Now I'm Here Trophy

  • Now I'm Here


    Reach 1000 points without moving

    There's a chance this trophy will unlock naturally. Especially with the original Asteroids, you don't want to be going to crazy with your booster anyways as the faster you go, the more difficult it will be to control. Add-on the absence of actual twin-shooter controls, the navigation in the game is very tanky. It's likely you'll play through the majority of the game (and this list) making very minimal movement. For this particular trophy, you'll need to play in Arcade. This mode starts off easy enough so just make sure you don't hit your booster (r2.png) at any point until you hit 1000 points. Keep an eye out for the power-up UFOs since these of course will help should you start to get overwhelmed and try to focus on obliterating one Asteroid at a time so you don't have too many small asteroids running amok. Once you hit 1000 points without moving, the trophy will unlock. 

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