponents. You can skip the tutorial, but I highly suggest doing it so you know how to play. You'll also be earning most of the game’s trophies except for level 30. The main focus should be completing the different game mode trophies and also the miscellaneous trophies located within. However, do keep an eye on your Ninja Trials and complete these and complete them as you see them appear. At the end of this step you should unlock:

Fresh out of school
Ninja costume party
Let the party begin!
Small victory
Deathmatch champion
Objectives Champion
Don’t follow the light!
Happy New Year!

Step 2: Grinding

This step is the reason for the 10 hour completion time; grinding. Here you will be grinding for level 30 using the ‘King of the Hill’ method if not already unlocked previously. If you also need to finish up any of the remaining Ninja Trials, now is the time to do that if you have not already unlocked them in the previous steps. At the end of this step you should unlock:

Trials and tribulations
Atomic Ninja

Enjoy your new 100%!

[PST Would Like to Thank NiTR0 for this Roadmap]

Atomic Ninjas Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 2  )

  • Complete the Ninja Academy.

    This will most likely be the first trophy you earn. To obtain it you need to complete the tutorial you are placed into after starting the game for the first time. This shouldn’t take more than 5 minutes or so. The tutorial teaches you how to use different weapons and strategies for playing online.

    If you happen to not do the tutorial by exiting it early (Start > Exit) or playing the beta, then you can always access it later by navigating to the “Replay Ninja Academy” option on the main menu.

  • Unlock a new ninja.

    You will unlock this while ranking up your Ninja. You will unlock a different Ninja at Level 2. For more information please see Atomic Ninja

  • Create & start an online match with three other people in it.

    This description is a little misleading at first as one may assume as long as there are 4 players in the lobby, you will get the trophy, but that isn’t the case. To get this, you need to have 4 DIFFERENT PSN ID’S which is to say, no local players are allowed. Once the criteria is met, start the game and the trophy will pop while the game is loading.

  • Win a round in Objectives in online match.

    You need to win an Objectives match. This means it cannot be Team Objectives as this will not count. Simply load up an Objectives match with 4 users and win the match. After winning the match, the trophy will pop during the results screen. Note that you don’t need 4 different PSN ID’s to obtain this trophy.

  • Get 1000 score in a single Deathmatch online match.

    In deathmatch you get points for being the cause of pushing an enemy into an environmental hazard. To achieve 1000 score, you will need about 40 kills which shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you are boosting. If you are having trouble with this you can try making the time limit longer as in 10 minutes, you should have no problems with getting 1000 score. I recommend using the Force Grab weapon as this is definitely the most powerful. The Rocket is also very effective for navigating.

    I would also make sure none of the players are using invisibility, this will make it harder to see them as staying still for too long will mean they turn invisible. Moreover, watch out for ‘Noob Rage’. A player will obtain Noob Rage if they die a certain amount of time consecutively without a kill of their own. Noob Rage lasts about 10-15 seconds and will make it so if you touch said player, you will be sent flying and get killed. This is a balancing mechanic that cannot be turned off, unfortunately.

  • Fully upgrade a Super Ability

    Super Abilities are chosen after you choose which Ninja you want to play as when entering Multiplayer.
    To fully upgrade you will need to continue to play with a single ability. This trophy should come naturally while ranking up for Atomic Ninja . I was able to upgrade 2 different abilities whilst boosting, but I can easily see how others whom I was boosting with were able to fully upgrade 3+ abilities. Abilities should take roughly 10-15 matches to fully upgrade.

  • Complete all Ninja Trials.

    This is one of two trophies that will auto-pop after one round if obtained in the other version

    Ninja Trials are challenges that you will have access to 3 of at a time. You get access to them after your first match. Below in the spoiler is all the Ninja trials you will need to complete. It is in order of unlocking, having said that, the trials MAY differ slightly depending on what challenges you do first. Regardless, it should be pretty close. Furthermore, to unlock most of these trials the Objectives game mode will be the best game mode to play. The reason for this is that there are many different challenges you can complete during the rounds AND there are a few challenges that will require an Objective Round win of a particular game mode. I also recommend setting the time to 10-15 minutes due to sometimes not getting the game mode needed for trials. These game modes are for the most part random, so making the match last for longer will essentially give you longer rounds (allowing both people to get trials completed) and more of them so you can get the desired game mode.


    • Kill 3 players using Shuriken’s
    • Kill 3 players using Punch
    • Kill 3 players using Force Grab
    • Steal another player’s weapon
    • Hit another player while hidden or camouflaged
    • Kill three different players in one match
    • Punch a box that will kill another player
    • Deliver 5 flags in a single CTF round
    • Hit a player using Claw Jump 10 times in one match
    • Score 500 points in King of the Hill
    • Use Punch to deflect a Shuriken three times
    • Win at least 3 rounds in an objectives match
    • Kill 15 players with a Punch
    • Kill a player with a box you pushed with a Claw-Jump
    • Kill 15 players using Force Grab
    • Win a Team Deathmatch round in Objectives
    • Kill 15 players using Shuriken’s
    • Win a Team CTF round in Objectives
    • Kill two players within five seconds
    • Win a Deathmatch round in Objectives
    • Kill 20 players in a single DM or Objectives match
    • Win a King of the Hill round in Objectives
    • Make a kill using Punch, Shuriken’s and Telekinesis
    • Win a Capture the Flag round in Objectives
    • Hit a player using a Grappling Hook swing
    • Kill 5 players by hitting them with Claw Jump
    • Win a Treasure Hunt round in Objectives
    • Hold the flag in Treasure hunt for at least 15 seconds
    • Kill 5 players without getting killed
    • Win a round in Objectives without getting hit
  • Win a four-player Deathmatch online match.

    To achieve this trophy you will need to play a four-player Deathmatch. This means “Team Deathmatch” and Deathmatch/TDM rounds in Team/Objectives won’t count. To win this game mode, you will need to score the highest amount of kills within the set time limit. Furthermore, like Objectives Champion, you don’t need 4 different PSN ID’s.

  • Win a four-player Objectives online match.

    To achieve this, you will need to play a Objectives. This means “Team Objectives” won’t count.
    Objectives merges the game modes into separate timed rounds, depending on how long the game is set to. These include, but are not limited to: King of the Hill, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Furthermore, like Deathmatch Champion, you don’t need 4 different PSN ID’s.

  • Reach rank 30.

    This is one of two trophies that will auto-pop after one round if obtained in the other version

    To obtain this trophy you must reach maximum rank (being rank 30). To achieve this, you will need to gain a total of 66,000XP. This is really quite easy to boost if you have both a PS3 and PS Vita or 2 PS3’s as you can use your one PS3 to fill up the lobby with 3 accounts and then the second PS3 or Vita to fill the remaining spot.

    The method used to rank up will need these settings:
    Arena: Wormhole
    Game Mode: King of the Hill
    Time Limit: 15 Minutes

    Using the “Wormhole” arena, the ‘Hill’ will never change location so you can stay in the same spot for 15 minutes gaining XP. Using this you can gain a MAXIMUM of 4,800XP. There is the rare instance where a Power Play will activate. What this means is game speed is doubled and hence, the XP gaining per second will double for a short span of time. This will very occasionally push you over the 4,800XP mark. Another thing to be aware of is that you can move while the timer is counting down. Doing this will ensure you are standing on the middle platform when the timer reaches zero, ensuring the maximum XP.


Secret trophies

  • Die 20 times in a single online match.

    This is a very simple trophy. When you get into the match, just run off the edge until the trophy pops.
    Note: Some people have noted this didn’t pop at 20 deaths. If this is the case for you, just keep killing your ninja until it does as it should only take another 5 deaths or so.

  • Explode the rocket.

    To obtain this you need the Rocket Transport Item. The rocket allows you to move around the arena with ease. However, it does have a drawback as use it too long without allowing it to cool down, it will explode, in turn killing you. Using the rocket for about 3-4 seconds straight will make it explode. However, do note that if you have the Rocket-Man perk active, the rocket will take roughly 6 seconds to be destroyed.

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