Brothers Together Trophy in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

  • Brothers Together


    Witness Lias bask in the glow of Rufus's approval.

    How to unlock Brothers Together

    Raise Lias' FLV to 80 and defeat the 3 Prickly Bunnies which attack Moyori Forest.

    From the beginning (concerning FLV) - Several World Map scenes with him and other characters, et cetera
    5 - Visit the Artisan's Way so Meruru asks if she could help him
    10 - Visit an area with Lias in your team so he will discover a trap
    15 - In the Workshop, Lias will visit Meruru and tell about some monster attacks
    20 - In the Castle, Lias will talk about how great his brother Rufus is
    25 - Visit the Study to experience a scene with Lias
    30 - In the Castle, Lias will join Meruru and Keina in Meruru's room for some childhood memories
    35 - Lias visits you during tea time in the Workshop
    40 - Visit the Castle so Lias wants to ask for Meruru's schedule
    45 - Return back home with Lias in your team and Lias will ask you how well he does his job; Gino must be in Arls already
    50 - Lias will visit you in the Workshop when he is not in your team and ask you for a Healing Salve
    55 - After the second half of Year 2, Lias will visit the Workshop and eat wth you
    60 - One month later there is another dinner with him in the Workshop
    65 - After Sterk is in Arls and the scene before, visit the Castle Gate and you will watch a scene with Lias training and Sterk lecturing him
    70 - After the scene earlier, Lias will ask Meruru in the Workshop what he lacks
    " - Visit the Study so Rufus will lecture Lias
    " - After the scene and ranking up to rank V, finish a battle with Lias in your team for a scene and he will get the skill "Bad under Fire"
    80 - April 1st, Year 3+: visit Rufus in the Study and talk to him; Lias will tell about monster attacks
    => follow him by visiting the World Map and fight 3 Prickly Bunnies with him alone
    => directly afterwards the event with Lias and Rufus will happen and you will get the trophy

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