-Estimated trophy difficulty: 2
-Offline trophies: 12
-Online: 0
-Approximate Time: 2-3 Hours
-Minimum Playthroughs: 2
-Missable trophies: 0
-Glitched trophies: 0
-Do cheat codes disable trophies? No Cheats
-Does difficulty affect trophies? No
-Trophy Breakdown 1 4 7

Welcome to Assault Heroes. A quick and easy shooter, with some quick and easy trophies! All the trophies here can be obtained on the Easy difficulty and the game takes about 90 minutes to complete.

STEP 1: Playthrough the game on Easy difficulty focusing on finishing the game. You'll also be able to mop up nearly all of the other trophies. Including: Exterminator, Unstoppable, Annihilator, Small Arms Expert, Tricked Out, Peace Maker, Survivor, Assault Hero and, if you're a good shot, Sharp Shooter.

STEP 2: Lair Slayer Time. Remember those 4 underground sections? It's time to do a quick playthrough and focus purely on surviving those 4 bunker without dying. Remember if you die top-side it's no problem, you'll restart at he begging of the Area you were in. If you die in one of the 4 bunkers, you'll have to restart the game.

STEP 3: Clean up time. You should only be lacking a few trophies now. Namely, Twin Medals (You'll need 2 controllers for this one if you you're playing offline), Speed Freak and possibly Sharp Shooter. See trophy guide for details on finishing these. Easy right?

[PS3T Would Like to Thank switchfreak83 for this Road Map]

Assault Heroes Trophy Guide

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12 trophies ( 7  )

  • Defeat the giant spider.

    The Spider is the mid-way boss of Zone 1 and it's very easy to defeat. Destroying the head is the only thing necessary to beat it, the guns on it's back are optional.

  • Keep your accuracy higher than 70%.

    You can get this one in tandem with Peace Maker. Start on Level 1 and avoid all small enemy types. Focus only on larger enemies that are more or less blocking your way. Avoid the underground bunker stage and this should be easy.

  • Finish a zone without losing a life.

    Losing a life only happens if you die on foot. If your vehicle is destroyed you have not lost a life. Simply survive on foot until it respawns and you can climb back in.

  • Complete all underground zones without using a continue.

    This is the trickiest trophy in the game. The first 4 Zones have a blue 'Landing Pad' looking area somewhere in the stage (very obvious placement, not hidden). Standing in the middle of the pad will take you into a Bonus Area of sorts. You have no vehicle, which makes it much easier to die. If you die you are spawned back outside and cannot complete the base. Oh, and you must beat all 4 Bonus Stages in one playthrough. SO BE CAREFUL!! It's not as difficult as it sounds if you know what to watch out for.

    • Kamikaze Troopers are your biggest threat. They are the soldiers in red and they explode when they die. DON'T LET THEM GET CLOSE TO YOU!
    • The other hazard to avoid is destroying barrels when you're near them. The subsequent explosion will kill you as well as your enemies.
    • Above all, TAKE YOUR TIME. You'll spawn enemies quicker if you try and move fast through the area. Your health recharges, so take a breather.

    Follow those tips and the bunkers will pose almost no threat for you. When you reach the 1UP at the end you'll be transported back outside to continue the game.

    NOTE: The trophy will NOT pop after you finish Bunker 4 but rather, after you finish Zone 4.

  • Kill more than 85% of the total enemies in a zone.

    Destroy everything you see and this should be no problem for you. Be sure and take your time and eliminate any 'fly-by' enemies as well. A great place to do this is Level 1, there a fewer enemies, and they are the slowest/easiest to kill in the game.

  • Finish a zone without using grenades or nukes.

    Easiest to do in Zone 1. Simply refrain from using (Grenades) or (Nukes) and you're good to go. It makes the boss fights a little more difficult, but they're not too tough in Zone 1 to start with.

  • Finish a zone in Co-op mode.

    Can be done online or offline with 2 controllers.

    OFFLINE STRATEGY: Offline can be tricky since both players share lives. If controller 2 depletes the lives then either player's death ends the level. However, I found it VERY easy to obtain this trophy in Zone 3 (Areas 8-10). Rubberband controller to to move up constantly and playthrough the level normally. When you reach the boss, move the 2nd player to the top-right of the screen. I lost only 2 lives with this method.

  • Finish a zone in less than 15 minutes.

    Very easy to get in Zone 1. I finished in 11 or so minutes and got the trophy no problem. Keep toward the top of the screen so it stays in motion, resist entering the underground bunker, and you should have no difficulties getting this one.

    NOTE: Seems a little buggy to me, as it wouldn't work in Zone 3 (I finished it in 9 minutes and no trophy). If you're having trouble, try Zone 1!

  • Finish a zone killing less than 50% of the enemies.

    Pretty self-explanatory. Just avoid as many enemies as possible and only kill when you're in a tight spot, or it's necessary to continue forward. Easiest on Level 1, can be done in tandem with Sharp Shooter.

  • Max out all of the vehicle power-ups.

    You'll probably get this one almost without trying. Each of your three weapons can be upgraded twice. Powerups can be found in different enemy types throughout the game. Simply avoid dying (which resets your weapons) while you collect power-ups and you'll have no trouble here.

  • Finish a zone killing 60% of the units on foot.

    This one a bit tricky. You have to hit Circle and climb out of your vehicle, then kill enemies. Easiest in Zone 1, just climb out at the start and kill your way to the Spider Boss. Climb in and defeat the boss, then climb out and continue to the End Boss. Climb in, defeat, finish the Zone. A good place to rack up foot kills is at the Spider Boss. Mini-Spiders will pour out of the ditch. Kill them on foot before defeating the boss.

  • Complete the game.

    Once you Escape the Base in Zone 5 (it's a timed section) the game is over. During that section it's good to note that very early on you'll run into some barriers, climb out and continue on foot to pass them. Once your vehicle respawns at the other end, climb in and head to the top of the screen to get clear in time. Congrats!!

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