The Miracle Trophy in Asteroids: Recharged

  • The Miracle


    Reach 500 points without missing a single shot.

    How to unlock The Miracle

    This will need to be done in Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode starts off pretty slow, so this shouldn't take you too long to get. If you hold on cross.png, you'll autofire your weapon which is not what you want to do here. Instead, just tap cross.png to left of one bullet at a time. Try and wait for the Asteroids to get close to you to ensure that you don't miss (but not too close that they'll hit you when they break apart). The further away they are, the more difficult they'll be to hit so it's best to just let them get close. Take your time with this and don't rush it. If even one bullet misses before you reach 500 points, the trophy won't unlock. If you do miss a shot, just hit restart and try again. Once you've reached 500 points without missing a shot, the trophy will unlock. 

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