Keep Yourself Alive Trophy

  • Keep Yourself Alive


    Survive for 180 seconds

    It's incredibly likely that you'll get this alongside The Invisible Man trophy_gold.png since it'll take a few minutes anyways to reach the 6000 score required for that trophy. You'll be doing this in Arcade Mode, but there isn't a timer in this mode so you'll either need to keep time yourself, or just hope to stay alive long enough for the trophy to unlock. Arcade Mode starts off pretty slow, but you will go up against a few UFOs during the 180 seconds, so just keep an eye out for their bullets (the small UFOs start shooting almost immediately while the large ones start shooting when they reach about 1/3 into the play area). Try not to go crazy with your booster since the controls in this game are very tanky. The fast you're going, the harder it will be to control and if you lose your bearings, it's very easy to accidentally turn in the wrong direction and faceplant an Asteroid. Try to focus on one or two Asteroids at a time and get rid of the small Asteroids asap so you don't have too much debris flying around. Once you've reached 180 seconds, the trophy will unlock. 

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