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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (Platinum Difficulty Poll)
  • Offline trophies: 39 (22, 10, 4, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 25-30 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 (You are still able to explore the world after finishing the main story.)
  • Number of missable trophies: 0 (Thanks to post-game exploration)
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No

Atlas Fallen is an action-adventure from Deck13, the German studio that made the original Lords of the Fallen. This isn’t a Soulslike, as that game was. It’s an open-world action game, with an infusion of RPG mechanics. You play as a lone warrior, who has to rouse an imprisoned god, in order to free an oppressed people from bondage.

In that quest, you wield a slew of sand-based powers. You uncover towers, liberate stretches of desert from wraithlike monsters, uncover anvils (kind of like the bonfires of Dark Souls), upgrade your armour and abilities, and chew through a barrage of fairly uninspired side quests. The full Platinum isn’t terribly difficult. Most you can get by completing the main story, and many others by taking slight detours and a little light hunting.


Step 1 – Play through the main story
The main quest line in Atlas Fallen is a pretty easy ride. You will naturally hoover up a string of story-based trophies, such as Break Out trophy_bronze.png, Find Allies trophy_bronze.png and Powerful Allies trophy_bronze.png early on. A good strategy, when it comes to the main story, is to insure that you always upgrade your armours and abilities as much as you can. Often, fights can feel like real battles of attrition, so it’s important to increase your attack and defence properly, the better to speed them up. Plus, doing this will net you easy trophies like Geared Up trophy_bronze.png and All There Is trophy_gold.png.

Plus, by the end of the main story, you will have naturally unlocked trophies such as Adventurer trophy_bronze.png and Tributes of Caladrias trophy_bronze.png – the former involving you sand sliding all over the place (l3.png) as a means of basic traversal, the latter entailing you gathering trinkets (which happens a lot during exploration) and then selling them. Also, unlocking Scholar trophy_bronze.png has you finding 30 pieces of lore, which you will do without paying it much mind.

Step 2 – Light Hunting
There are some trophies that you can unlock as you play through the main game, but which require a little off-the-beaten-track noodling. You wouldn’t exactly leave these to the very end; rather, you would just slip them into your normal playthrough.

Trophies such as Clear Sight trophy_silver.png A Taste of Wrath trophy_bronze.png, and The Mentor trophy_bronze.png, for example, require a little diversion. The former has you defeating the five Watchtowers strewn across the map – fairly unimaginative combat trials, basically. While the latter two involve tracking down particular side quests, which boiled down to fighting some more wraiths or going somewhere and talking to someone.

Then, you can focus on adapting your play style and trying to get a few slightly out-the-way trophies. Airborne trophy_bronze.png can be a fiddly trophy to unlock, but in some of the heavier battles you will have ample chance. Essence Blow trophy_bronze.png has you activating your Shatter power (l2.png + r2.png) with a full Momentum bar – not difficult at all – while Shatter Them All trophy_bronze.png requires killing four Wraiths with one Shatter. You could unlock both of those in one. If you regularly use your Shatter power, then Shatterer trophy_silver.png is an easy trophy to unlock over the course of your adventure; it just requires you to Shatter 50 Wraiths.

Step 3 – Mop-Up
Going after the last few trophies in Atlas Fallen is made much easier by the fact that you can still explore the world once the story is done. This is where you will want to focus on trophies such as Forgemaster trophy_silver.png , which means finding all 41 of the Anvils (Atlas Fallen’s equivalent of the bonfires in Dark Souls). All That Gold trophy_gold.png, for which you will need to acquire all 20 treasure maps. And Shardbearer trophy_silver.png by going after all 17 upgrade shards in the game. These aren’t exactly difficult; you just need to explore to hunt them down.

A trophy such as Slayer trophy_gold.png, meanwhile, requires you to go after all 13 of the Elite Wraiths in the game. These are the Wraiths that are simply giant and very mean-looking. They are a little bit like the Colossal Wraiths, but they have names and are even tougher and more distinct. You could fit this in to your main story playthrough, but it has you going out of your way, and, besides, by game’s end you will be very powerful, indeed – making the combat encounters far easier.

Atlas Fallen Trophy Guide

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37 trophies ( 10  22  19  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    March through the main quest, persevere, and work your way through the list to earn a fairly straightforward Platinum.
  • Clear all watchtowers in the game

    There are five Watchtowers in Atlas Fallen, and each presents you with a combat gauntlet. When you clear one, it frees up the local area from Wraith contamination and makes things a bit prettier. The combat challenges aren’t all that tough, but they can be tests of patience, as you chip away at your foes’ beefy health bars. Keep that momentum bar full for as long as possible!

    See the Atlas Fallen Watchtower locations guide.
  • Find all anvils

    There are 41 Anvils in Atlas Fallen. Whenever your spirit companion, Nyaal, says something like, “Oh, there is an Anvil nearby, do you sense it?,” stop running and pan the camera. You will likely see a blue, floaty light: that’s your Anvil.

    See the Atlas Fallen Anvil locations guide.
  • Collect all upgrade shards

    There are 17 upgrade shards in Atlas Fallen, and you will acquire most of them over the course of the main story. You have to do a little bit of snooping to get them all.

    Upgrade shard locations guide coming soon.
  • Stay in the air for 60 seconds in one go

    This trophy can be a little tough. After you have unlocked the Refined Air Dash – which is part of the main story – you can dash three times while in the air. Fight some Wraiths, and what you want to do is jump into the air and use your Air Dash (r1.png). After the third dash, you have to strike an enemy, and your dashes will recharge. This one is easier if you have airborne foes, as you can dash upwards to attack them and regain height.
  • Collect 10,000 Tributes in total

    The quickest way to unlock this trophy is by getting yourself to the Travelling Vendor. He’s an irritating fellow, with a stupid vase-like hat. (He pops up early on, as part of the story.) As you explore the world of Atlas Fallen, you’ll hoover up all manner of artefacts; these are good for selling. Head to the Vendor and hit triangle.png to sell all artefacts. You’ll get to 10,000 very quickly.
  • Kill 50 Wraiths by shattering them

    Once you have gotten the hang of building momentum, which you have to do for Essence Blow trophy_bronze.png, you can then apply it to fights willy-nilly. You don't have to fill the Momentum bar that much to activate your basic Shatter (l2.png + r2.png), so get Shattering! One of the best things to do is whittle your foes down to a weakened state, using your parry (l1.png) to keep your Momentum going. That way, when you trigger your Shatter you’ll almost certainly finish them off.
  • Slay all Elite Wraiths

    There are 13 Elite Wraiths in Atlas Fallen. You will come across the first as part of an unmissable Side Quest called Hunter or Hunted. Also, the second is part of another unmissable Side Quest called The Watcher’s Fury – see also A Taste of Wrath trophy_bronze.png.

    See the Atlas Fallen Elite Wraith locations guide.
  • Kill a Colossal Wraith without taking damage

    The Colossal Wraiths are those big horrible ones—crabs, scorpions, apelike monsters. You can do this one of two ways. The first is to get very nifty with your parry and your evade. If you memorise the attack patterns of these lumberers, and parry three times in a row, you will freeze them on the spot. Then go in for heavy damage and back out again. The fights will take a while, but they’re not actually technically very difficult.

    The easiest way, however, and the cheeky way, is to play in co-op, rush in and wallop one of the beasts, then run away and let your friend fight them. The trophy will unlock, and you won’t have done anything.
  • Find the Travelling Vendor in at least 6 different spots

    The Travelling Vendor appears, with his stupid little hat, in six locations across the map of Atlas Fallen.  There is a good chance that you will unlock this trophy as part of your regular playthrough. He’s the one who triggers the Watcher’s Fury Side Quest that you need for A Taste of Wrath trophy_bronze.png.

    You can’t miss him at the first one, at the Tithe Caravan, as it is story-related. The second is inside the city walls at Castrum VII – you venture here as part of the main quest. The third is on the rock above Castrum VII, and you will go here as part of the main quest. The fourth is in the west of the forbidden lands. The fifth is in the Bastengar Underground, which you visit as part of the main quest; the vendor is just to the left of the first bridge you come across. And the sixth location is just before the main gate in Lithesta – again, you reach these gates as part of the main quest.
  • Collect all armours

    There are ten suits of armour in Atlas Fallen. You get five of them in the main story and others through vendors or by finishing side quests. To unlock this trophy, you will need all ten:

    (1) Recruit Garments – Complete The Essence Caravan Main Quest.

    (2) Knight’s Plate – Complete The Path to Bastengar Main Quest.

    (3) Deadeye’s Attire – You get this as a reward during the From Beliefs to Trust Main Quest.

    (4) Preacher’s Guard – Complete The City of the Sun Main Quest.

    (5) Perennial Mantle – Complete The City of the Sun Main Quest.

    (6) Scout’s Gear – Complete History of the Shattered Keep Side Quest or buy from the vendor in Bastengar’s Underground.

    (7) Rite of the Mire – Complete the Ancient Armour Errand in the Citadel in Black Alms.

    (8) Queen’s Cover – Buy it from the Vendor at the Citadel in Black Alms.

    (9) Red Company – Buy it from the Vendor in the Mining Village in the Wildlands.

    (10) Purger’s Warsuit – Buy it from the Vendor in Caladrias: Forbidden Lands.
  • Unlock and fully upgrade all perks

    As in Geared Up trophy_bronze.png, you will have to get to upgrade your armour with Essence Dust. Every time you upgrade a level, you will unlock a Perk Token. These can be used in the Perks menu (also found at Anvils). In order to get enough Perk Tokens, you will need to upgrade all the armour sets in the game. See Fine Feathers Make Fine Birds trophy_gold.png for armour set details.
  • Dye an armour for the first time

    This is an easy trophy to unlock. Acquire a dye by either finding one out in the world or buying one from our stupid-hatted friend, the Travelling Vendor. Then head to the Armour menu and hit r2.png in order to customise the armour. Choose your fabric and apply any dye, and this trophy is yours.
  • Destroy all Heavenly Shrines

    Heavenly Shrines are statues with glowing gold cracks in them. Hit all the cracks, and the shrine will be destroyed. There are 19 Heavenly Shrines in total, and if you find a Vantage Point it will reveal any nearby shrine.

    Heavenly Shrine locations guide coming soon.
  • Upgrade an Essence Stone to Rank 7

    At an Anvil, head into the Gauntlet menu to see your Essence Stones. These represent your abilities, your powers in combat, and you can slot them in and out. Provided you have the requisite Essence Dust and the materials (things like wildflowers and ore, which are found in abundance during exploration), all you need to do is hold square.png to upgrade your chosen stone. Get one to rank 7 and this trophy will be yours.
  • Own 25 Essence Stones

    This trophy is easy to unlock; you’ll get it as you play through the main story. Essence Stones bestow abilities when you slot them into active use on the Gauntlet menu. You can collect them by defeating larger foes, you can find them hidden in chests, and you can purchase them from the Travelling Vendor, in exchange for Tributes.
  • Kill a Scatterer with its own mines

    The Scatterer is a Wraith that scatters things (good eh?), and the things that it scatters are mines. To unlock this trophy, what you need to do (as with Shatterer trophy_silver.png) is whittle the Scatterer’s health down to near zero. When it spits its mines out toward you, kite backwards and see if you can coax it into the path of its own red mines. When it dies, this trophy will unlock.
  • Find all cosmetic items

    There are 23 cosmetic items in Atlas Fallen. You can find them in chests, out in the world. You can buy them at vendors. You can nab them as rewards for finsishing certain unmissable Side Quests.

    Cosmetic item locations guide coming soon.

Secret trophies

  • Complete the Sand Sliding path

    This trophy is unlocked by playing through the main story. There is a main story mission that has you escaping the Watcher – that enormous floating head in the sky. Finish that, and this will unlock.
  • Discover the Knights' hideout

    This a story-related trophy. Follow the main quest line, The Path to Bastengar, which tasks you with lifting the gate at Castrum VII. You will soon come to the headquarters of the Knights of Bastengar, and this trophy will unlock.
  • Gain the Knights' trust

    This a story-related trophy. Follow the main quest line, From Beliefs to Trust, which has you investigating Bastengar’s underground. You will find materials to reforge the Gauntlet, and you will uncover a chunk of backstory. Return to the Knights’ leader, Khendra, and you will unlock this trophy on your way to the next location, The Wildlands.
  • Enter the Black Alms

    This a story-related trophy. You will unlock this when you enter the Black Alms region.
  • Interrupt Thelos' ritual

    This is an unmissable, story-related trophy. You will unlock this one just before the game’s final boss, Thelos.
  • Finish the game

    This is an unmissable, story-related trophy. You unlock this by beating Thelos, which isn’t a tough fight so much as it is a long fight. The best way to make short work of Thelos – and generally all the enemies in the game – is by filling your momentum meter and keeping it full for as long as possible. Save your Shatter for as long as you can. A full momentum meter powers up your basic hits considerably and keeps your best Essence Stone abilities activating regularly.
  • Defeat the Watcher's Fury for the first time

    The Watcher’s Fury is a side quest. Head out into the Vast Desert and get Sand Sliding to the Watcher’s Fury waypoint. You will be attacked by a group of wraiths, and what follows is something of a trial. Make good use of your Sanskin parry (l1.png) and your evade (r1.png). And (I know this may sound like a broken record, but . . . ) keep your momentum gauge full for as long as possible; don’t feel the need to use your Shatter the moment it becomes available.
  • Find the prisoner and talk to him in the Wildlands

    You activate this quest by opening a particular chest in the Wildlands. The chest is here:




    Once you have opened that chest, you will get the quest marker for The Imprisoned Priest. It will ask you to go here:


    There, in a door off to the left as you enter, you will find a priest in a prison cell. Talk to him, and this trophy will unlock.
  • Get all weapons

    The three weapons that you obtain, over the course of Atlas Fallen, are the Hammer, the Sandwhip, and the Knuckledust. They are all story-related, and so you can’t you miss unlocking this trophy.
  • Sand Slide 42.195 KM in total

    This trophy isn’t too tough. You should be Sand Sliding anywhere and everywhere you can. Just click l3.png and get sliding. Take advantage of the Vast Desert area, to the south, which gives you a, well, a vast desert in which to slide around. Also, if you unlock the Sand Slider Perk (go to any Avil to check your Perks) then you increase sliding speed whenever you run over a wild flower.
  • Shatter with a full Momentum Gauge

    The best way to build Momentum is by not getting hit in between your strikes. Practice your evasive roll (r1.png) to evade enemy strikes, but, more important, make sure you get parries down. l1.png activates your Sandskin, which makes you impervious to damage – for a brief window.

    Once your Momentum bar is full, press l2.png + r2.png to activate your Shatter Attack – a super-powered version of your Shatter, which will have you launch into the air and rain down destruction, unlocking this trophy.
  • Shatter 4 Wraiths at the same time

    To unlock this trophy Get yourself into a fight with a group of wraiths – Mawers and Cloakers are the easiest for this – and you want to build your momentum bar (as in Essence Blow trophy_bronze.png) until it’s completely full. When it is, activate your Shatter Attack (l2.png + r2.png). A full-momentum Shatter will turn a number of enemies to stone and also creates a wide area of effect. Trap four of them in the A.O.E. and shatter them to unlock this trophy.
  • Unlock the third and final upgrade of an armour

    This trophy is easy to unlock. Whichever your preferred armour, get to an anvil and click on the Armour Upgrades menu. From there, if you have the requisite Essence Dust, you can hold square.png and level it up. Do that three times, and you’re done. Bear in mind that not all armours have three tiers, so just focus on one that does.
  • Collect 30 lore items

    This is basically unmissable in your story playthrough. Lore items are scrolls and books, displayed in a ghostly blue hue, and you come across a lot of them on your travels. Many of the lore items actually spawn after you have played through certain Main Quests and Side Quests.
  • Collect a treasure by following an animal

    This trophy requires you to find a Wildlife Habitat. Some Vantage Points will reveal this to you, and it shows up on the map as a moose icon. You can also just organically stumble across them during exploration; if you see a big moose or a boar, you’re on the right track. Anyway, once you’re lurking in the right area, make sure not to run around – just walk. After a short while, one of the animals will glow gold and you will hear a noise as it does. Walk slowly after it, and it will lead you to a Treasure Map fragment, and this trophy will unlock.
  • Collect all treasure maps AND discover their treasure

    You can get treasure maps by either completing certain unmissable Side Quests, buying them at vendors (you can also buy the same ones that you would get from Side Quests), and by completing Wildlife Habitats (see I Found It trophy_bronze.png). There are 20 total treasure maps in the game.

    Treasure map locations guide coming soon.
  • Collect 50 sellable artefacts in total

    This really entails keeping your eye out in the wilds, especially when Sand Sliding around, for chests and glowing spots on the map. Artefacts can be sold to the Travelling Vendor for Tributes. Once you’ve happened across 50 different kinds, this trophy will unlock. It should take around five or so hours for you to have hoovered up this many.
  • Find the Queen's recorded memories

    The Queen’s Passage is an unmissable Side Quest. You pick it up in the Wildlands, by entering the main city, Listhea and climbing up the massive stairs to the east. At the top, you find a passage leading downwards – it’s called The Passage. It leads to another area of the Sunken City, and you need to collect 3 Golden Journals. They aren’t tough to find, and, when you do, this trophy will unlock.
  • Find 20 vantage points

    Vantage points are a little like the towers of Assassin’s Creed: they defog the map and provide map markers for all sorts of nearby things. There are 23 Vantage Points, but you only need to find 20 for this trophy to unlock.

    Vantage point locations guide coming soon.

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Atlas Fallen Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Atlas Fallen?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Atlas Fallen is 7/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Atlas Fallen?
    There are 39 offline trophies in Atlas Fallen.
  • How many online trophies are there in Atlas Fallen?
    There are 0 online trophies in Atlas Fallen.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Atlas Fallen?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Atlas Fallen is 25-30 hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Atlas Fallen?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Atlas Fallen?
    There are 0 missable trophies in Atlas Fallen.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Atlas Fallen?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in Atlas Fallen.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Atlas Fallen?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Atlas Fallen.

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