• Estimated trophy difficulty: 6.5/10 (With the backup save exploit) 10/10 (Without the exploit)
  • Offline trophies: 28 (4, 18, 5, 1)
  • Online trophies: None
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 20-30+ Hours (Depends on your skill)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 in each game
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Some trophies can be done on any difficulty.
  • Do trophies stack?: No
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats available, however the settings for some games will not disable any trophies.
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

Welcome to Atari Flashback Classics for the PlayStation Vita. You are here to work on the
trophies for this collection, but the platinum will not be easy because some of the hard trophies returned from Volumes 1-3; in particular, completing a level in Asteroids without scoring is a total pain. Also, this collection lacks the high score related trophies, unlike the collections from the consoles. If you are master at those games, you won’t have any problems, but this plat is not an easy one. Good luck!?

Exploit Note:

??Like the collections from the PS4, I found the backup save, and it worked on the Vita version. You will make some of the trophies easier if you use this exploit.

1. Pause the game and quit out to the menu, but make sure the game is done saving.
2. Quit the application
3. Go to content manager
4. Go to copy content
5. Go to online storage (If you have PlayStation Plus, but if not, you can go to PC or PS3, if the Vita is connected to either one.)
6. Select PS Vita System to Online Storage
7. Select Atari Flash Back Classics save file
8. Select Copy
9. Select OK
10. If your save file is in your cloud, simply overwrite.
11. Return to your game, and it will continue where you left off.
?You can also refer to this video, but this video is a PS4 version.


Step 1: The Quick and Easy Trophies

For those trophies (such as shooting down all of the mushrooms from the arcade Centipede) you can get without any problems at all. Like the Atari Collections for the PS4, there was a trophy that you will need to play all of the games. Also, using a glitch for Pong makes it easier to win without your opponent scoring a single point.

Hare Razing
They Named a Crater after Me
Corner Pocket
Lockout (If you use a glitch that shows you in the trophy description.)
Neat Freak
Bank Shot
Music Lessons
Garbage Day
I Ain’t Afraid of No House
We Can Rebuild
Dot Swatter

Step 2: The Hard and Annoying Trophies

For those trophies that could pull your hair out. Keep in mind, the trophies from Asteroids like completing a level without scoring or destroying 10 UFOs without dying are very hard and annoying. Oh, there was a trophy that you will need to complete the game on Xari Arena because there are 32 waves to complete, so please check this trophy description for more details how to get it. Therefore, winning the game on Pong without your opponent scoring a single point will be harder if you are not using a glitch. Like the PS4 collections, you can literally use the save backup trick that tells you above will make them easier.

Sharp Shooter
Lockout (If not using a glitch.)
We Don’t Need No Fortification
UFO Hunter
Safety Patrol
Clean Sweep
B]We Don’t Actually Need a Photograph[/B]

Step 3: Clean Up

If you haven’t gotten any other trophies from the previous step or you haven't gotten any other trophies (like completing Adventure in less than 40 seconds), you will need to get them in order to unlock the platinum trophy. Once you get this platinum trophy, you have completed the Atari collection on you Vita.

Square Dancing
Brick Slayer
Home for Dinner
Platinum Trophy

[PST would like to thank Atarster for this Roadmap]

Atari Flashback Classics Trophy Guide

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28 trophies ( 18  4  )

  • Earn all trophies

    Congratulations, you have earned all other trophies from Atari Flashback Classics on Vita!

  • Get the top score of 99 in Air-Sea Battle’s Shooting Gallery

    In this game, the shooting gallery mode is the modes from 13 to 15. I used game 14 and used the guided missile to destroy the flying objects, and I got that trophy. Don't forget, you need to score 99 points before the time runs out.

  • Take out 10 fleas in a row in arcade Centipede, without letting one reach the bottom or losing a life

    This trophy is slightly tricky, you must kill 10 consecutive fleas without letting one touch the bottom of the screen, or get killed. If you fail to do so, restart the game. Take your time!

    Video Guide

  • Hit the ground in Lunar Lander with at least 550 downward velocity

    Start the game on the Prime difficulty, because it has strong gravity. You must fly onto the top, but not too high, you'll respawn, and then fly down, but make sure you are aiming at the deep ground to get over 550 downward velocity (vertical speed).

    Video Guide

  • Take out an entire Millipede with DDT in the arcade version

    This trophy looks simple, but it took me some tries to get it. You have to start the game, and make sure you shoot at the DDT while the Millipede is really close to it. After you shoot it, the DDT cloud will appear in a couple of seconds. Make sure it kills the full Millipede. If you didn't get it, restart the game and try again.

    Video Guide

  • Earn a point in Pong by sending the ball into the corner when it can't be reached

    This trophy is self explanatory; you must score a point by sending the ball into the corner.

  • Win a game of Pong against the AI without losing a point to it

    This is going to be one of the hardest silver trophies in this collection. You must win the game without the AI ever scoring a point, so that means you have to get a perfect game. This is NOT EASY!!!

    You can use these settings:

    • Set to Easy Difficulty
    • Gaps at Corner enabled
    • Points to Win at 11

    Fortunately, there is a glitch to make this trophy easier. Refer to the video below:

  • Take out the Swirl with your Zorlon Cannon in Yars’ Revenge

    This trophy is simple. Use your Zorlon Cannon to kill the Swirl to get this trophy. First destroy the wall to make an open shot, and then go right to touch the wall, or touch the Qotile when it is at a standstill, and then your Zorlon Cannon will show on the very left of the screen. When the enemy ship is swirling, simply shoot at him right on time!

  • Eliminate all the mushrooms in a level of arcade Centipede

    This is one of the easy gold trophies. You must shoot all of the mushrooms in a level of arcade Centipede. You can do it in the first level, and make sure you set on easy difficulty. After you destroy all of the mushrooms, the gold trophy is yours. Be sure not to shoot at the Centipede, or else it'll add more mushrooms.

  • Score a kill in Combat's Tank-Pong using a shot that has bounced at least 7 times

    This is the easiest gold trophy in the collection. You must use both of your analog sticks to control both tanks on your Vita, and set on game 7. The first player must aim on the wall, but make sure the bullet bounces 7 times before it hits at the other player.

    Video Guide

  • Win with no wall left in arcade Warlords

    This trophy could be a pain. You must win the game in arcade Warlords without any of your walls left. Kill the first two enemies, and there will be more fireballs coming out, and the game will get harder. Before you kill the last enemy, make sure you have no walls left, but you still must protect yourself before the fireball hits you! If you've accomplished this, the trophy is yours, but this will take you some tries.

  • Solve Atari Video Cube

    This trophy can be pretty confusing. You have to solve the entire Atari Video Cube, just like the Rubik's Cube in real life. Fortunately, you can use the below video.

  • Play Happy Birthday in Brain Games' Play-Me (Game 19)

    This trophy is a piece of cake. Switch to Game 19 (Play Me) to play a song. The Happy Birthday notes are:


    According to the manual from the game, you must hold a beat for more than one count, like if you see "7+7+7," you literally need to hold it for at least more than a second, and then you move on to the next beat. After you performed the song correctly, you will get this trophy.

    Video Guide

  • Hit the ejected garbage in Major Havoc

    This trophy is a walk in the park. Press when the game starts playing, before you even begin taking down the ships.

  • Win Level 2 without slaying a single dragon in Adventure

    This trophy is not easy, but not impossible either. You must beat Game 2 on Adventure without killing any of the dragons, so you must stay away with the sword. But, be careful, as there's a bat that can steal things and fly away, and it'll pick up a different item. If you do kill a dragon by accident, you will need to start the game all over again. Take your time.

  • Kill 10 UFOs in a single level of arcade Asteroids without dying

    This trophy is a pain. You will need to destroy 10 UFOs in the first level without getting killed. If you die, you must start again! Again, this trophy is a total pain; be patient!

  • Win Ultimate Haunted House (Game 9)

    This trophy can be a pain, but there's an easier way to get it. You must play through Game 1 and beat it by picking up all of the trophy pieces while using your flashlight. After you pick up all of the pieces, you will need to go to the first floor and exit, and the screen will change colors rapidly. After you beat it, you will need to select to Game 9 and start it. The trophy will be unlocked.

  • Earn a bonus city in arcade Missile Command after losing all your cities

    This trophy is fairly simple, just set the extra cities at 8,000 points before you start the game. When you get enough points, make sure all of your cities are destroyed before the end of the level. When you see the screen that says Bonus City, the trophy will be yours.

  • Get a score of at least 40 in Race's solo Crash n Score (Game 8)

    To get this trophy, you must score at least 40 points in Race/Indy 500's solo Crash n Score (Game 8) before the time runs out. Be sure not to hit any of the walls or slow down too much, as you'll waste your time.

  • Clear a full screen in arcade Super Breakout while playing cavity or double

    You must destroy all of the bricks in the arcade version of Super Breakout while you are playing in either cavity or double mode. This trophy won't unlock in progressive mode because it has unlimited bricks.

  • Win a game of Video Chess against the machine at Skill Level 4

    This trophy is a time waster, as this game is pretty boring. To get it, you must win a game on Game 4. Fortunately, you can use this link to help you to win.

  • Finish Adventure Level 1 in under 40 seconds

    When the game starts, you must pick up the yellow key and open the yellow castle as fast as you can. Then, pick up the black key and get to the black castle quickly, but avoid the dragons. After you enter the black castle, pick up the trophy, and get to the yellow castle as fast as possible. If you finish the game in less than 40 seconds, you will get this trophy, but if you don't, you will need to start again.

  • Go an entire level of arcade Asteroids with a score of zero

    This will be the one of the hardest trophies in this collection because completing a level without scoring any of the points is a pain in the butt. To get it, you must not shoot the asteroids or the UFO, or crash into either of them. Make sure the UFO destroys all of the asteroids and the trophy will be yours, but make sure you have no points! Got it? Then, good luck on this brutal trophy!

  • Try every game

    This is a very simple trophy. You must play all of the games from the entire collection, and there are 150 games to play.

  • Complete all 32 levels in Xari Arena

    This is literally the mother of all trophies from this collection. You must complete all 32 levels in Xari Arena without both of the players dying. This can be done on your own, with CPU, or with your friend, but it is not easy at all! When the players die (depending in what mode), the game will end and you have to start all over again. In this game, you control the paddle to destroy all the balls without getting all of your blocks destroyed, but you can’t destroy the balls unless you touch at least one pyro blast (which was a spinning fire ball), and you can carry up to four of them. If you have any of the pyro blasts, you can destroy the balls. You can use the extinguisher to destroy the pyro blasts if they are destroying you blocks critically. When you destroy all of the balls, the level will complete. After each three waves, the game will get more difficult because the balls and pyro blasts will shoot faster than they did before. When you complete all 32 levels, congratulations! The silver trophy will be yours to keep.

    Tips & Strategies:

    * You can start the game with CPU as your partner, but sometimes it will play accurately and other times it will not.
    * You must save after you beat a level, but before you start the next level. Refer that exploit in the roadmap.
    * Spamming the Pause button on your PS Vita will slow the game down, and you have more time to react to destroy the balls.
    * Take breaks when you’re too stressed.
    * When you or your partner dies, you must reload your save.
    * Make sure the level is complete with both players.
    * When either a player dies before the level completes, the player won’t come back.
    * Don’t start the game without a CPU parter!

  • Clear the level in Avalanche

    This trophy could be annoying because of the controls are annoying on your Vita’s analog stick. Fortunately, you can change the settings to make the controls less annoying. You can also change the setting to miss five times. You will need to complete the level without losing all of your chances. You must catch all of the rocks without any one of them touching the bottom. The game will get harder during a level because you lose some paddles and they get smaller. The smallest rocks are a pain to catch because they fall down faster than any of the rocks. At the near end of the level, you have one paddle left, but very small to catch the rocks harder than before. When you catch all of the rocks, the level will complete, and the trophy unlocks.

  • Spell SKYDIVER

    This trophy is pretty tricky. You must spell “SKYDIVER” during the game. You must jump out of the plane depending what letter is flashing at the bottom of the screen. You must land at your bar, but if do not land at your bar, falling down on the ground without using your parachute, or fall out of the side screen, you won’t get a certain letter. You can change amount of misses, so you can change it up to 6. If you spelled the word, you will gain some bonus and the trophy will be unlocked.

  • Hit at least 30 objects in a row in Astroblast without letting one get by

    This trophy can be misleading because you must shoot at least 30 or more consecutive objects without any of them touching the ground. If any of them touch the ground, you will lose some points. You must be very precise! When you do manage to shoot enough object without any of them to touch the ground, the trophy is yours.

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