Stars Never Change Trophy in Atelier Meruru: The Apprentice of Arland

  • Stars Never Change


    Gaze at a starry night sky with Keina and reminisce about the past.

    How to unlock Stars Never Change

    Raise Keina's FLV to 80 and visit the Workshop once you are rank VIII.

    From the beginning (concerning FLV) - Several World Map scenes with her and other characters, et cetera
    From the beginning - A scene with her triggers once you visit the Castle, Keine will clean Meruru's room
    After Hom's introduction - Several challenges from the Homs and the Homs wanting her to be their teacher
    After Year 2 has begun, after you have gone out without her for a while - In the Castle, Keina will say that she is alone
    25 - A flashback of Meruru's and Keina's childhood will trigger in the Castle
    30 - Meruru, Keina and Totori want to eat something in the Workshop; Hanna visits them
    " - Keina tells Rufus in his Study about Meruru's current situation
    35 - Once you visit the Worldmap, the weather will change in the moment Keina arrives
    40 - Visit Moyori Forest with Keina to hide before a storm
    45 - Keina brings a letter for Meruru to the Workshop
    50 - While walking through Namiki Road, Keina finds a gold coin
    55 - Visit an area with Keina and she will sense someone
    60 - In the Castle once Meruru is Adventurer Level 40 and Alchemy Level 40 as well as Keina Level 40, Meruru tells Keina to try on her clothes; you will get the trophy then
    65 & 70 - Several scenes with Keina will trigger in the Workshop and in the Castle
    80 - After the extension and your rank up to rank VIII, visit the Workshop too make the scene trigger and you will get her second trophy

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