• Estimated trophy difficulty: 5-10/10 - Difficulty is very dependent on skill and equipment. If you have a wheel and pedals and some experience of racers it's a 5, if you have a controller and lots of experience of racers it's a 10. (Estimated Trophy Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 40 (25, 13, 2)
  • Online trophies: 2 Online! trophy_bronze.png , Sim Racer trophy_platinum.png 
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 150+ hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: None
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: Yes - All Special Events must be completed on Alien difficulty.
Welcome to Assetto Corsa on console. The hit PC racing sim hit consoles in 2016 with lots of circuits, lots of cars, and lots of events to complete to earn some seriously rare and difficult trophies. As the console version of a highly detailed PC simulator, Assetto Corsa is best played with a wheel and pedals. It can be played with a controller and it can be completed with a controller, but if you want to do this get ready for a lot of time and a lot of frustration. Followed by a lot of satisfaction once you've earned the platinum, of course.
IMPORTANT NOTE: Assetto Corsa and Assetto Corsa Ultimate Edition have the same trophy lists, and the same trophy requirements. Ultimate Edition adds all of the game's DLC cars, tracks and Special Events, but these don't affect the trophies. You only need to complete the base game Special Events to earn the relevant trophies in the Ultimate Edition, so this guide can be used for both versions of the game.

Controller/Wheel/Driving settings: For full disclosure, I played AC with a Logitech G29 and pedals. I didn't change any of the steering settings at any point while playing. I left Stability Control at the default 100% and generally had Traction Control turned on, although I sometimes changed this on a car-to-car basis. I would also recommend activating the driving line if you're unfamiliar with a track. This will show you the best line to take while driving, and is colour coded to show you where to brake and accelerate. As you play you will find you can go a bit further than these suggestions, but as a starting point, it's a very useful way to learn tracks.

I would recommend using the bonnet camera view, or cockpit camera for open-wheel cars. This gives you the best view of the track ahead of you, allowing you to focus on driving and always taking the best line. One final setting to recommend is manual transmission rather than automatic. If you want to platinum Assetto Corsa I'm going to assume you're serious. If you're serious, you need to be using manual. If you never have before, you need to learn. Manual transmission allows you to have a better feel for a car and better control, and will be essential in driving each car to its fullest potential. It also forces you to concentrate more, which automatically makes you a better driver.

If you're playing with a controller, there are settings you can change to make cars slightly more responsive. This thread on the AC forum contains a good discussion on settings and explanations of how to get the controls set up to suit you. Don't be afraid to try different settings until you find what works, you can quickly access and change the settings from the pause menu while you're driving.

Step One: Complete Career Mode. Most of Assetto Corsa's trophies are earned in two game modes - Career and Special Events. Career features various series which you can work through, with a mixture of Race and Time Attack events. The good news here is you can set the difficulty to Very Easy, meaning this step will only be time-consuming. You'll be setting out to earn a gold medal in every event here, with more detail about each series under each relevant trophy.

Career Mode starts with only the first Novice Series available. Playing through each series in order and earning a gold medal will unlock everything, so there's no need to stress about completing a certain series at a certain time.

At the end of the step you will have earned the following trophies for each series:

Novice Series trophy_bronze.png 
Intermediate Series trophy_bronze.png 
Trofeo Series trophy_bronze.png 
Trofeo Advanced Series trophy_bronze.png 
GT Series trophy_bronze.png 
GT Extreme Series trophy_bronze.png 
Formula trophy_bronze.png 
Hypercars trophy_bronze.png 
Novice Driver trophy_silver.png 
Intermediate Driver trophy_silver.png 
Trofeo Driver trophy_silver.png 
Trofeo Advanced Driver trophy_silver.png 
GT Driver trophy_silver.png 
GT EXTREME trophy_silver.png 
Pro Driver trophy_gold.png 

You will also have the opportunity to unlock these miscellaneous trophies:

First Race trophy_bronze.png 
First Time Attack trophy_bronze.png 
300! trophy_bronze.png 
Clean Drive trophy_bronze.png 
Club of 100 trophy_silver.png 
Real Racer trophy_bronze.png 

Step Two: Complete the Special Events, earning a gold medal in each event. These fall under four categories: Drift, Time Attack, Hotlap and Race. Drift and Time Attack are measured by a scoring system. Hotlap requires you to beat a time over a single lap, and Race requires you to win a race on Alien, the highest AI difficulty setting. More information on how to tackle these events is listed under the relevant trophies.

At the end of this step, you will have earned these trophies:

First Drift trophy_bronze.png 
Drifter trophy_bronze.png 
Fast! trophy_bronze.png 
Victory! trophy_bronze.png 
Time Attacker trophy_bronze.png 
Real Fan trophy_bronze.png 
Combo Master trophy_bronze.png 
Time Attack Master trophy_bronze.png 
Tamed Hell trophy_silver.png 
Drift King trophy_silver.png 
Faster! trophy_silver.png 
Track King trophy_silver.png 
OutATime trophy_silver.png 
You Are Special! trophy_gold.png 

Step Three: Miscellaneous clean-up. You may have earned some of the remaining trophies, but if there are any left you can tackle them here. After finishing all of those you'll have earned the platinum and the right to call yourself a true sim racer.

After this step you will have earned these trophies:

First Penalty trophy_bronze.png 
Collateral Damage trophy_bronze.png 
Online! trophy_bronze.png 
Drift Master trophy_bronze.png 
Endurance trophy_silver.png 
Sim Racer trophy_platinum.png 


Assetto Corsa Trophy Guide

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42 trophies ( 13  26  4  )

  • A true sim racer

    This trophy lives up to its name - one of the hardest and rarest platinums there is. Congratulations.
  • Complete a lap in hotlap mode

    Hotlap mode is the game's main time trial mode. It's just you and a car on track, driving constantly to set the best time you can. This trophy can be earned in any Hotlap setting, either in Drive or Special Events. Completing one lap on any track in any car will unlock the trophy. For more information on Hotlap mode, see Faster! trophy_silver.png.
  • Complete a drift in drift mode

    Drift events are found under both Drive and Special Events. Successfully completing one drift - that is, drifting and then straightening the car, rather than spinning round or going off-track - will unlock this trophy. For more information on Drift mode, see Drift King trophy_silver.png.
  • Complete a lap in time attack mode

    Time Attack mode is similar to classic arcade racers with checkpoints. As in Hotlap mode, you are on-track alone, but rather than just setting lap times there are three checkpoints throughout the lap and a timer counting down. When you cross the checkpoint you will score points and have time added to your timer. More information on completing the Time Attack Special Events can be found under OutATime trophy_silver.png, but you only need to complete one lap in order to unlock this trophy.
  • 300!


    Reach 300 Km/h

    300kmph is equal to 186mph. You will have several opportunities to earn this trophy in both Career mode and Special events, but if you want to unlock it quickly, pick one of the game's supercars or race cars, go to the Monza 1966 Road Course and drive until you hit that speed.
  • Complete 5 laps without damage

    Important: In the pre-race settings screen, Mechanical Damage must be set to 100% for this trophy to unlock. 

    This trophy can be earned in any game mode, and there don't have to be any AI cars on track. With the damage setting turned on, drive five laps of any track in any car without hitting anything and you will unlock this trophy.
  • Receive your first penalty

    In the pre-race setttings screen, make sure Penalties is turned on.

    The only penalties in Assetto Corsa are for cutting the track. You can earn this on any circuit by cutting a corner, but the easiest is Monza. Rather than drive through the first corner properly, drive straight on through the foam barriers. A black/white flag will appear in the top left corner with a timer telling you to slow down, and the trophy will unlock. 
  • First pole position

    This can be earned in any Race mode with a qualifqualifyingon. Several events you will have to complete in Career mode feature qualifying. If you want to earn this quickly though, go to Drive and select the Race Weekend option. Make sure the Qualifying Session option in the pre-race menu is set to a time, and start. 

    You can set the difficulty to Very Easy to make sure your time is the fastest. Once you set the fastest time and the session ends, the trophy will unlock.
  • Complete a lap in an online race

    Online is accessed through the Drive option in the main menu. When you select Online you will see a list of active lobbies you can join. Each lobby will include information about what kind of event it is, and whether or not it's actually set up to race. Joining any lobby with a Race added and completing a single lap will unlock this trophy.

    You can also earn this trophy in your own invite-only lobby. Select Create Lobby from the lobby list and set one up with any track or settings you like. Once you complete one lap, the trophy will unlock. This method does require at least one other person in the lobby to start the race however, so head over to the boosting thread to find a partner if you want to use this method. 
  • Complete 10 laps in time attack

    You will unlock this trophy naturally while earning gold in all the Time Attack special events. See OutATime trophy_silver.png for an easy method to score big in Time Attack mode.
  • Reach level 50 in drift mode

    Drifting in Assetto Corsa is very difficult to do properly, even with a wheel and lots of experience. Thankfully there's an easy way to rack up points, as demonstrated here by zocker1990:

    While this can be earned in any event with any car, the best track to try it on is Silverstone International, and the best car is the BMW M3 E30 Drift. The track in zocker's video is the Drift course, but I found the longer straights at Silverstone made it easier to control the car's movements. Make sure your transmission is set to Manual. Once you have control of the car shift into second gear and follow the method in the video, snaking your car from left to right as you drive. Each change of direction will count as a drift which adds to your combo meter, and each drift will add its own points. In order to actually score the points you will have to come to a controlled stop. If you spin out or go off track, the combo will be over and your score will not be counted.

    In Drift mode you are timed. Moving up a level adds more time, giving you longer to score points. If the timer runs out while you have an active combo you can still finish it, and if you have at least filled the green bar in the score graphic you will move up another level, adding more time and allowing you to continue. The higher your level the longer it takes to progress to the next one, so make sure you have a large enough combo otherwise your run will be over.

    I would advise doing the Drift Special Events before trying this, as it can take a few tries to get used to controlling the car and getting the technique right. You'll need around 120,000 points to eventually reach level 50, which works out at around 5 or 6 laps of the Silverstone track. Aim to bank your points at least once a lap, or at least in an area of the track you feel comfortable straightening up the car on, or before sections like the final chicane which can catch you off guard. Get into a rhythm, stay calm, and don't be afraid to bank the points if you don't feel comfortable going into a corner. The trophy will unlock once your level hits 50.
  • Achieve 50 combos in drift mode

    You will almost certainly unlock this while going for any of the other drifting-related trophies. The description is slightly misleading, as the trophy is unlocked after you have completed 50 drifts in a single combo, rather than 50 different combos. Once this number next to the word combo reaches 50, you will unlock the trophy.
  • Drive for two hours in a session

    This trophy can be earned in any game mode as long as it lasts for two hours, but the easiest way to keep track is to do it in Hotlap mode. 

    Luckily, you don't actually have to drive the car for two hours to unlock the trophy. Load up a Hotlap session and let the car sit idle for two hours. Once the time is up, complete one lap and the trophy will unlock.
  • Complete one Novice series

    This will unlock after earning at least three bronze medals in Novice Series 1, the first series available to play in Career Mode. For more information on the Novice Series events, see Novice Driver trophy_silver.png.
  • Complete one Intermediate series

    This will unlock after meeting the series goal in Intermediate Series 1, the first Intermediate Series you will unlock as you progress through Career mode. For more information on the Intermediate Series events, see Intermediate Driver trophy_silver.png.
  • Complete one Trofeo series

    Unlike the Novice and Intermediate Series, the Trofeo Series are a championship of races, rather than single events.  Once you have achieved the series goal, the trophy will unlock once you go back to the Career mode menu. See Trofeo Driver trophy_silver.png for more information on the Trofeo Series.
  • Complete one Trofeo Advanced series

    The Trofeo Advanced series work in the same way in the regular Trofeo races. The trophy will unlock once you have achieved the series goal in the first series. For more information on these series, see Trofeo Advanced Driver trophy_silver.png.
  • Complete one GT series

    The GT series are all championships made up of quick race events. The trophy will unlock once you have achieved the series goal in the first series. For more information on these series, see GT Driver trophy_silver.png.
  • Complete one GT Extreme series

    The GT Extreme series feature the same cars, tracks and championship format as the GT series, only the Quick Races are replaced with Race Weekends and the races themselves are around an hour long rather than twenty minutes. The trophy will unlock once you have achieved the series goal in the first series. For more information on these series, see GT EXTREME trophy_silver.png.
  • Complete the Formula series

    The Formula series is the final series on the list of Career mode events, although it can be unlocked earlier by completing the required series. It features a mixture of Time Attack and Race events in a mixture of open-wheel formula cars. You should aim for a gold medal in each event for Pro Driver trophy_gold.png, but the trophy will unlock after at least 1 gold, 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.

    The formula cars can be quite difficult to drive even with good equipment, so make sure you have the event difficulty set to Very Easy and Mechanical Damage turned off.
  • Complete the Hypercars series

    The Hypercars series features a mixture of seven Time Attacks and Races. You will have to gold all of these for Pro Driver trophy_gold.pngbut the trophy will unlock after completing the series goal of at least 2 silver and 3 bronze medals.
  • Complete all the Novice series

    There are four Novice Series to complete - N1, N2, N3 and N4. They feature a mixture of Race and Time Attack events. To begin, only N1 will be available. Completing this will unlock N2, and so on. In order to complete the series you must achieve the series goal, but for Pro Driver trophy_gold.png you will have to earn a gold medal in each event anyway. You can set the difficulty of any Races to Very Easy, and the Time Attack gold scores here are very low and can be achieved by driving a few clean laps of each track. 

    After finishing the final medal requirement in the final Novice series, the trophy will unlock once you go back to the Career mode menu.
  • Complete all the Intermediate series

    This trophy works in the same way as Novice Driver trophy_silver.png. The Intermediate Series feature the same mixture of events and faster, more powerful cars, but they can still be completed on Very Easy. Once again, you should be aiming for a gold medal in each event for Pro Driver trophy_gold.png.
  • Complete all the Trofeo series

    There are four Trofeo series to complete - T1, T2, T3 and T4. You can play these events on Very Easy. The series goal here is a points total rather than individual results with 10 points awarded for a win. Once you have achieved the series goal in each series, the trophy will unlock when you go back to the main Career mode menu.
  • Complete all the Trofeo Advanced series

    There are three Trofeo Advanced series to complete - AT1, AT2 and AT3. The only difference between these and the regular Trofeos is that in the second series you will encounter the Race Weekend rather than Quick Race. This adds a Practice and Qualifying session before the race. You can skip both of these sessions and go straight to the race. Setting the difficulty to Very Easy will overcome the issue of starting last by skipping these. Once you have achieved the series goal in each of these three series, the trophy will unlock when you go back to the main Career menu.
  • Complete all the GT series

    There are six GT series to complete - GT1, GT2, GT3, GT4, GT5 and GT6. The series goal in each of these is 60 points, which means with seven races and 10 points for a win there is little margin for error. You do not have to win every race to complete the series and earn a gold medal, but if you win the first six races you will complete the series and earn a gold medal. Once you have done this for each series, the trophy will unlock when you go back to the main Career menu.
  • Complete all the GT Extreme series

    There are six GT Extreme series to complete - GT1X, GT2X, GT3X, GT4X, GT5X and GT6X. The series goal here is 60 points, so as with the GT Series you don't need to win all seven races to complete each series. Six wins will complete the series. Once you have finished the final series, the trophy will unlock when you go back to the main Career menu.

    GT5X and GT6X have slightly longer races, but the average time of these races is around one hour. Get ready to spend a lot of time here.
  • Complete all the series with gold medals

    Note: The GT Extreme series don't count towards this trophy.

    Each Career mode event has gold, silver and bronze medals available. These are awarded to positions 1, 2 and 3 in races and championships. In the Time Attack events there will be a score target for you to meet. You will need 57 gold medals across all of the different series. The Career mode menu shows you what your current medal totals are.

    Race settings do not affect your ability to earn medals here, so feel free to run every race with damage and penalties turned off, fuel consumption and tyre wear turned off and the opponent difficulty set to Very Easy. This will make earning almost all the gold medals a formality, and you should use this time to get used to the cars, tracks and physics.
  • Achieve a silver medal on all the drift events

    For drifting tips and a list of the events you need to complete, see Drift King trophy_silver.png.
  • Achieve a silver medal on all the hotlap events

    For Hotlap tips and a list of the events you need to complete, see Faster! trophy_silver.png.
  • Achieve a silver medal on all the race events

    For Race tips and a list of the events you need to complete, see Track King trophy_silver.png.
  • Achieve a silver medal on all the time attack events

    For Time Attack tips and a list of the events you need to complete, see OutATime trophy_silver.png.
  • Achieve a gold medal on all the drift events

    The easiest way to score big points in Assetto Corsa's drift mode is to follow the strategy laid out in Drift Master trophy_bronze.png. The gold medal target for each event is 25,000 points, which you will have more than enough time to achieve once you master the drifting technique. This is the one part of AC where a controller is more effective than a wheel and pedals, so put your Drift Master experience to use here. 

    To make sure the car is perfect, be sure to turn off mechanical damage, fuel consumption and tyre wear in the pre-race settings.

    This is the list of events you have to complete for this trophy:
    Event NameCarTrack
    Drift LegendBMW M3 E30 DriftDrift
    KS ApprovedBMW M3 E30 DriftVallelunga Club
    Will it drift?KTM X-Bow RDrift
    Oversteering HardBMW M3 E92 DriftMagione
    It might do itFerrari 458 ItaliaSilverstone International
    RollingBMW M3 E30Mugello
    Zeta vierBMW Z4 E89 DriftDrift
    Clouds of SmokeBMW M3 E92 DriftDrift
    Ur-Quattro is back!Audi Sport Quattro Step 1Drift

    The only one of these which will prove difficult is the final event in the Audi. Here is a video showing the controller and car settings to use:

    Rather than the snaking method used for all other drifting, you'll have to aim for handbrake-induced single slides around the small loop in the centre of the complex. You can earn around 500-600 points per drift with this method, which will be enough to earn the gold medal as long as you keep banking them.
  • Achieve a gold medal on all the hotlap events

    Hotlap mode is very simple. You have a lap time target, a car, a track and an unlimited amount of laps to try and beat it.

    To give yourself the best chance, make sure in the pre-race settings you turn mechanical damage to 0, fuel consumption off and tyre wear off. In the car setup menu you'll also want to set fuel to the minimum possible amount (5) and your tyres to the softest compound available. If any car has an Engine Limiter setting, make sure it's turned up to the maximum value.

    Even with these settings, the Hotlap events will prove very difficult on a controller. Even if you're familiar with the tracks from other games, you will probably struggle. Below is a list of the events you have to complete for this trophy, as well as a link to a YouTube video showing you a setup for the car and a gold medal lap:
    Event NameCarTrackLink/YouTube Name
    German FuryBMW M3 E92 DriftMagioneExistentialSolid
    Shining RedFerrari 599XX EVOMonzaWJL
    Demon on wheelsBMW Z4 GT3ImolaWJL
    Italy, 1987Ferrari F40 S3MugelloKie25
    GRA ChallengeBMW M3 E30 Group ASilverstone GPKie25
    Classic RunLotus Type 49Monza 1966 Road CourseWJL
    Flight simulatorPagani HuayraNurburgring GPKie25
    Alesi says, step on itLotus Exos 125 MugelloKie25
    British racing greenMcLaren MP4-12C GT3Silverstone GPKie25
    Quick oneLotus Exos 125 S1Silverstone InternationalKie25
    ThunderMcLaren MP4-12C GT3VallelungaExistentialSolid
    Meet the AC TeamBMW 1M S3VallelungaKie25
    Alfa 4C versus Green HellAlfa Romeo 4CNurburgring NordschleifeExistentialSolid
    Forbidden recordMcLaren P1Nurburgring NordschleifeWJL
    A fighting bullLamborghini Miura P400 SVMonza 1966 Road CourseExistentialSolid
    A Hell 4 youAudi Sport QuattroNurburgring NordschleifeExistentialSolid
    MemoriesLotus Type 49ZandvoortWJL
    This should be fun!KTM X-Bow RBarcelona MotoWJL
    Chasing VictoryFord GT40Monza 1966 Road CourseExistentialSolid
    A whole new toy!RUF RT12 RZandvoortWJL
    Your time will come!Audi R8 LMS UltraSilverstone GPKie25
    Green flashLamborghini Huracan GT3MonzaExistentialSolid
    Clear ahead!SCG 003CSpaWJL
    Heat and RunMcLaren MP4-12C GT3Barcelona GPWJL
    Teenage dreamLamborghini CountachImolaExistentialSolid
    Look at me!Abarth 500 Assetto CorseMagioneExistentialSolid
    Chapman revolutionLotus Type 25Brands Hatch IndyExistentialSolid
    Mister DownforceLotus 720Silverstone InternationalWJL
    Down the hatchFord Escort RS1600Brands Hatch GPExistentialSolid
    Let it scream!Lamborghini Huracan STSpaWJL
    The new blackMcLaren 650S GT3Silverstone GPWJL
    Free the beast!Mercedes Benz AMG GT3ZandvoortExistentialSolid
    FXX K at SpaFerrari FXX KSpaKie25
    FXX K at BarcelonaFerrari FXX KBarcelona MotoKie25
    P1 at SpaMcLaren P1SpaWJL
    The internet is full of resources for Assetto Corsa and its events. I didn't use a guide for each of these laps but the people whose videos I linked to all offer good setups and advice for each event. If you feel like one setup is still leaving the gold medal time beyond you, try another. Be sure to pay attention to the actual laps being run too - the line they take, the speed they carry through corners, where they brake, what gear they're in, and what settings they use. 

    An important thing to note is the difference between the setup menu layout on PC and console. If you watch a video of a PC player their setup screen will look different to the console version, and certain parts of the car will come under different menus. Each setting has the same name however, so you may have to go looking for the correct setting to change.

    Once you've golded the final event, the trophy will unlock when you return to the Special Events menu.
  • Achieve a gold medal on all the race events

    The races in Special Events all follow broadly the same format. There's much more variety than in Career mode - you'll drive different cars and tracks. The aim is the same though, you have to win all of them with the difficulty set to Alien in the pre-race difficulty settings. 
    Below is a list of all the events you have to complete for this trophy, as well as a link to a YouTube video showing you a setup for the car, and in some cases other tactics to use, which I'll cover myself after the table:
    Event NameCarTrackLink/YouTube Name
    Tatuus RaceTatuus FA01MonzaLeoHi
    BMW RaceBMW M3 E30 Group AMugello 
    Supercar RaceFerrari 458 ItaliaSilverstone GPTidgney
    500 RaceAbarth 500 EsseEsseMagioneLeoHi
    Lotus CupLotus Exige 240R S3ImolaLewmatic
    A taste of the ringBMW Z4 GT3Nurburgring GPExistentialSolid
    Trackday challengeKTM X-Bow RVallelungaLeoHi
    Hypercar BattleMcLaren P1Nordschleife 
    Touring cars battleAlfa Romeo 155 TI V6Silverstone GPExistentialSolid
    GTs against GodzillaNissan GT-R GT3Nordschliefepedroeol
    Prototyping SpaSauber C9SpaLeoHi
    Vintage tributeAlfa Romeo GTAMonza 1966 Road CourseExistentialSolid
    Thunderous herdLamborghini Mieura P400 SVZandvoortLeoHi
    A MyThical raceAlfa Romeo MiTo QVMugelloExistentialSolid
    Once upon a timeFerrari 312TZandvoortExistentialSolid
    Hot competitionLotus Exos 125BarcelonaExistentialSolid
    Stained rocketsRUF RT12 RNurburgring SprintExistentialSolid
    Rings at the RingAudi R8 LMS UltraNurburgring GPExistentialSolid
    Temple of SpeedLamborghini Huracan GT3MonzaLewmatic
    Racing for my sisterSCG 003CSpaExistentialSolid
    Tough battleAbarth 500 Assetto CorseMugello 
    Dangerous BathtubsLotus Type 25Brands Hatch GPLeoHi
    Back and forthLotus 720Silverstone GPExistentialSolid
    Essex GirlsFord Escort RS1600ImolaExistentialSolid
    Thrilling adventureLamborghini Huracan STVallelungaExistentialSolid
    Placebo effectMcLaren 650S GT3Nurburgring GPExistentialSolid
    Road to the starsMercedes-Benz AMG GT3SpaExistentialSolid
    Mikey likes it!Lotus Exige V6 CupBrands Hatch GPWJL
    A Racing LifeAbarth 595 SSBrands Hatch IndyWJL
    "Alien" is a popular term in sim-racing for the very fastest drivers. Literally, if they're that fast they must be an alien, because they can't be human. The Assetto Corsa AI may seem on this level once you first start, but there are several factors which affect these races which you should bear in mind.
    • As ever, turn off mechanical damage, tyre wear and fuel use. The races are too short for fuel to be a factor, and since you'll be running on the softest tyres available you don't want to overheat them.
    • Whether you're using a controller or wheel, whether you're running clean or using every trick possible, look into a setup for your car. The stock setups in AC can be very unsuited to this format, where you have to drive as quickly as possible for just a few laps. The very first race at Monza in the Tatuus for instance needs a setup to make use of slipstream on the long straights, and even then requires a committed entry through every corner. At the very least, always make sure you're using the sofest tyres, the lowest fuel, the highest engine mode and a suitable gearing ratio.
    • The AI will behave differently in every attempt you make at an individual race. If you want to win the races legitimately, sometimes the way the AI starts and enters the first corner will determine your chances for winning the race. For example, in the GTs against Godzilla event, if the McLaren passes the Lamborghini for first into the first corner, you're not catching it. Don't be afraid (and be prepared) to restart races until you have a favourable situation. You will also have to be aware of where the AI cars are when/if you're alongside them in corners, as they often don't back out of side-by-side running when they should. If you're overtaking someone, always make sure you're fully clear of them before moving back to the racing line. 
    • As noted in ExistentialSolid's guides, there is a handy trick involving the pits which can really help you at the start. If you pause the game as soon as the lights turn green at the start of the race, you will be able to select Pits from the pause menu. This puts you in your pitbox which is always at the end of the pitlane, with the race still underway. If you select Drive quickly from here you will re-enter the race as normal, but from the end of the pitlane. This doesn't work on every track in the game, but it provides a substantial advantage at these tracks: Mugello, Silverstone, Nurburgring GP, Spa, Barcelona, Zandvoort, and to an extent Brands Hatch and Vallelunga. In many cases you can get an automatic jump to the lead of the race, making it easier to defend for the race rather than push hard trying to make up positions.
    • As also noted in ExistentialSolid's guides, there are times when simply ramming the AI off the road will have to come into play, even for skilled players. There are only penalties in this mode for cutting corners, and there are certain events (those at the Nordschleife apply here) where it can be much easier to target and take out your biggest threats. 
    • As also noted in ExistentialSolid's guides, there are certain corners on tracks where you can cut corners and not receive penalties. If you're really struggling on a track, give their videos a look and see if you can make up some time somewhere.
    • As also noted in ExistentialSolid's guides, if you're really struggling, on certain events it's possible to win purely by disqualifying all the AI cars. If the AI stops moving or runs too slowly for too long they are automatically teleported back to the pits and are out of the race. This means on narrower tracks like Brands Hatch and the Nordschleife you're able to force all of the AI to a dead stop. 
    • Regardless of whether you're trying to complete these events cleanly or using every trick in the book to cut the track or push the AI out of the way, you probably won't complete every event first time. Remember that, stay calm, and never give up.
    Once you've golded the last event, this trophy will unlock when you return to the main Special Events menu.
  • Achieve a gold medal on all the time attack events

    As noted in First Time Attack trophy_bronze.png, this mode works similar to old arcade racers giving you a track, a ticking clock and checkpoints which add to your timer and score you points. If you drive flat out here you'll find the gold target scores almost impossible to reach. Fortunately, there is an easy way around this. 

    If you drive slowly enough that you only ever reach a checkpoint with a few seconds to spare, you will always have enough time added to reach the next checkpoint at a similar pace. You are awarded roughly the same amount of points using this method compared to driving at full pace, so simply cruise round for a few laps racking up the points, and this trophy will come easily. 

    You will be penalised and lose points if you drive too slowly or go off track, so make sure to drive at least 60mph during the straights. A good rule of thumb is to do a first lap, then use the onscreen delta showing how much faster your current lap is to go 1 or 2 seconds faster each subsequent lap. Some tracks might need you to go a bit faster through some sectors than others, but if you follow the slow and steady strategy you will gold each event eventually. 

    To ensure the car is perfect, turn off mechanical damage, fuel consumption and tyre wear in the pre-race settings.

    Here is a list of the events you need to gold for this trophy:
    Event NameCarTrack
    Pro AttitudeTatuus FA01Vallelunga
    ArcadiaMcLaren MP4-12CMonza 1966 Road Course
    Empire ChallengeP4/5 CompetizioneSilverstone GP
    Dark SideLotus Exige ScuraImola
    Austrian BowKTM X-Bow RMugello
    Modern RunLotus Exos 125 Stage 1Magione
    Vintage RunFerrari 312TImola
    Here are the keysAlfa Romeo MiTo QVVallelunga Club
    My preciousFord GT40Zandvoort
  • Achieve a gold medal on all the special events

    This trophy will unlock along with the corresponding silver trophy for whichever Special Event you finish last, when you return to the Special Event mode menu.
  • Complete a lap in race mode

    This can be unlocked in any form of Race, and you will do this automatically when completing the game's Career and Special Events stages. Complete one lap in Race mode on any car and track and the trophy will unlock.

Secret trophies

  • Complete a race without damages

    Similar to Clean Drive trophy_bronze.png, but for finishing a race rather than just five laps. You can earn this in any race, but once again the pre-race Mechanical Damage setting must be set to 100%. Finish a race of any length without hitting anything or damaging your engine, and the trophy is yours.
  • First broken engine

    This can be achieved in any game mode, but the quickest way is to select Practice mode from the Drive option in the main menu. Pick any track and select the Ferrari 312T to drive. Make sure the pre-race Mechanical Damage setting is set to 100%.

    Before driving, go to the Setup menu, go to General and change the Engine Limiter setting to 12. Drive the car out of the pits and the engine will break before leaving first gear, and the trophy will unlock.
  • Drive your first lap at the Nordschleife

    This trophy refers to the Nordschleife layout proper, rather than the 24hr Endurance loop or the Tourist configuration. You will complete events here during Hotlap and Race modes in Special Events, so it's impossible to miss. The trophy will unlock once you've crossed the start/finish line at the end of the lap.
  • Complete a lap at the Nordschleife under 7:30

    Similar to Real Fan trophy_bronze.png, you will drive round the Nordschleife in cars easily capable of this time when completing Special Events. Almost all race cars and supercars can achieve this time when driven cleanly, even without pushing too much.

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