Greatness truly! Trophy in Astro Bot Rescue Mission

  • Greatness truly!


    Cleared all Challenges fully (obtaining 2 Bots)

    How to unlock Greatness truly!

    Challenges can be played by looking at the challenge belt on the right of the main menu. To unlock challenges you need to find the chameleons in all the levels, the boss challenges will be unlocked automatically after defeating a boss.

    There are 26 challenges and you have to get rescue both the Silver and Gold bots in every one of them. Most of them are not difficult but some of them can be pretty tricky and will require a couple of tries.

    The boss challenges will need to be completed without getting damage in order to save both bots. The other challenges will often ask you to complete a race under a certain time limit, or smash as many enemies as you can to get the required points.

    You can check this video if you need some help:

    And this one for the boss challenges:

    Credit to WishingTikal for both videos.

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  • Watch out, some of the challenges are bugged. Hookshot Highway for example, the door won’t open when you pull on the rope. Platinum therefore unachievable

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