Be sure to look at the Event Checklist for dates for certain events while playing the game.


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 4 (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 54 (44, 7, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 40-60 hours (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 plus (overtime mode)
  • Number of missable trophies: 38
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: None
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: None


Arland, is a small kingdom in the middle of nowhere and the home to our lovable alchemist, Rorona. The kingdom of Arland was not technologically advanced until the discovering of “machines”, but even upon discovering no one knew how to use them properly. It was not until one day, an alchemist showed others how to use the “machines”; thus making everyone lazy. This in turn made things a lot more productive and alchemy useless or not needed in Arland.

This game plays similar to the original PS3 version of "Atelier Rorona ~ The Alchemist of Araland ~" however with a slight twist: you can obtain all the respective endings in one playthrough if you have met the requirements. Trophies such as Astrid's Ending , obtaining an Adventurer and Alchemy Level of 50 all require constant dedication and are by far the most stressful. Astrid's ending requires all the character flags of each character (Sterk, Iskel, Cordelia, Gio, Tantris and finally Lionella) to be activated before finishing assignment 12.

Step 1) Play up to Assignment # 12

During this step, you should consider the following as you are playing through the game:

  • 100 or more assignment stars
  • Obtain a 90% or higher Town Popularity
  • Triggered every Character Flag
  • Made all the pies in the game above 80+ quality
  • Finish the game with a million Cole
  • Defeated the Iron Giant, the Demon, and Cordelia + Rorona have an adventurer level of 50

It is recommended to have Iskel in your party during the first two assignments, or until Iskel acquires a Friendship level of over 30. Although, for a vast majority of the game you will want to have Cordelia in your party, since you need to get her to level 50 for the Adventurer Ending . Cordelia does not have the best stats early on, but she does improve as you progress. It is recommended once she gets to a level 60 Friendship, to switch her out for someone else so you can raise their Friendship.


Saves at the beginning of each assignment, in between the course of a few days, and one towards the end of an assignment is recommended. Once you get to the end of assignment 12, be sure to save a day or so prior, as you will be using this save to unlock the other endings.

It's best to save the pies for the very end. Making a save once the Night's Domain map is unlocked is the best way to get the Pie Ending, Adventure Ending, and Millionaire Ending in one go. Credit goes to Dipsy for this information.

Assignments and Stars:

At the end of each assignment, you are given a score ranging from 1 to 3 big stars: 1 being the lowest (thus failing), and 3 being the highest (exceeding expectations) for each given assignment by Sterk. You can get a total of 10 small (gold) stars during the assignment, which in terms equals 3 big (gold) stars at the end of the assignment. Do not worry about the red stars, as those are not important to completing the actual assignment and do not need to be fulfilled.

Assignments are priority one, and should be completed within the first few days or during the first week given. This way you can use the rest of the time to explore areas and complete requests from Esty to increase Town Popularity.

Also be sure to complete each Bingo board as best as you can, but avoid the harder tasks unless you have time. Otherwise you will just waste time when you could easily use it towards something else.

The following accessories/decorations which are a must for Step 2:

  • Victory Charm - Pick up better quality materials after battles -> available at Esty’s Item Exchange
  • Goddess Statue - Allows you to raise your Town Popularity faster after requests
  • Bunny Tail - Pickup / Obtain better Quality materials -> available at Esty’s Item Exchange
  • Harvest Gloves - Allows for more items to appear during pickup
  • Stylish Cauldron - Makes synthesis items better and cut materials usage in 1/2
  • Secret Bag - Allows you to transfer items from your container to your bag, whenever you need to
  • Marinizer - Allows you to breathe underwater longer
  • Spring Cup - Makes the best Quality Water
  • Blessed Coin - Gear / Items deteriorate slower
  • Traveler’s Shoes - decreases all days traveled by 1.

In order to make the Traveler’s Shoes, it requires a World Spirit.

World Spirits locations:

  1. One World Spirit is located on the Bingo Board during Assignment # 9
  2. In the Machina Domain during Overtime
  3. In the Abyssal Tower during Overtime - 4th floor

To set a decoration in your workshop, simply go to the diary and select [Decorate] to remove the item from your bag and place it in your workshop. Once it is in your workshop, the effect will last forever.

How Quality/ Friendship points with Esty work in Plus:

Quality of an item: S Rank items boost Friendship Points by 7 pts - A Rank by 5 pts - B Rank by 3 pts - C-E Rank by 2 pts.

Once you have reached 60 friendship with any character, be sure and swap them out with someone else, as 60 is the limit in the Plus version of Atelier Rorona while adventuring. To go past the 60 mark, you will have to complete additional Friend Requests given by Esty to raise them higher.

The only character which may require a bit more effort is Tantris, his needs to be at 80 minimum to unlock an event, thus triggering his flag; besides that, every other character flag can be triggered at the 60 Friendship mark so long as you have met the requirements.

Tip: If you are having to play through the game again via New Game + (like I did), just sell everything except for the gear your party is already wearing. That means every single ingredient (item) which is in your Container and Basket must be sold. If you have time, I would suggest getting the best gear possible before starting New Game +. Be sure to then equip it to that respective party member, then proceed to whatever ending you decide. When you start up your New Game + save file, you will have that gear equipped from the get-go plus all the Cole which you earned from your sold goods.

Remember to synthesize any material to the highest quality, then wholesale it if possible. My advice is to familiarize yourself with what each character will ask for, before requesting it.

Refer to the Friendship Between Party Members post for more information on what to wholesale for requests and how go about raising each characters Friendship.

Step 2) New Game + (optional)|Character Ending Clean Ups

New Game + is entirely optional as it is mainly for cleaning up any other characters ending you did not get during Step # 1. You will still have to make everything (or gather) for requests until the wholesale option appears during assignment 6. The good thing about New Game + is that all your Cole (money) and all the decorations you made during Step # 1 transfers over.

Characters and when you obtain them:

  • Rorona - available from the start
  • Iskel - available after the tutorial
  • Cordelia - available after the tutorial
  • Sterk - available after assignment 2
  • Lionela - available during assignment 4
  • Tantris - available during assignment 5
  • Gio - available during assignment 8
  • Astrid - available after assignment 9

Esty is available for hire after you complete 2 of her requests, but is not needed since her ending is completely separate from the other characters (aka Astrid's Ending).

Step 3) Overtime Mode and Platinum

Overtime Mode grants you an additional year to go and explore the remaining dungeons, if you haven’t already. However, you will need to find the proper ingredients to make the Dragon Hourglass within a years time to send Tortori and Meruru back home. Lucky for us that the Overtime Dungeons provide excellent resources for making the Hourglass.

You will also need to make the best weapons/armor for Rorona and her friends as the enemies in the Overtime dungeons are extremely powerful. Be sure and use Tortori and Meruru in battle, as they are very powerful considering their abilities and able to use items.

For more information on what to do during Overtime, refer to the Overtime Mode FAQ post.

[PST Would Like to Thank x410xDragon for this Roadmap]


Further resources:

Additional tips (Posts 8-10)

Atelier Rorona Plus ~The Alchemist of Arland~ Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

54 trophies ( 44  53  )

  • Obtained after getting all other trophies.

    As the title suggests, earn every other trophy and this is yours!


Secret trophies

  • Obtained after clearing the 1st assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 1 [1/20 - 3/30]


    • Polish Powder
    • Zettel
    • Alchemy Clay

    For the sake of time, just make a handful of Zettel and give them all to Sterk. While you could make Coal and Gunpowder for Sterk, I would recommend making Zettel instead. You will however later use Coal and Gunpowder for Iskel's and Hagel's friend requests later on.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 2nd assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 1 [4/01 - 6/30]


    • Bomb
    • Cannon
    • Barrel

    Don’t bother making cannons during the second assignment as they take a long time to make. Instead, make bombs and barrels, but only turn in the barrels as you will need the bombs later for friend requests and for when you go adventuring.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 3rd assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 1 [7/01 - 9/30]


    • Witch Salve
    • Beast Statue
    • Healing Aroma

    For this assignment, turn in only Witch Salve’s and save the Beast Statue’s for friend requests later on. Unlike the Beast Statue’s, Witch Salve's only take one day to make. Most of the ingredients for the Witch Salve’s can be found at Ms.Tiffany’s shop, the R&T Sundries.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 4th assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 1 [10/1 - 12/20]


    • Food items

    For this assignment, you are going to make "food". Foods which should be turned into Sterk are: Soups and Tea. What I did was just give him a handful of high quality Black Teas and called it a day. For an easy completion and to save you a lot of time, prior to this assignment buy a lot of Black Tea's from Iskel's Cafe, then turn them all into Sterk.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 5th assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 2 [1/1 - 3/30]


    • Tonic

    Tonics are actually really easy to make, but Meredith will begin to buy up all the Magic Grass during Year 2, 1/15. Be sure to on assignments 3 and 4 to max out on Magic Grass every time Ms.Tiffany restocks her supplies. Lastly, be sure to make use of the Cabbage’s from the festival here, as they too will prove quite useful. That being said, this should be another easy completion.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 6th assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 2 [4/1 - 6/30]


    • Eliminate Vultures

    Another easy assignment, as all you have to do is eliminate Vultures in the Nearby Forest. If you have been adventuring and leveling up your gear, you should have this done soon very soon, if not by the first week.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 7th assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 2 [7/01 - 9/30]


    • Ice Bombs
    • Spring Cup

    Do not make Spring Cups as those take way too long to make. Instead, make Ice Bombs as those are easiest to make and take less materials. By now you should have explored the National Mines enough to have gathered Snow Gems to make Ice Bombs. If not, I would highly advise you start exploring now and obtaining as many Snow Gems as possible. If you have managed to get Hagel’s Friendship to 25 during assignment 6, you can wholesale Ice Bombs to him beforehand making this assignment ridiculously easy.

    Once this is completed, it gives you the rest of the time to do whatever you want.

    Note: You can always ask Hom to make Ice Bombs for you, so long as you have synthesized one yourself. Be sure if you ask to select the “Quality” option for the best results.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 8th assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 2 [10/01 - 12/20]


    • Canons
    • Barrels

    Similar to assignment 2, make Barrels for this assignment instead of making Cannons. If you managed to reach a friendship of 25+ with Tiffany and chose to wholesale Barrels before this assignment, you can just buy the Barrels for an easy completion. Once completed, be sure and visit areas which you have not explored yet, as you have plenty of time.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 9th assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 3 [1/01 - 3/30]


    • Komets
    • Arland Crystals

    For the sake of time, avoid making Arland Crystals as they take up too much time. Instead, make Komets, lots of high quality Komets. You can also purchase Komets from Pamela's store if you recruited her during assignment 7. Hom can also make Komets so long as you made one, but it will take longer.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 10th assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 3 [4/01 - 6/30]


    • Shadow Grass
    • Dark Coral
    • Midnight Flower

    In order to fulfill this requirement, you will need to head to the Night Domain for the items listed above, but be warned that the monsters are tough. The easiest item to farm is the Midnight Flower as the area is only one day. Once you have completed the requirements, you have the rest of the time to do whatever you see fit.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the 11th assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 3 [7/01 - 9/30]


    • Sundry

    At this point in the game, you should have amassed tons of items. You should have this done the very moment you start the assignment. I would suggest making Barrels (lots of Barrels) since they are the easiest to make and take up little to no time varying on your Alchemy level. If you have been wholesaling Barrels to Ms.Tiffani, you can easily buy them from her for an easy completion.

    You need to get 10 (gold) stars on this assignment.

  • Obtained after clearing the last assignment.

    Time Frame: Year 3 [10/01 - 12/30]


    • Ultimate Synthesis Item

    This is probably the "hardest" assignment, but nothing too difficult. I would suggest making some high quality Elixirs with a lot of traits on them. Once you have finished this assignment, you should have the rest of the time to yourself.

    You can aim for 7 (gold) stars here, as you will have enough either way.

  • Obtained after the event where the workshop is passed down to Rorona.

    You will earn this trophy upon finishing the tutorial. Once you have viewed the scene where Astrid passes the shop down to Rorona, the trophy will unlock.

  • Obtained after the first Lionela event.

    If you leave the workshop on 9/07 during assignment 3, you will be forced into a cutscene and meet a girl named Mary (formerly known as Lionela) for the first time. After the cutscene, Rorona will notice that someone dropped their wallet. Upon finishing this scene, the trophy will unlock shortly after.

  • Obtained after the first Tantris event.

    Instead of recruiting Pamela, you will now recruit the musician, Tantris. To recruit Tantris, simply travel anywhere besides the Catacombs and you will run into him during year 2. You will see a short cutscene with a traveling musician who is playing for the local animals. After the scene ends, this trophy will unlock.

  • Obtained after the first Pamela event.

    During the beginning of year 2, you will have the option to meet Tantris or visit the Catacombs. Wait 1 day and Astrid will mention the Catacombs to you. Once there be sure and go through the furthest exit which should bring you to a place called the “Ghost Assembly” and not the first exit which will be on your first left. Head back to the workshop and you will witness your first scene with Rorona talking to a ghost named Pamela.

  • Obtained after the event where Rorona and Cordelia make up.

    Refer to the Cordella Ending for more information.

  • Obtained after the event where Sterk gets injured.

    Refer to the Sterk Ending for more information.

  • Obtained after the event where Rorona helps out Iksel.

    Refer to Iskel Ending for more information.

  • Obtained after the event where the puppets get fixed.

    Refer to Lionela Ending for more information.

  • Duet


    Obtained after the event where Rorona and Tantris play music together.

    Refer to Tantris Ending for more information.

  • Obtained after the event where Gio slices up a monster.

    Refer to Gio Ending for more information.

  • Obtained after the event with Hom and the kitten.

    During Year 2, month 7, you will have a random chance to encounter a scene with Hom and a kitten in the street. You will only need to watch two scenes for this trophy to unlock. Unless you go the whole game without synthesizing an item, you should get this without any problems.

  • Obtained after the event with a drunken Tiffani.

    You can view a special scene with Ms.Tiffani being drunk, but only if you meet certain requirements:


    • Around 40 Friendship - Head to the Sunrise Cafe and witness a cutscene with Ms.Tiffani and Esty.
    • Around 60 Friendship - Head to the Sunrise Cafe again to witness yet another scene with Esty and Ms.Tiffani.

    Upon watching both scenes, the trophy will unlock. Also be sure that you don’t have any requests due before watching each scene, as they both will waste 1 day each.

  • Obtained after the event where Rorona goes to the lake with everyone.

    If you have met the following requirements during Assignment 7, you will taken into a cut scene near the workshop on 7/8. After viewing the lake scene you will unlock this trophy shortly afterwards.

    Those requirements being:


    • Lionela's friendship at 20 or higher
    • Cordelia's friendship 30 or higher
    • Pamela's shop has been opened
  • Obtained by seeing the True Ending image.

    So long as your total assignment score is over 100 stars and you have a Town Popularity which is 90% or higher, you will unlock an option called [For Everyone] at the end of Assignment 12.

    Requirements for the True Ending:


    • Assignment Stars = 100 stars or higher
    • Town Popularity = 90% or higher
  • Obtained by seeing the Cordelia Ending image.

    Requirements: True Ending

    To view Cordelia's ending, you must have her Friendship at 60 and must have completed her 5 specific Front End Requests given by Esty at the Palace Front Desk. Upon turning in each request, you will trigger different events, but also will lose 5% Town Popularity for each request.



    • Pebble - 1000 Cole
    • Iron Clay - 1800 Cole
    • Cotton Flower - 2400
    • Glow Sand - 5000 Cole
    • Sunny Crystal - 3900
    • Mont Blanc - 10,000 Cole
    • Shadow Grass - 7300 Cole

    Events that must be triggered


    • After turning in the Pebble during Year 1 - you will get a scene between Esty, Rorona and some Town's people of Arland. Soon after Rorona leaves, you will see that Cordelia is the Client.
    • After completing 3 Front End Requests and getting Cordelia's Friendship to 60, there will be a scene at R&T Sundries.
    • After completing your fourth Front End Request, fail a synthesis on purpose and you will be treated to a scene. This scene will include Rorona giving Cordelia a gem.
    • After completing the final Front End Request from Cordelia, Rorona will find out that Cordelia is making the requests and confront her.
    • After confronting Cordelia about her requests, talk to Esty. Esty will then tell Rorona that Cordelia was only trying to help her.
    • Wait 10 days and a scene will appear outside of the workshop.
    • After another 10 days, Cordelia will tell Rorona she is sorry, thus unlocking her Flag and unlocking the Making up trophy. You will also get a powerful accessory! See? I knew Cordelia wasn’t all bad. She was a softy all along.

    Be sure once you are given your options at the end to choose [For Everyone] -> then select Cordelia for her respective ending.

  • Obtained by seeing the Gio Ending image.

    Requirements: True Ending

    Character Flags which need to be triggered to unlock his ending:

    Year 1, Month 7


    • You will meet Gio for the first time at the R&T Sundries.
    • Two weeks after seeing this scene, Gio will pay you a visit and is available for Friend Requests.

    Year 2, Month 10


    • Gio will come by your workshop and will ask you to be his bodyguard. After helping him, he will become recruitable and unlock the Slicer trophy afterwards.

    Year 2, Month 12 - (50+ Friendship)


    • During the Martial Tournament, he will be your fourth opponent. Losing against him will NOT negate his flag.

    Year 3, Month 1 - (60 + Friendship)


    • There will be a scene at the R&T Sundries between Sterk and Tiffany's about nearby bandits in the area at the beginning of the assignment.

      Note: Be sure Sterk has not been injured before this point, as if he is, this scene will not occur.
    • Wait an additional two weeks after the above event, and Gio should appear at the Workshop to ask you a question.
    • After the above event, be sure to wait an additional week and to help Gio out. If you do not accept his request, you will be unable to obtain his Flag and his Ending.

    Once you are given your options at the end to choose [For Everyone] -> then select Gio for his respective ending.

  • Obtained by seeing the Astrid Ending image.

    This is the hardest of all the endings, since it requires you to activate every single character flag and obtain the True Ending before finishing the game during Assignment 12. If you have activated every character flag, you will be given the option called [Work For Master] after speaking with Astrid in the workshop.

  • Obtained by seeing the Good Ending image.

    Once you have obtained the True Ending , reload your save before the end of assignment # 12 then when given your options select [Keep Trying] and select anyone besides Iskel or Sterk.

    Requirements for the Good Ending:


    • Assignment Stars < 94
    • Town Popularity is over 80+
  • Obtained by seeing the Iksel Ending image.

    Ending Requirement: Good Ending

    Two areas, such as Lake Nabel and the Dark Woods, can only be unlocked if you have fulfilled certain requirements earlier on. He (Iksel) is the easiest character in terms of triggering character flags.

    Two things to keep in mind:


    1. For Nabel Lake, you need Cordelia’s friendship at 30 and Lionela’s at 20. Then once you reach Year 2, Assignment # 7 on 7/8, you will go to and unlock Nabel Lake if you have met the above requirements; however, do note that this wastes 10 days.
    2. As you play through the game and if you have Iskel’s friendship over 30, he will mention the Dark Woods, thus unlocking it. However, this will not unlock until sometime during Year 2; giving you plenty of time to meet the requirement.

    Character Flags which need to be triggered to unlock his ending:


    • Mudhead Mushroom - Nearby Forest (First area)
    • Triberries - Ortoga Ruins (First area)
    • Some Egg A - National Mines (From the first area entrance, first right)
    • Some Egg B - Ster Highlands (Second Area)
    • Mystery Mushroom A - Catacombs (re-enter after the first cut scene with Iskel in the party)
    • Mystery Mushroom B - Night Domain (First area)
    • Swirly Shell - Nabel Lake (First area)
    • Sour Apple - Traveler's Way (First area)
    • Dreamy Crown - Dark Woods (First area | 30 Friendship required!)



    • After collecting 3 ingredients from 3 different areas, head to the Sunrise Cafe. You will receive 100 Cole for your troubles.
    • After collecting 6 ingredients from 6 different areas, head to the Sunrise Cafe for a cutscene. Afterwards, Iskel will give you 1000 Cole for your troubles. You are 900 Cole richer than last time - Yay!
    • After collecting all 9 ingredients from every location listed above, head to the Sunrise Cafe and it should be busy. Go there and you will see a small cutscene with Iskel asking Rorona to help him wait tables. Doing this will waste one day and unlock the Busy Cafe shortly after.
  • Obtained by seeing the Sterk Ending image.

    Requirements: Good Ending

    Character Flags which need to be triggered to unlock his ending:

    Years 1-2 - (30+ Friendship)


    • There will be an opportunity to have a conversation with Sterk regarding his job as a Knight. After speaking to Sterk, talk to Esty and she will mention his behavior.

    Year 2, Month 4


    • You will need to gain access to the Sher Highlands before the next event below which is during Year 3. In order to gain access to the Sher Highlands, you will first need to find Pamela in the Catacombs. Once she has opened up her shop in town, wait for Cole on the 15th, and buy all of his Sunny Crystals. This will trigger a scene showing Cole aiding Pamela opening up her store. Wait one more month and on the 15th Cole will show up again. After purchasing all of his Sunny Crystals again, he will unlock the Sher Highlands for you.

    Year 3, Month 1 - (60+ Friendship)


    • Sterk will stop by the workshop and warn Rorona about the Dragon, Sumi Sterm, who has been sighted at the Sher Highlands. You must take Sterk to fight Sumi Sterm for his Flag. After winning or losing against Sumi Sterm, Sterk will be hospitalized for 80 days. You will also unlock the Honorable Injury trophy soon after the fight. Once Sterk recovers, he will pay you a visit and after the cutscene, you will have triggered his ending Flag.

    Warning: I would strongly advise you take Sterk to fight Sumi after you unlock Orthogalaxen on 3/1. You will also need him to be present at the R&T Sundries if you are trying to trigger Gio’s Ending.

  • Obtained by seeing the Normal Ending image.

    If you have met the requirements, the option called [Keep Studying] will appear at the end. Once you have viewed the Normal Ending and the credits, the trophy will unlock.



    • Assignment Stars 94+
    • Town Popularity < 80%
  • Obtained by seeing the Lionela Ending image.

    Requirements: Normal Ending

    Character Flags which need to be triggered to unlock her ending:

    Year 1, Month 9


    • You will meet Lionela in the Town Square and notice she dropped her wallet.
    • Wait one day and you will run into Lionela to return her wallet.
    • After returning her wallet, wait 1 week and she will appear at your workshop. After the scene, you will be able to accept her friend requests.

    Year 1, Month 10


    • A month after seeing Lionela at the workshop, she will be available in the Town Square doing yet another performance.
    • After the previous event, wait 1 week and Lionela will join your party.

    Year 2, Month 3 - (30+ Friendship)


    • Go out adventuring with her for a scene.
    • After the previous scene, wait 1 day and Lionela will come and hangout at the workshop.
    • Wait a few days and you will see another scene with Lionela hanging out with Rorona, and Cory will become jealous.

    Year 3, Month 2 - (60+ Friendship)


    • Travel with Lionela in the party to Traveler's Way (area doesn't matter). You will see a quick scene where Rorona is lost.
    • Two days after the previous event, Lionela will come by the workshop and explain to you what happened the day you went to Traveler's ways.

    Year 3, Month 5


    • During this time, head to the Town Square to see Lionela again.
    • A week after the previous event, Lionela will tell Rorona that her puppets have stopped talking and wants to know why. During this time, your Master Astrid, will give you a recipe to synthesize.
    • Upon synthesizing the recipe, talk to Lionela and you will view the finale before triggering her Flag. You will also unlock the The Puppet and the Girl .
  • Obtained by seeing the Tantris Ending image.

    Requirements: Normal Ending

    Character Flags which need to be triggered to unlock his ending:

    Year 2, Month 1


    • Astrid will mention the Catacombs. Instead, head to the Nearby Forest and you will meet Tantris.
    • View a few more scenes with Tantris and he will be available for hire.

    Year 2, Month 4 - (30+ Friendship)


    • Upon clearing assignment # 5 with 3 big stars, go adventuring with Tantris and you will encounter a scene with Meredith talking to Tantris before you leave.

    Year 2, Month 7 - (50+ Friendship)


    • Continue adventuring with Tantris in your party and you will encounter a cutscene. During which you learn more about him.

    Year 3, Month 1 - (70+ Friendship)


    • You’ll see a quick scene with drunk Meredith getting kicked out of Iskel’s cafe. After this event, Tantris will be unavailable for a short time.
    • Two days later, Tantris will come by your workshop and apologize for his father’s rude behavior.

    Year 3, Month 4 - (80+ Friendship)


    • A scene between Meredith and Tantris will reveal how Tantris tends to go about his duties as his father’s successor.
    • Tantris will request an instrument and will give you a recipe. Be sure to make this before finishing the game.
    • Once the item is crafted, give it to Tantris and you will unlock the Duet along with his Flag after the cutscene.
  • Obtained by seeing the Pie Shop Ending image.

    In order for you to unlock the Pie Master Ending , you must bake every pie in the game with an 80 or higher quality. To meet this requirement, I would advise saving before making each pie and seeing how each one turns out. This way if you mess up or if you do not get above an 80% quality, you will have something to fall back on and will not waste a day.

    There is a point where Esty offers Flour of 80 Quality with the Level 1 Quality trait on it. In order for her to offer these during her Item Exchanges, simply complete three of her six requests and she will offer it. Also be sure to buy Tasty Water from the R&T Sundries.

    Must be at an 80 or higher quality


    • Plain Pie recipe - Earned within the first month of assignment # 1
    • Basic Pie recipe - Berry Pie, Meat Pie, Cream Pie, Honey Pie
    • Cabbage Pie recipe - Make each Basic Pie 80 or higher Quality
    • Tasty Pie recipe - Tea Pie, Mushroom Pie, Seafood Pie, Ice Pie
    • Alchemy Pie recipe - Living Pie, Elixir Pie, Pie meteor, Dunkelhiet Pie
    • Ultimate Pie recipe - Ruby Pie, Dark Pie, Dragon Pie, Gold Pie
  • Obtained by seeing the Adventurer Ending image.

    The first two floors of the Orthogalaxen are most ideal since you can get around 4000 xp per trip, and both floors only take up one day each. You can however, get to Floor 8 and fight the Bodyguards and Dragon which is just as good as the first two floors.

    You will also have to fulfill the True Ending requirements in order to unlock this ending. Be absolutely sure to complete a lot of Town Requests during the earlier assignments to prevent wasting time later on. You can trigger Cordelia’s Flag around assignment 10 if you have been frequently checking in with Esty to find Cordelia’s “hidden requests”. Last but not least, defeating the Iron Giant and the Demon. Be sure you have Astrid in your party if you choose to fight both and to be properly equipped.

    Requirements for the Adventurer Ending:


    • True Ending .
    • Rorona and Cordelia at Adventurer level 50.
    • Cordelia’s Ending Flag.
    • The Iron Giant defeated.
    • The Demon defeated.
  • Obtained by seeing the Rich Ending image.



    • Finish the Game with over 1 million Cole.
    • No character endings triggered.
    • Generic Ending (normal ending)

    Acquiring one million Cole can be done easily during Overtime. During Overtime, you will eventually visit a place called the “Abyssal Tower” and on the fourth floor there are about 10 gathering spots to gather Cole. Every time you gather from these spots, you can gain about around 50,000 to 100,000 Cole per day. Be sure your container has plenty of space as you are going to need every slot. Once overtime is over, be sure to carry it to New Game + and proceed to complete the game again.

  • Obtained by reaching Adventurer Level 50.

    As the trophy description states, you will need to reach your Adventurer level to level 50 to unlock this trophy.

    During the course of the game you will have to go outside of town and gather materials for certain alchemy recipes. While gathering materials, you will most likely fight monsters which may or may not block your path to certain ingredients. The key to getting to level 50 as fast as possible and obtaining this trophy is trying to fight and defeat every monster that you come across and not skipping a fight. This is also required for the Adventurer Ending trophy as you and Cordelia must reach level 50 before finishing the game.

    There are two places which you can get this easily:


    1. Nearby Forest - Skyview Hill [Quadra Puni (the Purple King Puni in the area)]
    2. Orthogalaxen - During Year 3, 3/1 [Only available if you have an adventurer level of 25 and will be given by Sterk]

    Nearby Forest - Skyview Hill method - Year 3

    The Quadra Puni is a super boss which is located in the Skyview Hill area in the Nearby Forest.

    Just note: I would not advise this boss if you’re below level 30, as it is quite powerful. Only once you have progressed through the game enough and gained some equipment (preferably an Attack and Defense of over 150), would I advise taking this boss on.

    When the Quadra Puni gets low on Health, it will begin to replicate itself. Instead of killing it, allow it to replicate itself and call in allies for support. Once this happens, kill only the allies it summons. If this is done correctly, you can net over 17,000 to 20,000 experience, depending on how fast you can kill the Quadra Puni’s allies.

    It’s an effective method and while it does not take any days away since you are constantly in a battle, however, it can get rather repetitive.

    Orthogalaxen method

    Orthogalaxen is only opened to you once you have reached Year 3, around 3/1, and have obtained an Adventurer level of 25 or higher. If by this point you have an Adventurer level of 25 or higher, Sterk will drop by the workshop and open up this location for you. Be sure to follow up with his flag afterwards if you are working towards his ending. The enemies here are nothing too special, but some enemies can put up quite a fight, especially the Bunny Puni of all things. Be sure if you pursue this method that you bring bombs (Beast Statue’s, Blitz Symbols, Lightning Bombs, or even Meteors) as they will be extremely effective here.

    You can average about 350-400 experience per battle by going through the first two floors, but try and avoid fighting anything that you cannot handle further down. Also be sure to only stick in the first two areas, as anything further down wastes more than one day.

  • Obtained by reaching Alchemy Level 50.

    As the trophy description states, you will need to get your Alchemy level to level 50. This one will also come naturally as you play the game, as you will be basing everything solely off alchemy. You will more than likely get this trophy while trying to get the Pie Ending as you will be making a lot of pies.

    Once you get to the Ultimate Pie Recipe, you should have a pie called the “Ruby Pie” available to make. The Ruby Pie requires something called a Ruby Prism which requires: Dragon Horn, Dunkelheit and an Elixir. Have at least a B-ranked Dragon Horn, S-ranked Dunkelheit (can be obtained through Esty for 100 vouchers), and an S-ranked Elixir. Now mix them all together and you should synthesize into an S-ranked Ruby Prism!

    You should have access to Hagel’s wholesale by now, so go [register] the Ruby Prism to him, buy it back, then make your first Ruby Pie. Once synthesized, you should have a grand total of 349 XP for each pie that you've made!

    Note: Using this method will take 5 days away per pie.

  • Obtained by winning the Cabbage Festival contest.

    After finishing assignment 4 on 12/20, Rorona will enter a Cabbage contest. Before the contest, be sure to save and empty your basket before evaluation. Simply put, all you need for the trophy to unlock is pick up 40+ Cabbages and win the event taking place in the kingdom.

    Be aware that the Cabbages here are of great quality so do your best in grabbing a lot of them, but be sure to discard (or toss) anything lower than a B rank out of your Basket. Use these cabbages to make high quality supplements with Cost + traits to allow you to choose higher valued traits in the future. Be sure to also register them to Tiffani once the option becomes available. Upon winning, you have won the honorable title of Cabbage Girl Rorona.

  • Obtained by winning the Martial Contest.

    Just as the Cabbage Festival, you are chosen to participate in a Martial Contest. You will face three battles during the contest and you must win all three fights for the trophy to unlock. These battles should be over very quickly if you have high level gear. If possible, be sure and bring some bombs for Sterk and Gio.

    Those three enemies being:


    • Bandit
    • Engineer
    • Sterk

    If Gio’s friendship is 50 or above by this point, he will step into the ring and attempt to fight you for a fourth battle. If you lose, this will not prevent you from unlocking this trophy.

  • Obtained by defeating one of the dragons.

    There are 5 Dragons in the entire game:


    • Dragon - Orthogalaxen [8th Floor]
    • Fran Pfeil -Orthogalaxen [15th Floor]
    • Sumi Sterm - Sher Highlands [Dragon’s Lair]
    • Helstorm - Lost City
    • Black Dragon - Night’s Domain [Area before Night Ruler]

    Dragons will only appear after Sterk mentions them during Year 3 if his friendship is at 60 or above. The easiest Dragon (which I would recommend fighting) is the Dragon located on the 8th floor in Orthogalaxen. Just make sure that you are well-equipped with some good gear beforehand. Upon defeating one Dragon, the trophy will unlock. Each Dragon drops different items, some of those items being powerful armors or weapons for each character.

  • Obtained by defeating a demon at Night's Domain.

    Be sure to save prior to fighting the Demon! As if you lose, you will have to wait 2 months for it to spawn again.

    The Demon is located in the Night Ruler’s area of the Night’s Domain. You will get this naturally since you will need to defeat him for the Adventurer Ending .

    The Demon is actually a lot easier than the Iron Giant was, but still a tough opponent if you do not have the proper equipment. I would also advise that you bring Astrid along, as she can be a big help here. There is nothing too special about the Demon, besides the fact he will nullify all of your buffs when he attacks.

    My party consisted of Tantris / Astrid / Rorona

    In the beginning of the fight, I would have Tantris cast Battle Song and Astrid casting Genius Draw. Be sure that one party member is wearing the Friends Necklace, as this will improve the assist effects and how fast the assist gauge fills during battle. Be sure once the battle is over to use a Windrider to avoid using up 5 days.

  • Obtained by defeating Iron Giant at Orthogalaxen.

    You will more than likely encounter the Iron Giant in Overtime or if you are going for the Adventurer Ending .

    Be sure to save prior to fighting the Iron Giant! As if you lose, you will have to wait 2 months for him to respawn again.

    Recommend level: 50

    The Iron Giant is an optional boss which is located on the Last Floor at Orthogalaxen. Be sure either Tantris or Astrid is wearing the Friendship Necklace. The Friendship Necklace will improve the assist effects and how fast the assist gauge fills during battle.

    Your main defense will be Astrid and Tantris since they both have abilities which can de-buff the Iron Giant. Be sure to make use of Astrid's Genius Draw and Tantris's Venom Strike.

    Be sure once the battle is over to use a Windrider to avoid using up 5 days.

    Party consisting of Rorona | Tantris | Astrid (optional)

    Offensive Equipment

    Rorona | Tantris | Astrid (optional) [Weapons and Gear]

    Weapons: Seven Star Staff | Risky Gauntlet | Dharma Ring or Samsara Ring


    • Master Skill
    • Power Hitter
    • Ultra Quality
    • Defense Boost
    • Speed Boost

    Attack items: Meteor

    You will mainly use these as an alternate method to De-buff the Iron Giant and to get extra damage during the course of the fight. Just remember that Meteors will only last for three turns, after which you must re-throw them yourself to continue dealing damage over time.


    • Soul Steal
    • Destroyer
    • Demolisher
    • Loner Slayer L
    • Ultra Quality


    • Falling ???
    • Attack L

    Armor and Accessories

    Armor: Blessed Costume or Heroic Cape (Esty has the Heroic Cape - 150 vouchers)


    • Hard Coat
    • Defender
    • Attack Boost
    • Speed Boost
    • Defense Boost

    Accessory # 1: Gnardi Ring


    • Defense Boost
    • Attack Boost
    • Speed Boost
    • Attack + 9 (optional)
    • Quality Lv 3 (Quality Lv 2 is fine too)

    Accessory # 2: Gnardi Ring


    • Defense Boost
    • Attack Boost
    • Speed Boost
    • Attack + 9 (optional)
    • Quality Lv 3 (Quality Lv 2 is fine too)

    Healing items:Elixir

    Bringing a good Elixir to heal you and your allies once they get low on health will increase your chances towards defeating the Iron Giant. Be sure to bring some Auto Alarms if any of your party members get knocked out during the fight. Be careful, as if Rorona is knocked out you will be unable to resurrect any other party member!


    • Pepped Up
    • Usage + 2
    • Mender
    • Rank Fortify
    • Ultra Quality


    • HP Recovery XL
    • HP Healing L
    • Ailment Recovery
  • Obtained after meeting alchemists from the future.

    Upon starting Overtime, you will be taken to a cutscene and will meet Totori and Meruru. They will have a short discussion with Rorona about how happy they are to see her. After finishing the cutscene, this trophy will unlock.

  • Obtained after you help find Esty's love.

    In order for Esty to find her true love, she will need the help of our lovable alchemist, Rorona, to help her gather a few items. Esty is located in the Palace Front Desk and she has a grand total of 6 requests. She will start issuing requests as soon as assignment # 2 begins. Each request has no time limit, but does however call for either dealing with monsters or making an item with certain traits. Lastly, each time you complete one of Esty's requests, she will upgrade the Item Exchange (Vouchers) to the next tier bringing you much better rewards.

    Requests/events must be triggered to activate her flag

    • Attending the first lake event (Esty does not attend - so don’t worry)
    • Finish with a Town Popularity > 90
    • Once Esty's Friendship level is 90, she will ask you to a party.

    Requests given by Esty

    • Turn in a 70 or higher quality supplement
      How to complete: Use high Quality ingredients along with quality level 1 and 2 traits
    • Subdue (kill) 10 Green Puni's
      How to complete: Ortoga Ruins - Green Puni Area
    • Witch Salve (made with a Poison Effect)
      How to complete: Use any Mandrake and it should have "Poisonous" labeled underneath it.
    • Witch Scent (made with level 1 Price + Level 2 properties)
      How to complete: Finest Goods trait contains both (optional) Can be made with standard ingredients.
    • Bunny Tail (made with loot chance + from Puni balls)
      How to complete: You can get this from the Item exchange before completing the Witch Scent request.
    • Gorgeous Dress (Has to be 80+ quality from Scale Cloth)
      How to complete: All Dragons drop Dragon Scales upon being defeated; however, Sterk must mention Sumi Sterm (Friendship 60 or higher) in order for Dragons to start appearing in varies dungeons. Head to either Orthogalaxen (8th floor) or the Night's Domain (Dragon Habitat) and kill the Dragon there. Make a Scale Cloth (quality does not matter, but the higher the better) then tell Hom to make "Quality" Scale Cloths. Once either you or him makes two above 80 Quality, make the ???Beautiful Dress??? which is listed at Hagel's shop.
  • Obtained after you send the two alchemists back to the future.

    During Overtime, you are given instructions by Future Astrid (via letter) to send Totori and Meruru back to their own times. However, in order to do this you must create something called the “Dragon Hourglass” which when created will send them back at the end of the year. The Dragon Hourglass will be close to impossible to synthesize in the beginning, however, the only ingredient which should be missing from your list are World Spirits. World Spirits are located in the Overtime Dungeons which unlock after the first month.

    During this time, I highly advise sending Hom to Orthagalaxen to gather materials such as, Dragon Scales and Dragon Horns; in order to do this, you will need to select the “Rare” option.

    Dragon Hourglass

    Estimated Time Pass: 12 days
    Target Alchemy Level: 55

    Recipe for the Dragon Hourglass (If you have the Stylish Caldron):

    • Hollow Ring x 1 (Make another with the beginner or success trait for the True Dragon Hourglass)
    • Seventh Torus x1 (Make another with the beginner or success trait for the True Dragon Hourglass)
    • World Spirit x1
    • Dragon Horn x1

    Tip: seeing as you will need over 400+ Mana to make the Hourglass, you may get discouraged when attempting to synthesize it. However, do not fret as you can still make it, but it will literally drain all your Mana in doing so. It is advised to save before attempting as if you mess up, you will have to get everything all over again.

    Be sure to only use each success trait once per item, as it does not stack and the most you will get is a 50% chance increase nothing more. Plus, you will be using your additional Hollow Rings and Seventh Torus for the True Dragon Hourglass coming up soon. The only thing that should be missing at this point is the Ancient Dragon Horn.

    Locations for ingredients: most of these ingredients can be found within the Machina Domain and others in the Abyssal Tower. Tackle the Abyssal Tower first before the Machina Domain, as if you go through the Machina Domain first, you will have to fight through three bosses before being able to harvest anything.

    True Dragon Hourglass

    Estimated Time Pass: 12 days
    Target Alchemy Level: 57

    Once you have made the Dragon Hourglass, you will have to synthesize another Hourglass, the "True Dragon Hourglass". The ingredients are the same as the Dragon Hourglass except instead of a Dragon Horn, you need an Ancient Dragon Horn. After the cut-scene, wait for about 2-3 days and Sterk will come by the workshop and tell Rorona that there is a new dungeon which has appeared near Orthagalaxen. To access this new dungeon, you must have fully explored Orthagalaxen up to the room where the Iron Giant is located. Losing against the Iron Giant will not negate this as it is entirely optional.

    Recipe for the True Dragon Hourglass (If you have the Stylish Caldron):

    • Hollow Ring x 1
    • Seventh Torus x1
    • World Spirit x1
    • Ancient Dragon Horn x1
  • Obtained after you purify the demon lord.

    The Demon Lord is located on the Deepest Floor area within the Machina Domain during Overtime. If you have explored the Night’s Domain fully, Meruru will mention the Machina Domain in a cutscene during Month 2 during Overtime.

    The Demon lord is probably the easiest of the three super bosses in Overtime, but can still pose a huge threat as the battle progresses. In the beginning, you will want to use the Infinity Meteor to de-buff the Demon, then delay his actions for as long as possible with the Pinwheel ability and item. Note: you can only delay up to two turns, after which the enemy must have its turn, as the effect gets weaker each time otherwise.

  • Obtained after you defeat the Ozean Kaiser.

    Ozean Kaiser can be found in the Demon Area of the Abyssal Tower. In order for the Abyssal Tower to appear, you must fully explore the Lost City. If you have done so, Astrid will mention the Abyssal Tower in a cutscene during Overtime.

    Ozean Kaiser is a humongous Water Dragon and is extremely powerful. Bringing gear which auto-revives your party members (such as the Pocket Watch) is imperative to surviving this fight to the end. Also bear in mind that you will want to bring Meruru along since she has the “Pinwheel” ability which can delay up to two turns. It can be pushed even further if you have the 20% skill trait attached to her weapon.

    Normally I would advise Tortori since she has the duplicate ability, however, bring Astrid instead. Make sure Astrid is properly equipped for the fight and to have plenty of money. Be sure when it gets to Astrid’s turn to use her Genius Mark ability to lower Ozean Kaiser’s level each time. Also to assist guard with either Astrid or Meruru if Ozean is heading for Rorona. Most importantly, I highly advise you make the Infinity Meteor before attempting this fight, as it will literally save your life.

  • Obtained after you defeat the wyvern that rules the skies.

    The Wyvern (Ancient Dragon) is located within the Orthogalaxen Depths on the Lower Depths level area. In order to proceed into the Depths, you must first have to discover the Last Floor area within Orthogalaxen, where the Iron Giant resides. The Wyvern’s HP is nothing compared to Ozean Kaiser’s, but it is still recommended to be properly equipped before fighting it.

    Upon defeating the Ancient Dragon, this trophy will unlock.

  • Obtained after you receive a gift from master from the future.

    Within the first month of Overtime, you will receive a Time Capsule from future Astrid. After a week or so passes, you will go into a cutscene and receive an item called “Rorona’s Special” from Future Astrid. Upon viewing this cutscene, the trophy will unlock soon after.

  • Obtained after going to the lake for a vacation with Esty.

    During Overtime, around month 7 or so, there will be a notification for Esty at the Palace Front Desk. Originally, Esty did not travel with you to the Lake, but now asks Rorona if she would like to go again. Be sure to accept and enjoy the cutscene.

    Note: Doing this event will waste 10 days.

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