Spidery Point Trophy

  • Spidery Point


    Destroy the Spider Boss on Arachnophobia, without destroying any of its mini guns.

    This is achieved on the third level in the Training Grounds world. What you need to do is first clear the level of all pods. Once the Arachnoid appears, move to one of the blast doors on either side of the map. Once there the Arachnoid will not be able to come too close to you. He will shoot missiles first, so dodge them. He will then shoot some kind of energy that you can shoot so that it will not hit you. Be very careful shooting the energy as to not hit the spiders weapons. Once you shoot the energy he should open his mouth. When that happens shoot his belly, but beware...he will shoot back some energy that is pretty fast. You should only have to do this twice if you shoot fast enough.

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