• Estimated Difficulty: 5/10
  • Offline Trophies 42 , 8 , 2 , 1
  • Online Trophies: None
  • Length: 80-100 hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 3-4+ full playthroughs (14 endings total, though you can 'branch' to multiple endings by reloading saved games)
  • Missable Trophies: 3 - Cabbage Festival Victory, Battle Tournament Victory, Everyone at the Lake are each available at specific times, only once per playthrough.
  • Guide Status: 2nd Draft


There are three main categories of trophies in this game. Story Related trophies are obtained by completing kingdom requests, or by completing the various endings in the game. Event Related trophies are tied to specific events (not part of an ending). Finally, Achievement trophies are obtained by achieving certain requirements (such as level and collection trophies). Event and Achievement trophies are listed below in the playthrough where it is easiest or most likely to obtain them; depending on your own style, you may get them earlier or later.

0. On Your First playthrough
Whatever ending you pursue on your first full playthrough, you'll obtain Kingdom Request 1-12, as well as Rorona's Atelier. Slice apart with a single blow also seems to trigger on any full playthrough, as should Hom and Kitten. Cabbage Festival Victory is almost assured on your first playthrough unless you really suck at harvesting. You'll likely get Hom Level 50 on your first playthrough as well, and should definitely get it on your second otherwise.

The following steps can be done in any order, but they're laid out expecting you to follow them in sequence. If you want endings in another order then just adjust accordingly.

Please see the Ending Guide for more detailed info on each ending.

1. Lionela/Tantoris/Bad Endings
Focus on getting a Normal Ending and trigger both Lionela's and Tantoris' flags to get Puppet show debut, Forest minstrel, Puppets and Girl, Duet. Save ('A') around the beginning of year 3. From this point you can flub Kingdom Requests (3 little stars each) to get a Bad Ending.

Reload Save 'A', do well in the kingdom requests and save again ('B') just before the end of year 3. If you max both character's relationships you'll probably get Lionela End. Reload save 'B' and fail a Friend Quest for Lionela to get Tantoris End.

If you grab Pamela from the catacombs you'll get Ghost from the Stuffed Animal, and try for Everyone at the lake, as well.

You can mostly ignore Front Quests on this playthrough, so this is a good time to get All Relationships 100. This will also net you Drunk Tifana.

On this and all other playthroughs, make sure you craft all applicable weapons/armour for your main companions (i.e. Lionela and Tantoris in this case).

Farm money for the last few months of the playthrough - you should have around 200,000 cole by the end. (I'll call this clear data save 'C')

2. Cuderia/Adventurer Endings
Start a New Game+ by loading save 'C'.

Focus on getting a True Ending and following Cuderia's route, keeping her in your party at all times. Adventure a lot (try to hit level 26 by the end of year 2), and try for Battle Tournament Victory. If you work on baking pies as they become available, and you have kept Yksel in your party for most of the game, save around end of 2nd year ('D') so you can branch from here in step 3.

You'll trigger Reconciliation near the beginning of year 3, if you're on top of your game.

Hit adventure level 50 by mid-last year, netting you Adventure Level 50. This is a good playthrough to get Town popularity 100 since you need at least 80 anyway for a True End. Hunt down most of the strong enemies and all the bosses you can, netting you Dragonslayer, and Demon Hunter. Save ('E') just before you go for Destroyer. Then get the trophy and farm money until time is up, to get Adventurer Ending. Save your clear data ('F').

Resume from save 'E' and skim to the end of the game for Cuderia Ending.

Your farm-money ending ('F') should get you around 600,000 cole in your clear data.

3. Yksel/Pie/True Endings
Either branch from 2nd year in step 2 (save 'D'), or start a New Game+ from your 'richest' clear data (save 'F'). Bake pies as they become available and get Yksel out exploring with you. If you branched, start to barely scrape by Kingdom Requests (around 3 little stars) to move you towards a Good Scenario Ending. Triggering Yksel's flag nets you The Extremely Busy Cafe.

You now have 3 scenarios - save around beginning of year 3 ('G') and then do each of the following, reloading from this point each time:

  • Stay in a Good Ending scenario to trigger Yksel End
  • Do well in your last few requests to net you True End
  • Do well in your last few requests and bake all pies to net you Pie Artisan Ending.

Going for the Pie Ending should get you Alchemist Level 50 if you haven't already got it.

If you think you can do better than your clear data from step 2 ('F'), farm money on one of these playthroughs for step 4, and make a new save 'G'.

4. Sterk/Gio/Good/Normal Endings
Start a New Game+ from your clear data with the most money (either 'F' or 'G', if it exists).

Try to get about 8 stars per Kingdom Request which will put you on the line between True/Good/Normal Endings. Work with Sterk and Gio until the middle of second year, then save ('H'), for branching to step 5. Try to build some relationship with each of your companions to make your life easier in step 5.

Save again at the beginning of year 3 ('I') to start work on cleaning up a few endings:

  • Good Ending - trigger Gio's flag and flub Kingdom requests to shift you into a Good Ending
  • Normal Ending - same as Good Ending but keep your Popularity under 80 (if it is above 80 already you can do some of Cuderia's requests to knock it down)
  • Millionaire Ending - follow either Normal or Good paths and farm enough money at the end to knock you up over 1,000,000 cole.

Then, from save 'I', follow Sterk and Gio's ending flags to get Wound of Honour for Sterk. Defeating all dragons should get you Monster Encyclopedia Complete unless you missed a strong/bounty enemy during your Adventurer playthrough - if so, clean them up now. Getting those endings will net you Sterk End and Gio End, respectively.

Crafting all the weapons/armor for Sterk/Gio may net you Item Encyclopedia Complete - if not check to see what you've missed.

5. Astrid Ending

This one is doable from the beginning/middle of year 2 in step 4 (save 'H'). Raise all the character's relationships fast - but especially Tantoris' as you have a limited time to get his flag - and trigger everyone's flags. You've done them all before so you should be used to the routine by now. After a while Astrid End will be yours!

You'll also need to satisfy True Ending conditions here so get to work on Front Quests as well.

6. Game Over

Reload any of your saves and sleep until you fail a request. This will get you Game Over and Complete. Enjoy!

[PS3T Would Like to Thank Satoshi42 for this Road Map]

Atelier Rorona: Alchemist of Arland (JP) Trophy Guide

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53 trophies ( 42  23  )

  • 全てのトロフィーを取得する。 ( Acquire all Trophies.)

    As with any other platinum, you'll obtain this once you've obtained all other trophies in this list.

  • 最初の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 1st Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to submit the following:

    ??? - Rock Powder
    ???? - Parchment
    ??? - Alchemist's charcoal

    All easy to make. Buy Festo (????) from Haggle to make Rock Powder. Once you achieve three stars (which you can also track in Rorona's status screen) you'll have passed the request. Depending on the ending you're going for, submitting more items until you reach 10 stars is advisable (See Ending Guide for details on how completing these requests affects your ending).

    Rushing the request: Buy Parchment from Tifana's shop and submit that.

  • 2番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 2nd Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to submit the following:

    ??? - Flam (Dynamite)
    ?? - Barrels
    ?? - Cannon

    Rush: You can buy Flogiston (for Flam) and Ingots (for Cannons) from Haggel but at this point you're still going to have to make the final products yourself.

  • 3番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 3rd Kingdom Commission.)

    You'll need to create:
    - Witch's Nostrum (?????)
    - Beast Statue (?????)
    - Healing Aroma (??????)

    Rush: Not much you can do here. You'll have to create them the hard way. Luckily most of the base materials needed are easily come by (or crafted).

  • 4番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 4th Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to submit items in the 'cooking' category. You have plenty of options for this request. Any of the food items in the 'healing' menu are submittable, for instance.

    Rush: Buy various dishes from Yksel's cafe and you'll be done in no time.

  • 5番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 5th Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to submit Nutrients (???). The main hangup here is needing Magic Grass, which will disappear from Tiffana's store on 2y1m15d. Also cabbages (which are the only ingredient in the vegetation(???) category you can obtain without adventuring) will shoot up in price. Either stock up ahead of time or head out adventuring (if you did the cabbage festival just prior you should have plenty of cabbages anyway).

    You get Hom near the beginning of this request, so you can also use him/her to help retrieve the ingredients you need.

  • 6番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 6th Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to clear out Vultures from the Neighbourhood Forest. Four areas of the Forest will have their enemies replaced by vultures until you clear the area entirely of them (if you've visited the areas beforehand, you'll see a note in the area select screen when you cursor over the affected areas).

    You'll need a Flam to reach the 4th affected area (unless you've already blown up the rock that's in the way earlier).

    There are two ways to get rid of them:

    • Just rush in and attack them one group at a time. Note you'll need a Snowman (????) to get to one vulture in the 3rd of the 4 areas that you're asked to clear out.
    • Bring along some 'Wild Fragrance' (??????) items. You can use one per area to clear out all vultures in the area (It still costs you in terms of days, though, and you don't get experience for defeating the vultures this way).
  • 7番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 7th Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to submit 'cold' items, which consist of Snowmen (????) and Water Wells (????). Snowmen require Frost Stones (???) which are found at the Arland mines. Water Wells can be made with fairly common materials, but take longer to create.

    Rush: If Pamela has opened her store you can buy Snowmen from her.

    NOTE: As of 2y4m1d you can put items up for sale in each of the shops in the shopping district, as long as you have a relationship of at least 25 with them (except for Tifana for which no relationship is required!). Items you buy from them are sold at cost (i.e. cheap) and 10 copies are put up for sale every few days. This is very helpful for rushing requests of all kinds. In this case you can put Snowmen up for sale at Haggel's shop, then buy copies to fulfill the request.

  • 8番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 8th Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to submit more canons and barrels. Do yourself a favour and put a high-quality barrel in for sale at Tifana's shop. You can then buy copies of it (after 4 days) and submit them. Canons can also be put into Haggel's shop and be abused in the same manner.

  • 9番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 9th Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to submit Comets (????) and Arland Crystals (???????)
    The Crystals require various materials found in Arland Mines. If you're planning on making them take a trip out there and/or send Hom to find ingredients.

    Rush: Buy Comets from Pamela's shop.

  • 10番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 10th Kingdom Commission.)

    You need to bring back items from the Night Region - specifically Shadowgrass (???) Dark Fireflies (????) and Night Flowers (????). No way around it, you'll have to head out there yourself. Take a right in the first area with a fork - two zones later is an area with Night Flowers (protected by some level 30 Dark Fangs, so be careful!). One run through that zone is sufficient to pass the request, you can run through it once more if you want enough materials to gain full marks.

    This is by far the most time consuming task out of the lot so feel free to use up some of your slack on this request, unless you're going for an adventure-heavy ending (in which case the experience here will help you). You could try to send Hom to collect ingredients from Night Region, but he/she probably won't be high-level enough to collect these particular items in time.

  • 11番目の王国依頼をクリアする。 ( Clear the 11th Kingdom Commission.)

    You're asked to submit items in the General Goods (??) category which as its name implies covers a lot of stuff. In particular Barrels, Wild Fragrance, Pure Oil, and Neutralizing Agent should all be familiar to you.

    Rush: You probably have one or more of the above in Tifana's shop. Buy lots and submit them.

  • 最後の王国依頼クリアする。 ( Clear the Final Kingdom Commission.)

    The last request asks you submit a single item of high worth. You've probably crafted a ton of stuff by now so just pick something that was hard/expensive to make and submit it. High valued accessories, pies, etc. will get you high marks.

    If you're trying for an ending which requires you to score poorly here (or you have some slack built up and don't need a good score) you can just buy a loaf of bread (?????) from Yksel's shop which will net you a barely passing mark.

  • トゥルーエンディングの一枚絵を見る。 ( View the True Ending.)

    Achieve a generic True Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • グッドエンディングの一枚絵を見る。 (View the Good Ending.)

    Achieve a generic Good Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • ノーマルエンディングの一枚絵を見る。 (View the Normal Ending.)

    Achieve a generic Normal Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • バッドエンドを見る。 (View the Bad Ending.)

    Obtain a Bad Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • ゲームオーバーになる。 (Earn a Game Over.)

    Fail any request (less than 3 stars) after the first.
  • モンスター図鑑を全て埋める。 ( Completely filled out the Monster Encyclopedia.)

    Obtain a complete list of all enemies in the game. This applies to your system data, which is updated every time you save, and thus carries across all playthroughs.

    There are a total of 65 enemies:

    • 38 'regular' enemies
    • 10 'strong' enemies (appear in the following areas after Rorona reaches adventure level 25-30)
    • 10 'bounty' enemies, which spawn when you accept the corresponding Front Quest from Esty to slay them.
    • 7 'boss' enemies

    Strong/Bounty enemies appear in the following areas:

    • Neighbourhood forest (1 strong, 2 bounty)
    • Ortoga Ruins (1 strong, 2 bounty)
    • Arland Mines (1 strong, 2 bounty)
    • Traveler's Highway (1 strong, 1 bounty)
    • Catacombs (1 strong, 1 bounty)
    • Shtel Highlands (1 strong, 1 bounty)
    • Neevel Lake (2 strong, 1 bounty)
    • Black Forest (1 strong)
    • Night Region (1 strong)

    If you've been through an area in a dungeon at least once, your dungeon area map will tell you if there is a strong/bounty enemy in that location by cursoring over the area.

    Two of the boss enemies have unique trophies: "Demon-slayer", and "Destroyer". The remaining five are dragons, defeating any of which will get you "Dragon-slayer". See those trophies for details on finding them.

    If you do this over several playthroughs, the trophy will be awarded when you go to the Monster Encyclopedia from the title menu.

  • アイテム図鑑を全て埋める。 ( Completely filled out the Item Encyclopedia.)

    As with the monster encyclopedia, this carries across playthroughs. An item counts as long as you have obtained it (through crafting, drops from enemies, bought from a store, obtained from harvesting, received as a reward) at least once any time during your playthrough. Just be sure to save so that it registers.

    You'll need to register all ingredients, crafted items, and equipment although you don't need to unlock all the abilities of each item for it to count.

    There are a total of 219 items:

    • 65 (harvestable) ingredients (??)
    • 67 usable items (??)
    • 67 pieces of equipment (28 armor, 39 weapons)
    • 20 compounding items (??)

    You'll obtain all the 'hidden' ingredients as part of Yksel's ending, and should find all the rare ingredients (Dragon horn/scale, Dorgenhait) during the Adventurer and Pie endings. For the craftable items, just make sure you've crafted each one at least once on any of your playthroughs. Note that the Encyclopedia will show an item if you've got the recipe for it - but it only counts once you've actually created it.

    Once all craftable items have been registered in the Encyclopedia, there will be an event in the Atelier with Rorona and Astrid (and this event will trigger on all subsequent playthroughs around 3y3m)

    Assuming you keep characters in your party if you're going for their endings, and you upgrade their weapons as you progress, you should have most (if not all) of their weapons after finishing their respective endings. Check your system data to see what you're missing.

  • 冒険レベルを50にする。(Rise to Adventure Level 50.)

    To achieve this, simply adventure a lot. Make sure to defeat all enemies in an area before leaving. Try to hit adventure level 26 by the end of 2y. At 2y3m1d, if Rorona has adventure level >= 25, Ortuga Rakusen opens up. This is 1 day away from the Atelier and offers a lot of experience (especially floor 1 which gives you 3000+ experience while only costing you 1 day). You can also try farming any of the 'strong' enemies that appear after Rorona hits adventure level 25, as they will spawn repeatedly.

    This trophy is part of the requirement for "Adventurer's Ending", so don't worry about it too much until you're going for that ending.

  • 錬金レベルを50にする。 (Rise to Alchemy Level 50.)

    The opposite of adventuring, use alchemy a lot. It's easiest to do this on a subsequent playthrough so you can use your mountains of money to buy ingredients rather than spend time adventuring. It's a good idea to go for this when you're trying for the "Pie Ending", as the high-level pies you bake will require a high alchemy level (and making them will give you a lot of experience as well!).

    Use Hom to the fullest - use him/her to do the grunt work (making Rock Powder, and other intermediate materials, or harvesting) so you can focus on the higher-valued items.

    When crafting take note of the amount of time it takes per item, and try to make items in batches so the number rounds out to a full day (i.e. Neutralizing Agent takes 0.2 days, so make 5 at a time to make full use of your day).

    Note: There is a bug in the game as of v1.01 where Rorona's status screen will stop showing experience needed for the next level when you hit Alchemy level 49 (it looks like you've hit the level cap). You will still get experience, though, so just keep making items and you'll eventually level up to 50.

  • ホムのレベルを50にする。 ( Rise to Home Level 50.)

    You'll obtain Hom around 2y1m8d (Hom's gender will depend on the answer you give Astrid during a scene around 1y11m11d).

    An easy way to increase Hom's level initially is by giving him/her superfluous ingredients, or water from the well outside the Atelier, and having him/her make lots of Neutralizing Agents.

    Having Hom collect materials from high-leveled areas will also help.

    As long as you keep Hom busy (queue up a long task before you go adventuring, or crafting time-intensive items!) he/she'll hit level 50 around the middle of last year.

  • 街の人気100にする。 ( Rise to Town Popularity 100.)

    Just do lots of Front Quests. It's recommended to do this on a True/Good ending which requires you to hit 80 anyway. It won't take much longer to hit 100, especially on a subsequent playthrough where you can just buy items to fulfill requests right away.

    If you desperately need popularity, there is a tendency for Front Quests to become 'stuck' if you have items for it in your basket. Accept a quest you have items for, fulfill it, and leave the other requests alone. Come back the next day and the quest will reappear, allowing you to fulfill it again (until you run out of stocked items). This seems to happen for several high-value items, such as Healing Salves, Elixirs, Meteors, Dragon Horns/Scales, and high-level ingots/cloths.

  • 仲間とショップのキャラクター全員の交友値を100にする。 ( Rise to Companionship Level 100 for all Characters and Merchants.)

    For this you'll need to do Friend Quests for each following until they all reach 100:

    • Cuderia (in Square)
    • Yksel (in Sunrise Cafe)
    • Sterk (in Palace Hallway (????))
    • Lionela (in Industrial District (????), after she comes to the Atelier for the first time)
    • Tantoris (in Square, after you've met him & gone through some events)
    • Gio (on Main Street (???) , after around 2y10m)
    • Tifana (in General Store)
    • Haggel (at Blacksmiths')
    • Kooru (in Industrial District, after he's come to the Atelier 3 times and you see him in the Square)
    • Pamela (in her store, once it opens)

    Friend Requests refresh every 4 days, so make your rounds, finish off what quests you can, and come back to them 4 days after you completed your last request. They won't always have a request, and sometimes will ask for items you can't yet craft (so be sure you can satisfy the request before you accept it!).

    It's best to do this on a Normal playthrough so you don't need to worry about Front Quests. While none of the Friend Request items are buyable in stores (by default), doing this on a subsequent playthrough will allow you to pour cash into materials used for crafting those items.

  • キャベツ祭で優勝する。 (Win the Cabbage Festival.)

    This is an optional event at 1y12m20d (you can choose whether to go or not, but it costs you 10 days either way). It's easy to win - just clear out your basket beforehand, and run around collecting cabbage. 50+ should be enough to win. Your score is determined by how many cabbages you pick up, so discarding some and picking up more means your score can go above 60 if you really want to.

  • 武闘大会で優勝する。 ( Win the Fighting Tournament.)

    This is an optional event at 2y12m20d. You have to win all three battles to obtain this trophy. The first two are easy, the last is against a certain one of your companions. They will always have 700 HP and the same stats/weapon regardless of how much time they spend in your party beforehand, so there's no use in excluding them/giving them sucky weapons ahead of time.

    As long as Rorona is around adventure level 26 and you come prepared, this should be fairly easy. Bring Elixirs (make one high-quality one and stock it in Tifana's shop) and offensive items that have at least medium (?) damage. A medium-strength Meteor should do around 300 damage at this point, so survive for three rounds while tossing them and you should come out on top.

    Note: If your relationship with Gio is high enough you'll have an extra fight after the third. If that happens you'll have to win the 4th fight as well to obtain this trophy. This last opponent is much more difficult to beat.

  • ドラゴンを倒す。 (Defeat the Dragon.)

    There are 5 dragons in the game. 4 of them will only show up if you are completing Sterk's path (see his Ending Guide for details). The Black Dragon, which will show up in the Night Region, will appear as long as Rorona has Adventure Level 35+ or so. Use the same strategy as for any other boss, and he'll go down. If you're level 40+ he's a piece of cake.

    General Boss Strategy

    Any boss enemy is easy to defeat at level 45+ (or even 40+). Bring large (?) damage items like Meteors or Snowmen, and a large stock of Elixirs (12+ of each is more than enough). Have Rorona use an Elixir on any companion that is hurt, or toss a Meteor.

    Have other characters attack and use their assists to cover Rorona. As long as both companions have complementary elements, use their elemental skills to raise the elemental gauge and unleash their special attacks when it is high enough (5 for most characters, though Sterk requires only about 4.5)

  • デーモンを倒す。 (Defeat the Demon.)

    The Demon is at the end of the Night Region. See above for boss strategy. Defeat him once and you'll obtain this trophy. Can be done on any playthrough but will be easiest on your Adventurer ending playthrough.

  • 鉄巨人を倒す。 (Defeat the Iron Giant.)

    The Iron Giant is in the basement of Ortoga Rakusen. See above for boss strategy. Can be done on any playthrough but will be easiest on your Adventurer ending playthrough.


Secret trophies

  • ロロナがアトリエを任されるイベントを見る。 ( View the event where the Atelier is entrusted to Rorona.)

    Rorona's Atelier: See the Atelier entrusted to Rorona

    Story-related, you'll get this after the initial events are completed.

  • リオネラが初登場するイベントを見る。

    Puppet show debut: Meet Lionela

    Story-related event, should trigger around 1y9m14d

  • タントリスが初登場するイベントを見る。

    Forest minstrel: Meet Tantoris

    Story-related event - go adventuring and you'll see this on your way to your destination. Triggers around 2y1m8d.

  • パメラが初登場するイベントを見る。

    The ghost from the stuffed animal: Meet Pamela  

    Story-related event - Travel to the Catacombs (available sometime during 2y1m). Take the farthest exit in the first area. Two areas later, you'll encounter an area with a stuffed bear. There'll be an event, and another when you return to the Atelier, which will net you the trophy.

  • クーデリアと仲直りするイベントを見る。

    Reconciliation: Make up with Cuderia

    Story-related event - You'll achieve this on your way to getting Cuderia's ending.

  • ステルクが怪我をするイベントを見る。

    Wound of honour : See Sterk get injured

    Story-related event - You'll achieve this on your way to getting Sterk's ending.

  • イクセルの食堂を手伝うイベントを見る。

    The extremely busy cafe: Help out Yksel at the cafe

    Story-related event - You'll achieve this on your way to getting Yksel's ending.

  • アラーニャとホロホロが直るイベントを見る。

    Puppets and Girl: See Event with Araanya and Horohoro

    Story-related event - You'll achieve this on your way to getting Lionela's Ending.

  • タントリスと二人で楽器を演奏するイベントを見る。

    Duet: See Event playing an instrument with Tantoris

    Story-related event - You'll achieve this on your way to getting Tantoris' Ending.

  • ジオがモンスターを一刀両断するイベントを見る。

    Slice apart with a single blow: See Gio slice apart a monster with a single blow

    Story-related event: Needed for Gio's ending, but you should see this around 2y10m14d on any playthrough.

  • ホムとネコのイベントを見る。

    Hom and Kitten: See Hom with a cat

    There are three events that involve Hom and cats:

    1. Hom and cat
    2. Rorona, Hom and cat
    3. Rorona, Hom and cats plural

    All are triggered randomly after crafting some items in the Atelier, and all appear to be unmissable (assuming you do enough crafting?). The trophy will unlock after the second of the three events.

  • 酔っ払ったティファナにからまれるイベントを見る。

    Drunk Tifana: See a sloshed Tifana molest Rorona

    Once you obtain 40 relationship with Tifana visit the cafe for an event.

    After 2y1m, and once you obtain 60 relationship with Tifana visit the cafe for another event, which will trigger this trophy.

    You can visit Tifana's shop the next morning for a third event but it isn't required.

  • みんなで湖に行くイベントを見る

    Everyone at the lake: See event where everyone heads to the lake

    By 2y7m1d, achieve 30 relationship with Cuderia, 20 relationship with Lionela, and have got Pamela to open up her shop (it takes about 2 months for her to open her shop from the time you first meet her).

    There'll be an event at that point, and Rorona & co. will go on a trip from 2y7m8d to 2y7m18d (make sure you finish up all pending requests beforehand!)

    Careful: If Rorona is not in the Atelier on the 8th you'll miss this event.
  • クーデリアのエンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Cuderia's Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • ジオのエンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Gio's Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • アストリッドのエンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Astrid's Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • イクセルのエンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Yksel's Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • ステルクのエンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Sterk's Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • リオネラのエンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Lionela's Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • タントリスのエンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Tantoris' Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • パイ職人エンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve the Pie Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • 冒険者エンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Adventurer Ending. (See Ending Guide)
  • お金持ちエンディングの一枚絵を見る。

    Achieve Millionaire Ending. (See Ending Guide)

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