Sneeky Incursion Trophy

  • Sneeky Incursion


    Destroy the Boss without opening more than one outer door. Only 1 of the 3 outer doors may be opened to any degree.

    This can be achieved against the boss of the fourth level of the 'Temple of Gods' world. You need to destroy two orbs that are next to / adjacent to each other. They will have a door in between them. When you destroy the orbs it opens the door and you can only open one door. When you go through the door he uses a yellow laser that is very easy to avoid. Basically try to stay in rotation with the door that you created because if the battle gets to hectic you can exit back through the door. When you've shot him enough he will go berserk and send out a wave and the room will go the opposite direction. When this happens get out NOW! Repeat this until he's dead.

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