Killer Queen Trophy

  • Killer Queen


    Kill 30 enemies with a single mega laser

    While this can be done in Arcade Mode if you get lucky with the power-up drops, it's best to get it done in Challenge Mode, more specifically, the Challenge "Nuclear Option". In this one, you'll need to kill 75 Asteroids and/or UFOs with the laser, meaning the only power-up that will drop during this challenge will be the laser. When the Challenge starts, start shooting the larger Asteroids to break them apart, but don't destroy the smaller Asteroids. If you get a laser power-up before you have 30 Asteroids on the screen, aim the laser in the opposite direction of the Asteroids so it doesn't hit any. When you feel like you have enough Asteroids, stop breaking the larger ones and just wait for a power-up UFO to come by. Grab the laser when it does and try to aim it in the most cluttered parts of the Asteroids. As long as you hit 30 with one beam, the trophy will unlock.

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