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  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2.5/10 (Platinum Difficulty Thread)
  • Offline trophies: 17 (3, 4, 9, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0 - Coop is local multiplayer only
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 3-5+ Hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 Arcade Mode, 1 Challenge Mode, Cleanup
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Additional Peripherals? Yes, two controllers are requires (the "switch user" trick doesn't work on the PS4 stack)


Atari is back again for another classic schmup! This time it's the beloved game of Asteroids, but upgraded with modern gameplay and additional power-ups to collect as you play through the game. Post the high score, beat challenge mode, or join a friend in coop as you take down Asteroids both big and small along with hostile UFOs aiming to take you out. Asteroids Recharged is a much needed throwback to an original favorite, but if you're looking to get Platinum, you'll need some additional hardware to do so. Two trophies require coop mode which is local multiplayer only, so you'll need a second controller. If you're playing the PS4 version, you can use both the DualShock and the Dual Sense. If you're playing the PS5 version, you can only use the DualSense. Don't let the phrase "coop" throw you off, though, as there is no different between solo and coop outside of there's just another ship with you. If they die, you can still continue on without them. The trophies will only unlock for Player 1 and they do not autopop between stacks. 


Step 1: Play Arcade Mode and aim for a score of 6,000 points

The 6,000 points required for The Invisible Man trophy_gold.png will more than likely take you a few tries to get, so this is a good opportunity so get some practice in and really get a feel for the game. Asteroids is not a twin-stick shooter and the navigation/steering is tanky, which might take getting a little used to since the standard for games nowadays has tended to be twin-stick. You'll get an idea of how the Asteroids break apart, which UFOs are good, and which UFOs are hostile, which will only aid you once you start Challenge Mode. Once you've reached 6,000 points in Arcade Mode, you will have unlocked the following trophies:

The Hero trophy_silver.png 
The Hitman trophy_gold.png 
Keep Yourself Alive trophy_gold.png 
The Invisible Man trophy_gold.png

Step 2: Play through Challenge Mode 

There are 31 Challenges to complete in this game, all of which will be pretty straight forward. These must be done in order and will unlock gradually as you progress through the list. If the Challenges have a checkmark on the top corner, it means you've completed it. Once you've completed all 31, you will have unlocked:

Cool Cat trophy_gold.png 

Step 3: Coop Trophies

There are two trophies that will require a coop partner (local only). Both of these can be done in Challenge Mode (Friends Will Be Friends trophy_bronze.png will more than likely unlock naturally). The 31 Challenges are the exact same as the 31 Challenges in Solo Mode, so you don't have to worry about an increase in difficulty with an additional player being added. The Challenge will be marked as complete so long as one player is still alive to finish it. Even if Player 2 is the only one still alive, it'll count for Player 1. Once you've completed Challenge Mode in coop mode, you will have unlocked:

Friends Will Be Friends trophy_bronze.png 
Good Company trophy_gold.png 

Step 4: Cleanup

There's a pretty good chance you have unlocked the majority of the miscellaneous trophies in the previous steps, but if you're still missing any, please see their individual descriptions for where you can get them done. If they can be done in Challenge Mode, the recommended Challenge will also be provided. Once you've cleaned up all of the miscellaneous trophies, you will have unlocked:

The Miracle trophy_silver.png 
Now I'm Here trophy_bronze.png 
All Dead, All Dead trophy_silver.png 
Killer Queen trophy_silver.png 
Put Out the Fire trophy_gold.png 
Misfire trophy_bronze.png 
Rock It trophy_gold.png 
Machines trophy_gold.png 
We Will Rock You trophy_gold.png 
That Was Me trophy_platinum.png 

Asteroids: Recharged Trophy Guide

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17 trophies ( 3  )

  • Unlock all trophies

    Earn all of the other trophies in the game to unlock the Platinum. 
  • Reach 500 points without missing a single shot.

    This will need to be done in Arcade Mode. Arcade Mode starts off pretty slow, so this shouldn't take you too long to get. If you hold on cross.png, you'll autofire your weapon which is not what you want to do here. Instead, just tap cross.png to left of one bullet at a time. Try and wait for the Asteroids to get close to you to ensure that you don't miss (but not too close that they'll hit you when they break apart). The further away they are, the more difficult they'll be to hit so it's best to just let them get close. Take your time with this and don't rush it. If even one bullet misses before you reach 500 points, the trophy won't unlock. If you do miss a shot, just hit restart and try again. Once you've reached 500 points without missing a shot, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Reach 1000 points without moving

    There's a chance this trophy will unlock naturally. Especially with the original Asteroids, you don't want to be going to crazy with your booster anyways as the faster you go, the more difficult it will be to control. Add-on the absence of actual twin-shooter controls, the navigation in the game is very tanky. It's likely you'll play through the majority of the game (and this list) making very minimal movement. For this particular trophy, you'll need to play in Arcade. This mode starts off easy enough so just make sure you don't hit your booster (r2.png) at any point until you hit 1000 points. Keep an eye out for the power-up UFOs since these of course will help should you start to get overwhelmed and try to focus on obliterating one Asteroid at a time so you don't have too many small asteroids running amok. Once you hit 1000 points without moving, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Reach 2000 points in arcade mode

  • Reach 4000 points in arcade mode

  • Reach 6000 points in arcade mode

    This will more than likely take you a few tries to get (unless you're just really good at Asteroids, of course). As with the other Arcade-related trophies, try not to rush through it and focus on one or two Asteroids at a time so you don't get overwhelmed by the smaller Asteroids. You'll also be going up against hostile UFOs during this, so keep an eye out for them (the small UFOs will begin shooting at you immediately, the large UFOs will start shooting at you when they get about 1/3 of the way into the play area). Shoot all of the power-up UFOs that you come across as these will only help you. It'll take a few minutes to get to 6000 points, but once you reach it, the trophy will unlock.

    If you're having trouble getting this solo, you and a local friend can try to get it done in coop mode. The trophy will only unlock for Player 1, though, so keep that in mind if you decide to do this in coop. 
  • Complete all challenges in a single player mode

    There are 31 Challenges to complete. The Challenges in solo mode are the exact same as the Challenges in coop mode, so you'll essentially be running through this list twice. They'll need to be played in order and will gradually unlock as you make your way through the list. Compared to previous "Recharged" Atari titles, these will actually be fairly easy. They'll range from destroying x amount of Asteroids to surviving for x amount of seconds. The goal you need to complete will always be shown in the upper left corner of the screen, so be sure to keep an eye on that as you progress through these to make sure you're killing the correct enemy (if killing is required, of course). If you're having any trouble with these are just need to a visual of what to do in certain ones, please see the video. Once you've completed all 31 Challenges, the trophy will unlock. 

  • Complete all challenges in coop mode

    The 31 challenges in coop mode are the exact same as the 31 challenges in solo mode, so please see that trophy for more information regarding them. Keep in mind that coop is local multiplayer only. If you're playing the PS4 version, you can use both DualShock and DualSense controllers, but if you're playing the PS5 version, you'll need 2 DualSense controllers. The trophy will also only unlock for Player 1. 
  • Survive for 180 seconds

    It's incredibly likely that you'll get this alongside The Invisible Man trophy_gold.png since it'll take a few minutes anyways to reach the 6000 score required for that trophy. You'll be doing this in Arcade Mode, but there isn't a timer in this mode so you'll either need to keep time yourself, or just hope to stay alive long enough for the trophy to unlock. Arcade Mode starts off pretty slow, but you will go up against a few UFOs during the 180 seconds, so just keep an eye out for their bullets (the small UFOs start shooting almost immediately while the large ones start shooting when they reach about 1/3 into the play area). Try not to go crazy with your booster since the controls in this game are very tanky. The fast you're going, the harder it will be to control and if you lose your bearings, it's very easy to accidentally turn in the wrong direction and faceplant an Asteroid. Try to focus on one or two Asteroids at a time and get rid of the small Asteroids asap so you don't have too much debris flying around. Once you've reached 180 seconds, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Resurrect an ally in coop mode

    This can be done in Arcade or Challenge Mode. Coop mode in this game is local only, so if you're playing the PS4 version, you'll need 2 DualShocks/DualSense/Mix and Match, but if you're playing the PS5 version, you'll need 2 DualSense controllers. Player 1 will need to be the one who resurrects the ally, so wait for your partner to die and when they do, shoot down the new few power-up UFOs. Eventually one will drop a power-up that has a heart symbol in the middle. When you collect this, your partner will be resurrected and the trophy will unlock. 
  • Kill 20 enemies in rapid succession

    There's a chance you'll unlock this in Arcade Mode depending on what upgrades you get from the power-up UFOs, but you can also easily get this on the 2nd Challenge level, "Final Burst". This Challenge requires you to kill 100 Small Asteroids, but will start you off with a handful of Large/Medium Asteroids that you need to break apart first. The main two upgrades that will drop in this challenge are the triple shot and the x7 shot, both of which have a pretty decent range of fire. When you don't have an upgrade active, spend some time breaking apart the larger Asteroids so only the smaller Asteroids are left floating about. When you get an upgrade, you'll be able to take out all of the little ones in one go, givng you well more than the 20 required for this trophy. Once you've killed 20 enemies in about a 5-second span, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Kill 30 enemies with a single mega laser

    While this can be done in Arcade Mode if you get lucky with the power-up drops, it's best to get it done in Challenge Mode, more specifically, the Challenge "Nuclear Option". In this one, you'll need to kill 75 Asteroids and/or UFOs with the laser, meaning the only power-up that will drop during this challenge will be the laser. When the Challenge starts, start shooting the larger Asteroids to break them apart, but don't destroy the smaller Asteroids. If you get a laser power-up before you have 30 Asteroids on the screen, aim the laser in the opposite direction of the Asteroids so it doesn't hit any. When you feel like you have enough Asteroids, stop breaking the larger ones and just wait for a power-up UFO to come by. Grab the laser when it does and try to aim it in the most cluttered parts of the Asteroids. As long as you hit 30 with one beam, the trophy will unlock.

  • Detonate 30 bombs with a single shot

    While this can be done in Arcade Mode if you get lucky with the power-up drops, it's very unlikely you'll be able to set it up properly and in any sort of decent time frame. For that reason, it's best to do this in Challenge Mode, more specifically the Challenge "Precise Demolition". In this Challenge, you'll need to kill 40 Asteroids and/or UFOs, meaning the only power-ups that drop will be bomb-related. When the Challenge starts, do not shoot any Asteroids. As long as you don't break apart the initial large Asteroids, no new ones will spawn and personally I found the large Asteroids much easier to dodge than a bunch of tiny ones. The only thing you want to focus on shooting will be the power-up UFOs.

    There are 2 different bomb power-ups that you'll need to setup together.
    • Static Bombs: The power-up that has an image of 4 bombs on it will randomly place 20 bombs in the play area.
    • Bomb Shield: The power-up that has the image of a ship surrounded by bombs on it will play a static circle of 20 bombs around you. 
    You'll need a bit of luck to get the proper order for them. You essentially want to get the Static Bombs first, then when the Bomb Shield comes around, fly close to the Static Bombs so when you pick up the Shield power-up, all of the bombs are touching. When you're ready, fire one single shot into any of the bombs and because they're all touching, they'll all explode. This will of course be more than the 30 required so once 30 do explode, the trophy will unlock.

  • Kill an enemy with a deflected bullet

    There's a chance this will unlock naturally during Arcade Mode, but your best bet is to get it done in Challenge Mode. Challenge #3, Deadly Trap, requires you to kill 50 UFOs. The power-up you'll get in this Challenge will be the reflective shield that, when shot with bullets, will deflect them. You need one of these deflected bullets to hit a UFO or Asteroid so it gets destroyed. You'll be going up against quite a few UFOs in this challenge so there's a pretty good (almost guaranteed) chance you won't even need to try for it. Once you've killed an enemy with a deflected bullet, the trophy will unlock. 
  • Kill 1000 asteroids

    This is cumulative across both Challenge and Arcade mode. There will of course be plenty of Asteroids to shoot and kill throughout the game (it's only called Asteroids, afterall). As soon as you've "killed" your 1,000th Asteroid, the trophy will unlock. 

    If you want to grind this out instead of waiting for it to unlock naturally, you can replay Challenge #2, "Final Burst", repeatedly until you get it. This Challenge has a lot of Asteroids to "kill" with the triple and x7 spread shots, allowing you take out more at one time versus if you just use your single shot/other power-ups. 
  • Kill 1000 UFOs

    This is cumulative across both Challenge and Arcade mode. You'll be going up against far more Asteroids than UFOs, so there's a chance this will be one of the last trophies you earn. As soon as you've killed your 1,000th UFO, the trophy will unlock. 

    If you want to grind this out instead of waiting for it to unlock naturally, you can replay Challenge #28, "Dominant Strategy", repeatedly until you get it. This Challenge requires you to kill 60 Asteroids, but all of the Asteroids will have a UFO stuck in them, giving you a minimum of 60 UFOs per run. If you grind this out last/after you completed Challenge Mode and earned 6,000 points in Arcade for The Invisible Man trophy_gold.png, you shouldn't have to spend too much time grinding it out. 
  • Have 50 asteroids in the level at the same time

    This can be done in Arcade Mode, but it's highly recommended you just get it in Challenge Mode. Start up Challenge, #2, "Final Burst". This challenge requires you to destroy 100 small Asteroids, but before you do, just break up the large and medium Asteroids so the only thing floating around is the small Asteroids. Be careful with your boosting and dodging the Asteroids flying around as it'll get pretty tight, but it shouldn't take too long before at least 50 Asteroids are all in the level at one time. As soon as they are, the trophy will unlock.

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Asteroids: Recharged Trophy GUIDE FAQ

  • What is the estimated trophy difficulty for Asteroids: Recharged?
    The estimated trophy difficulty for Asteroids: Recharged is 2.5/10.
  • How many offline trophies are there in Asteroids: Recharged?
    There are 17 offline trophies in Asteroids: Recharged.
  • How many online trophies are there in Asteroids: Recharged?
    There are 0 online trophies in Asteroids: Recharged.
  • How long does it take to get the platinum in Asteroids: Recharged?
    The estimated time to get a platinum in Asteroids: Recharged is 3-5+ hours.
  • How many playthroughs is needed to get a platinum in Asteroids: Recharged?
  • How many missable trophies are there in Asteroids: Recharged?
    There are 0 missable trophies in Asteroids: Recharged.
  • Does difficulty affect trophies in Asteroids: Recharged?
    Difficulty does not affect trophies in Asteroids: Recharged.
  • Are there any unobtainable/glitched trophies in Asteroids: Recharged?
    There are no unobtainable/glitched trophies in Asteroids: Recharged.

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