Crane Maniac Trophy in Astro Bot Rescue Mission

  • Crane Maniac


    Got all the toys in the Astro Ship

    How to unlock Crane Maniac

    In the Astro ship you can play a crane game to get toys. You’ll need to collect every one of them. Each play costs 100 coins and there are 107 toys to grab + one token so this will cost you a minimum of 108,000 coins. This can cost you more as you can miss your grab or grab bombs. Once you grab a toy, you cannot grab it anymore so don’t worry about duplicates.

    You probably won’t have enough coins to grab all the toys after completing the game, but don’t worry about it as the Credits is the best place to get coins quickly. During the credits, you can smash the names with Astro and with your controller, and some of them will have golden letters. This is what you should smash as you will earn coins by smashing them. You can replay the credits as much as you want so if you need coins, this is the fastest way.

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  • If you need more coins after finishing the game, you can keep replaying the credits and earn over 1500 coins each time you do.
  • I've got 106 and the crane game has gone away. The middle chest still reads 00/01. I've done the main story and beaten the final boss, got all 160 bits and all chameleons. Not done any challenges yet. Help!
  • Ignore the above, closing and open ING the game again seems to have sorted it!

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