His Full Attention Trophy

  • His Full Attention


    Achieve 100% synchronization

    In order to achieve 100% synchronization, you must complete all optional objectives from each of the 8 memories listed below:

    Note: Memory 2 - A common enemy has no optional objectives

    • Memory 1 - The calm before the storm
    • Memory 3 - Laying the first brick
    • Memory 4 - A ship of his own
    • Memory 5 - Lifting the veil
    • Memory 6 - A scientific inquiry
    • Memory 7 - Plant the seeds
    • Memory 8 - Down with the ship
    • Memory 9 - de Fayet's Last Stand

    Each memory has two additional objectives that will need to be completed for 100% synchronization. You do not need to get both on a single playthrough, however, they are all pretty straight forward so you shouldn't have any problems with them. Below is a walkthrough of how to get 100%
    synchronization in all memories.

    Memory 1 - The calm before the storm

    Locate the Templar Admiral's ship using the SPYGLASS

    At the start of the mission hold to use the SPYGLASS and zoom with the . The Admiral's ship is named the man o' war and is positioned in the
    middle of the other ships. Simply aim the SPYGLASS at it to satisfy this objective.

    Use the mortar to surprise the Templar fleet

    In order to use the mortar attack hold and move the cursor onto one of the ships. At this point the cursor will change colour from white to red, indicating that you have locked onto your target. You will then need to press to fire. As long as you hit one of the ships in the Templar fleet before they have spotted you, you will satisfy the objective so I suggest doing this at the very start before progressing any closer to the fleet.

    Memory 2 - A common enemy

    There are no optional objectives for this memory. Simply completing this mission will reward you with 100% synchronization.

    Memory 3 - Laying the First Brick

    The two optional objectives will only appear once you have entered the underground cave after making your way through the plantation.

    Perform an air assassination from a height of 10 meters

    Once you gain control of Adéwalé upon entering the underground cave, equip the hidden blades by pressing . Walk to the right and on the mini map you will see a red triangle indicating the location of an enemy. He will be positioned below you. Stand on near edge and press to perform an air assassination.

    Push an overseer into the water

    From the location in which you performed the air assassination, continue to the right towards the wooden boardwalk. Climb up or hand on the edge and an enemy will see you. When he comes over assassinate him by pressing and you will automatically throw him into the water.

    Memory 4 - A Ship of His Own

    Use Bastienne's Girls to distract the guards

    On your mini map you will see a small blue cross hair looking icon. This indicates the location of Bastienne's girls. Simple walk up to them and press to get them to follow you. Now simply approach a nearby guard and press when the prompt appears. The girls will distract the guard and will allow you to move around undetected. You only need to do this to one guard in order to unlock the objective.

    Distract 4 guards with firecrackers

    You will start the memory with 4 fire crackers. In order to equip them press . To throw them press . They have a very small range in which you can throw them so I suggest get up high above guards e.g. on a roof then drop them off the side. It's best to distract groups of enemies as you don't have many firecrackers to play with. It's worth noting that you do not have to kill the guards, they just simply have to be distracted/alerted to the firecrackers when you throw them. The first two guards you distract at the start of the memory as part of the story, do not count towards the 4 required for the objective.

    Memory 5 - Lifting the veil

    Note: The following objectives only appear once you have advanced a little into the mission.

    Kill the overseer who led the slaves

    Once you gain control of Adéwalé after 'Blending with the other slaves' this objective will appear on your screen. Activate Eagle Site by pressing . The overseer will appear gold/yellow as opposed to red for all other enemies/guards. He will be located right near the exit of the compound you are currently in. Once he has finished talking with the guard. Once the conversation has finished, follow him and quickly kill him.

    Liberate slaves from the slaves barracks

    This objective will begin once you have completed the eavesdropping section of the memory. Before heading back to Bastienne, return to the area in which you started to find 3 guards watching over some slaves. Kill all three to liberate the slaves and complete the objective. You will have to kill all three guards before they have a chance to attack and kill the slaves so remain hidden and assassinate them stealthy.

    Memory 6 - A scientific inquiry

    As soon as you start the memory make sure you do not equip any weapon as in order to get 100% synchronization you must not kill any enemies. Using only your fists will result in you knocking enemies out as opposed to killing them. To disarm yourself, simply press . Once you have knocked out a guard, be sure not to press again when they are on the ground, as this will result in you assassinating them.

    Note: If you knock an enemy out, then this objective will disappear from the list of objectives at the end of the mission as the game will still think you have killed an enemy. To get around this, when you complete one of the other objectives the game will save. Simply reload the checkpoint at this point and the objective will reappear. Thanks to SoPoF for pointing this out.

    Complete all 5 investigations

    Although you only need to complete 3 out of 5 investigations to progress the mission, you will need to complete all 5 to get 100% synchronization.

    Each investigation will require you to activate Eagle Eye when you are close to the yellow magnifying glass icon. If you fail any of the investigations, just press and reload the previous checkpoint. You make a new checkpoint after each investigation so there won't be much backtracking required if you do fail one. The investigations include:

    • Following the thief on the ship and stealing his letter/package by looting his body after knocking him out
    • Steal the key from the jailer and open the slave pen
    • Steal the letter from the letter carrier (easiest done if you don't knock him out as there are a lot of guards in the area so just pickpocket him by holding near him)
    • Eavesdrop the scientist
    • Find the courier (located just behind the shooting range in the green circle, he is leaning against the building) and chase him down to interrogate him

    Do not kill anyone while investigating

    As previously stated, unarm yourself at the beginning of the memory as to avoid killing any enemies. Furthermore, when you knock them out be careful not to press when they are on the ground otherwise you will assassinate them, failing the objective.

    Note: If you knock an enemy out this objective will disappear from the list of objectives at the end of the mission as the game will still think you have killed an enemy. To get around this, when you complete one of the other objectives the game will save. Simply reload the checkpoint at this point and the objective will reappear. Thanks to SoPoF for pointing this out.

    Memory 7 - Plant the seeds

    Sink the pirate schooners before sinking the brig

    The schooners are the smaller weaker ships that are trailing the main ship, the brig. There are 6 schooners that must be destroyed before you can start firing at the brig. The schooners can be identified by either looking down the spyglass by holding or by looking at the health bar of the ship when you are in close range. The health bar will be much smaller then that of the brig. Simply destroy all 6 schooners before taking down the brig.

    Destroy the pirate flotilla in 5 minutes

    For this objective you must destroy all 7 ships pursuing the Vautour within 6 minutes. There is no on screen timer so it is hard to know what time you are at. You should have plenty of time so I wouldn't worry to much about this objective.

    Memory 8 - Down with the ship

    Take less then 50% damage during the naval fight

    There are three ships guarding the slave ship in which you must destroy whilst taking less then 50% damage to your own ship. I suggest upgrading the defense and attack of your ship as much as possible before you do this mission as this will greatly help with this objective. Start attacking from a far distance as the enemies ships attack is poor at a far range. Once they star firing at you hold to brace the impact of the canon balls as this will reduce the amount of damage you will take.

    Liberate 15 slaves

    Once you have boarded the slave ship head below deck to find numerous groups of chained up slaves. You will need to attack the irons in which bind them in order to free/liberate them. These locations are depicted by a light blue glowing light. The slaves are in groups of 3 and in order to liberate them you will need to correctly execute a short QTE. This will either involve correctly pressing three buttons in a row or simply spamming a single button until the meter is full. Keep moving around the area below deck to find groups of slaves. You will easily have enough time to liberate 15 before the next cutscene triggers.

    Memory 9 - de Fayet's last stand

    Kill 5 guards with the blunderbuss

    This is very easy to obtain, and I highly suggest you do this objective whilst going for the Firepower trophy. Once inside the compound, de Fayet will start to run. Chase him and pretty much every guard in the game will begin to chase you as well. Simply turn around, hold to aim the blunderbuss and press to fire. If you aim in the general direction of the mod of guards in pursuit you will easily unlock this trophy.

    It's worth noting that in order to satisfy this objective you do not need to kill 5 guards with a single hit, however, you do need to for the Firepower trophy so I suggest doing it at the same time.

    Kill de Fayet with the branding iron

    For more details, see His Own Medicine.

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  • Once I finished the game (with a score of 98%), I dallied about--intermidably--in Port au Prince, perfecting Adé's combat-skiills w/machete, blunderbuss, rope-darts, etc; by the time his 'bank-account' had exceeded just over 500,000 R, I knew that he (which is to say I..to be certain) was more than ready, willing-&-able to halt the advance of 5-oncoming-guards w/but a single blast of his 'Thunder-buss' ..AND leave at lasting-impression on Gouveneur de Fayet. Mercifully, the guards never knew what hit 'em. de Fayet, however, was not so fortunate! Combustibly yours, Spectre
  • Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXT-lYqKi5Y

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