Seeds of independence Trophy

  • Seeds of independence


    Liberate 500 slaves.

    In order to unlock this trophy you must liberate/save 500 slaves throughout the game. There are a range of locations and methods available to you that will result in varying numbers of slaves being liberated. These include-

    • Auctioneer (3 slaves)
    • Jail (4 slaves)
    • Convoy (3 slaves)
    • Slave ship (80+ slaves)
    • Slave pen (4 slaves)
    • Injury (1 slave)
    • Auction (3 slaves)
    • Maroon resistance (2 slaves)
    • Punishment (slaves)
    • Escape (1 slave)
    • Plantations (30+ slaves)

    Each of the above liberation methods will yield a varying number of slaves but the best ones to target are plantations and slave ships as they will reward you with between 30-40 and 90 slaves respectively. These can be difficult early in the game to liberate as there can be 20+ enemies in the surrounding area in which you must kill in order to liberate the slaves. If you are detected within plantations, enemies will start killing slaves, thus reducing the overall number in which are available to you to liberate. As such, I suggest leaving these two liberation locations till later in the game when you have bought a few upgrades.The remaining liberation options listed above will reward you with between 1-5. You will come across many of these throughout the main island or Port-au-Prince, and the majority of which are relatively easy to complete as there are only between 1-5 enemies in which you must kill.

    Each liberation location will be displayed on the map which can be accessed by pressing . If you move the cursor over any of the available liberation icons present on the map it will tell you how many slaves are available to be liberated. You can check the progress of the total number of slaves you have liberated at any time by pressing to access the pause menu and then scrolling up to 'resistance'. For the icons for all the above listed slave liberation locations, press to access the map, then to open up the legend and then scroll all the way to the bottom.

    Note: There is a cooling off period between each slave liberation location. The smaller the number of slaves that can be liberated at a location the quicker it will reappear. For example: A liberated injured slave will reappear much quicker then a liberated plantation.

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  • Liberating the 1st 500 was but a 'tip-of-the-iceberg.' --since there eventually followed 9,500 more 'ere' Adé had sheathed his blade.
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