Cool Cat Trophy in Asteroids: Recharged

  • Cool Cat


    Complete all challenges in a single player mode

    How to unlock Cool Cat

    There are 31 Challenges to complete. The Challenges in solo mode are the exact same as the Challenges in coop mode, so you'll essentially be running through this list twice. They'll need to be played in order and will gradually unlock as you make your way through the list. Compared to previous "Recharged" Atari titles, these will actually be fairly easy. They'll range from destroying x amount of Asteroids to surviving for x amount of seconds. The goal you need to complete will always be shown in the upper left corner of the screen, so be sure to keep an eye on that as you progress through these to make sure you're killing the correct enemy (if killing is required, of course). If you're having any trouble with these are just need to a visual of what to do in certain ones, please see the video. Once you've completed all 31 Challenges, the trophy will unlock. 

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