• Estimated trophy difficulty: 4/10 (personal estimate) Site Rating: 3.4/10
  • Offline trophies: 51 (35trophy_bronze.png, 14trophy_silver.png, 1trophy_gold.png, 1trophy_platinum.png)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 120-130 hours Site Rating: 100+ Hours
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 0
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No
  • Do trophies stack?: Yes, the PS4 and PS5 versions are separate lists
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats
  • Additional peripherals required?: No

Welcome to the latest Assassin's Creed.  This follows the same style of Origins and Odyssey that have a huge open world with a large amount of side activities.  If you long for the days of the more stealthy Assassin's Creed games, there is a bit more stealth action in this one, but you'll find more of an RPG experience like Breath of the Wild.  Enjoy the exploration into vikink culture, Dark Ages England, and Norse mythology.
Thank you to Ashbo for creating the banner and headers.

Step 1 - Complete the Story
Completing the game will earn you all of the story related trophies and some of the others as you go along.  While you're working on the story you can either focus on your quests or work on side activities as you go. Some side activities, like the Daughters of Lerion or Lost Drengrs, will likely be a higher level than you, so you will have to go back for some of them later.  It's fine to leave collectibles and most of the side activities for after the story. However, there is one quest that you need to pay special attention to.  In Jotunheim, there is a quest called The Lost Cauldron.  There is an area that you cannot get back to after you complete the quest.  There are two treasures in that quest that you must collect. 
Trophies earned in this step:
Step 2 - Exploration
This is probably where you'll spend the bulk of your time.  There are so many side activities, treasures, and other collectibles to find.  The best way is to go one territory at a time.  Each one has a little counter on screen to easily check your progress in each area.  Like before, you may find yourself fighting something that you're too low level for, so you can come back later, or keep trying. 
The one trophy that you need to spend time focusing on is Overdesign II trophy_silver.png.  It'll likely take several hours to unlock and once you're over power level 300, you'll need to remove skills since the highest leveled territory is 340.
Trophies earned in this step:

Assassin's Creed: Valhalla Trophy Guide

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93 trophies ( 30  61  30  )

  • Win Every Trophy

    Skal!! Gratulerer venn!!!
  • Complete your first raid in England

    Story related and cannot be missed. This will be available after settling at your camp in England.  The best location to go on your first raid is at Alecestre Monastery. Finding both of the chests in the monastery, marked as gold barrels on your compass, will complete the raid. 
  • Create a Jomsviking

    Once you build a barracks at your settlement, speak with the person in front of it to customize your Jomsviking. 
  • Complete a Standing Stone puzzle

    Standing Stone puzzles are a bluish dot on your compass from far away and look like three pillars on your map/compass when you get close enough.  Push r3.png to activate your Odin vision and that will reveal partial symbols on some of the stones.  That will also reveal the stone that shows the symbol that you want to recreate.  If you can’t find it, it’ll be a smaller stone, usually near the center.  Nearby the standing stones will be something that you can stand on, a tree or a rock, for example, from which you can align the partial symbols to match the full symbol.
    See the Collectible Guide for more info.
  • Complete 3 Cairn challenges

    Cairns are stacks of stones and the blue icon resembles those.  To complete these, you’ll have to rotate and place a stack of stones without knocking them over.  Each challenge has a height that you must reach in order to complete it.  
    See the Collectible Guide for more info.
  • Collect 5 Treasure Hoard rewards (Base game only)

    Treasure Hoards are maps that you find.  They look like a white scroll on your map/compass.  When you find one, look at the map in your inventory.  It’ll be a hand drawn map and you will have to go to the location on it to find the treasure there.  There are 21 to collect in England and Norway. 
    See the Collectible Guide for more info.
  • Perform a 150m slide in the snow

    The best place that I found for this one is on Fannaraki Summit in Norway.  There’s a long slope on the southern side that you can easily get a long enough slide.

  • Defeat one Daughter of Lerion

    The Daughters of Lerion are among the blue mysteries on the map.  They appear as a blue crown.  They are boss fights and you need to be pretty highly leveled in order to defeat them.  Fortunately, there are only three of them.  
    • Goneril (Grantebridgescire) - Power level 90
    • Regan (East Anglia)  - Power level 160
    • Cordelia (East Anglia) - (Power level 340)
    Goneril is the easiest and is the one you should go after for this trophy.  All of them have similar teleporting abilities, but each will have a different elemental ability.  Goneril has a poison ability, Regan uses fire, and Cordelia uses lightning.  Parrying and using your abilities, like the Throwing Axe Fury, Rage of Helheim, and Dive of the Valkyries, are the keys to defeating each of them. 
  • Assassinate an enemy from your horse

    When you’re on your horse, crouch on it’s back with circle.png and then slowly ride up near an unaware enemy.  If you did it right, you’ll be able to push r1.png and leap off for an assassination. 
  • Assassinate 10 enemies in a row without triggering a conflict

    The earliest point that I found that I could easily do this was in The Walls of Templebrough quest.  It’s a very large area with plenty of guards alone.  There are plenty of other locations in which this can be done though.  The main thing to worry about is getting the assassinations, not using your bow for long range kills since they won’t count as assassinations, and staying out of sight.

  • Complete 10 World Events

    World events are pretty common and appear as a blue star, when you get close enough, on your compass. The requirements are pretty straightforward and there are dozens of events to be found on the map. 
  • While on fire during a fight, kill 3 hard difficulty soldiers without breaking their shields

    This is the most annoying trophy in the game. You should be aware that this trophy is extremely specific and you will likely have to try it multiple times. 

    First things first, hard difficulty doesn’t mean you need to change the actual difficulty to hard. This is determined by your power level.  The territory will need to be at least 40 levels above your current power level. You can see which enemies are hard by the icon next to their health bar.  If it is a red skull, they will qualify for this trophy. I would also recommend fighting the larger enemies with gold health bars since their shields are tougher to break. You can set your own fire with your torch to make this a bit easier.  When you’re standing in fire, above your adrenaline bar, there will be a red circle that will slowly fill up.  After it does, you’ll have a few seconds while you’re on fire to get the kills. The best way to do this is to bring their health down very low, set a fire, stand in it, and kill one at a time.  You can return to the fire after killing each one.  As long as you don’t leave combat, it will still work.  There are several places to do this, but I had the best luck in Werham, in the southern part of Hamtunscire.  There is one guard near the fast travel point and if you run to the town gate, there are two more there, as well as spots where you can easily light a fire.  As it is Hamtunscire, all of the enemies will be at 340, so you will still be 40 points lower, even later in the game.  If you do get your power level too high (over 300) without doing this, you can reset skill nodes.  That will bring down your power level.

  • Complete all territories

    In order to complete all territories, you have to find all of the wealth (gold dots) and artifacts (white dots) and complete all of the mysteries (blue dots).
    • Offering Altar - Collect items from animals and offer them as a tribute.
    • Lost Drengr - These are boss fights against people that want to get to Valhalla.
    • Fly Agaric - These will be either a simple portal puzzle or killing a wave of enemies. 
    • Flying Paper - These will be found in cities and towns.  They’ll be blown away by the wind and you’ll have to chase them down to collect.
    • Rigsogur Fragment - These are scrolls that are all a piece of a story.  They are by far the easiest of the artifacts.
    For the Treasure Hoards, some treasure locations may glitch on you and they either may not appear or may not be able to be picked up.  As long as you pick up the map, it will count as completing the artifact for that territory.  You only need to find five maps for Old School Treasure Hunt trophy_bronze.png . See the Collectible Guide for more info.
    The last and most important thing to be aware of, is that some events may glitch on you and the only possible fix is to go back to an earlier save.  My recommendation is to make a backup save before you start clearing out each territory so that if an event glitches on you, you won't lose too much progress.  The two more common to glitch are the world events the Pig of Prophecy in Cent and The Boar With the Golden Nose in Essexe.  The latter can be fixed by finding the next treasure.  The former, as of now, cannot be fixed and needs a patch from Ubisoft.  
    • Rygjajyllke
    • Hordafylkke
    • Ledecestrescire
    • Grantebridgescire
    • East Anglia
    • Lunden
    • Oxenefordscire
    • Lincolnscire
    • Sciropescire
    • Snotinghamscire
    • Eurvicscire
    • Glowcestrescire
    • Hamtunscire
    • Wincestre
    • Suthsexe
    • Cent
    • Essexe
    • Jorvik
    • Asgard
    • Jotunheim
    • Vinland

    Update note (12/15/2020): As of game update 1.1.0, the location in The Lost Cauldron quest in Jotunheim has been fixed.  After completing the quest, you can re-enter the area with the two treasures.

    Patch 1.04 Update: If you're missing locations, this patch added people that wander in each area that you can pay to reveal the location of a treasure, mystery or artifact. You will find them often along the roads and are marked with a big question mark. 
    Patch 1.1.0 Update: If you have already found everything in Vinland, you will have to go back to Vinland to find one more treasure. They added one additional ingot in this update.
  • Ram and destroy 5 boats in under 2 minutes with your longship (Base game only)

    The location that I’d recommend doing this is near Lunden. The Thames is a wide river that has a good amount of smaller boats. Once you take command of your boat, hold down cross.png to raise the sail.  It’s the only way to get enough speed necessary to destroy smaller boats.  Two minutes is plenty of time and you should be able to find five boats along the Thames.  
  • Reach Power 280

    Your power level is determined by the number of skills that you’ve unlocked in the skill tree. Each time you level up, you will get skill points to use.  Completing mysteries, the blue icons on the map, will also give you one skill point. The only mysteries that don’t give skill points are world events.
  • Reach settlement level 3

    The level of your settlement is determined by the buildings that you help put up and the alliances that you make.  Completing Ledecestrscire and Grantebridgescire, along with building a few structures should be enough to get you to level 3.
  • Reach settlement level 6

    This is a long grind of raiding and building every possible structure in your settlement.  You’ll have to construct every building and make most of the alliances to reach level 6.  By the time you finish raiding all of the monasteries, you may still be short on supplies.  For those, you’ll need to find bandit camps in the area to find smaller chests in order to build up your supplies.
    • Stables
    • Seer’s Hut
    • Alvis and Holger’s House
    • Museum
    • Hunter’s Hut
    • Brewery
    • Trading Post
    • Bakery
    • Fishing Hut
    • Barracks
    • Shipyard
    • Blacksmith
    • Hidden Ones Bureau
    • Cartographer
    • Kari’s House
    • Hunwald and Swanburrow’s House
    • Tattoo Shop
    • Madya’s House
    • Cattle Farm (plus 3 upgrades)
    • Grain Farm (plus 2 upgrades)
    • Fowl Farm (plus 3 upgrades)
  • Place an item on each settlement cosmetic spot (Base game only)

    There are pedestals that resemble a small, red dragon around Ravensthorpe that will allow you to add something decorative.  As you level up your settlement, more locations are added.  
    • At the dock (2)
    • At the hunter’s hut
    • Between tattoo shop and stables
    • By the museum
    • At the bakery (2)
    • Between the bakery and the brewery
    • At the shipyard
    • At the long house (2)
    • At the grain farm
    • At the trading post
    • Behind Kari’s house
    • At Olsen the cartographer’s house
  • Successfully pass close to a guard in a distrust area by blending with a group of monks

    During the quest A Bloody Welcome in the Cent arc, you will have to go to Canterbury.  If you follow the quest marker to the western gate, there will be a group of monks outside.  Hold down triangle.png to blend in them.  Start moving towards the gate with the two guards posted outside of it.  Pass close enough to one of them to see the prompt for an assassination and that will unlock the trophy.

  • Equip 8 abilities

    Abilities are found through either the gold book icon with a rune that is among the wealth that you will collect, given to you by specific people, or from your skill tree.  There are far more than eight, so acquiring enough for this trophy isn’t difficult.
  • Fully upgrade and enhance a piece of gear

    You will need the blacksmith to be able to enhance gear as well as ingots found in the world.  Weapons require three ingots to enhance them and armor only requires one ingot.  The ingots are found in wealth locations (gold dots) that resemble three bricks. The higher level the area, the higher level the ingots.  
    • Fine to Superior- Carbon ingots
    • Superior to Flawless - Nickel ingots
    • Flawless to Mythical - Tungsten ingots
    You can also upgrade the weapons and armor pieces in your inventory using leather, iron ore, fabric, and titanium that you’ll commonly find in the world or purchase from vendors..  
    To get this trophy, you’ll need to upgrade one piece of gear (cloak, chest armor, helmet, bracers, boots, bow, weapon, or shield) to Mythical and fill in all 10 of the upgrade slots.
  • Get thrown 30 meters away by a destroyer or a housecarl

    The easiest place to do this is in Venonis in Ledecestrescire.  There will be a goliath at the top of a ruin that you’ll need to climb up a pair of ladders to reach. Try to position yourself near the edge so that when he does his attack where he grabs and throws you, he will throw you off of the ruin.  If you die in the fall, it’s fine, the trophy will unlock anyway. 
  • Release a firefly in your settlement

    Fireflies only appear at night and are pretty hard to spot.  The location below in Grantebridgescire is a good place to find them.  Once you spot one, follow it as it flies away and when you’re close enough, push triangle.png to get it.  
    After you have one, return to Ravensthorpe and go to the pond next to Valka’s hut.  You will get a prompt to release a firefly.  
  • Complete all Roman collector challenges

    There are 52 Roman masks that you need to find in England.  Once you have all 52, return them all to Octavian in the museum in your settlement. See the Collectible Guide for more info.
  • Beat all the Orlog players

    Orlog is a turn based dice game.  There are three rounds to each turn, with the two players alternating who rolls the dice first. On the faces of the dice, there are five different symbols that you can get, arrow, axe, shield, helmet, or hand.  The arrow and axe will do direct damage to the other player, if they are not blocked by the shield or helmet, respectively.  The hand steals tokens from the other player.  Tokens are used for special god-based abilities.  There are nine different god abilities and you get them when you beat other players.  The only ways to get tokens are to steal them with the hand or if your dice have faces with an orange border.  Those are the dice that you want to play as it is the fastest way to build up tokens for the special abilities.

    Each game starts with you calling heads or tails to see who goes first.  Let’s say for this that you get to go first.  You’ll roll all six of your dice.  You can choose any, all, or none of the dice to play.  The other play will then roll and do the same thing.  In all, you’ll roll your dice three times. What follows is the god phase and then the resolution phase. If you have enough tokens, you’ll be able to use one of your abilities. The resolution phase will show how the dice that you and your opponent chose plays out. Depending on which ability you chose, it will either be used after the resolution phase plays out, or if it affects the dice, then it will play out before the resolution phase. Whenever it plays out, your goal is to take all 15 of your opponent’s health away. 

    The locations of the players are listed below. Each one of them will appear on your map/compass as a white pair of dice.  
    • Fornburg (Norway)
    • Stavanger (Norway)
    • Ravensthorpe - (after building the barracks) (Ledecestrescire)
    • Ragnarsson War Camp (Ledecestrescire)
    • Grantebridge (Grantebridgescire)
    • Northwic (East Anglia)
    • Lunden
    • Buckingham (Oxenefordscire)
    • Quartford (Sciropescire)
    • Jorvik
    • Picheringa (Eurvicscire)
    • Donacestre (Eurvicscire)
    • Folcanstan (Cent)
    • Colcestre (Essexe)
    • Fearnhamme (Hamtunscire)
    • Wincestre
    • Crawleah (Suthsexe)
    • Grimsby (Lincolnscire)
    • Glowcestre (Glowcestrescire)
  • Catch a fish of each type using the fishing line

    Before you can fish, you’ll need to get to level 3 with your settlement and then build the Fishing Hut. Once you do, you’ll be able to fish by holding dpad_down.png and then using the right stick to select fishing.  Hold down l2.png to aim where you want to cast your line and r2.png to throw it.  When you see a little splash near your line, press r2.png to hook the fish.  If you were successful, use the left stick and keep tapping cross.png to bring it in.

    A list of the fish and where to catch them is below. You only have to catch one of each and the size doesn't matter.  
    • Eel - Ponds, rivers or lakes in Ledecestrescire, Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, Oxenefordscire, and Sciropescire
    • Perch - Ponds, rivers or lakes in Ledecestrescire, Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, Oxenefordscire, Sciropescire, Lincolnscire, Eurvicscire, and Snotinghamscire
    • Bullhead - Ponds, rivers or lakes in Ledecestrescire, Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, Oxenefordscire, Sciropescire, Essexe, Lincolnscire, Eurvicscire, Glowcestrescire, and Snotinghamscire
    • Brown Trout - Ponds, rivers or lakes in Ledecestrescire, Sciropescire, Lincolnscire, Eurvicscire, Glowcestrescire, and Snotinghamscire
    • Halibut - Off the coasts of Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, Lincolnscire, and Euvicscire
    • Shad - Off the coasts of Grantebridgescire, East Anglia, Lincolnscire, and Euvicscire
    • Haddock - Off the coasts of East Anglia, Lincolnscire, and Euvicscire
    • Cod - Off the coasts of East Anglia, Cent, and Essexe
    • Burbot - Ponds, rivers, and lakes of Oxenefordscire, Cent, Sciropescire, Suthsexe, Glowcestrescire, and Hamtunscire
    • Pollock - Rivers and lakes of Cent, Essex, Suthsexe, and Hamtunscire
    • Flatfish - Off the coasts of Cent, Essex, Suthsexe, and Hamtunscire
    • Bream - Off the coasts of Cent, Essex, Suthsexe, and Hamtunscire
    • Salmon - Rivers and lakes of Lincolnscre, Eurvicscire, and Snotinghamscire
    • Grey Trout - Rivers and lakes of Cent, Essex, Suthsexe, and Hamtunscire
    • Sturgeon - Seas and rivers of Cent, Suthsexe, and Hamtunscire
    • Redfish - Seas of Rygjafylke and Hordafylke
    • Mackeral - Seas of Rygjafylke and Hordafylke
    • Hake - Seas of Rygjafylke and Hordafylke
    • Arctic Char - Seas of Rygjafylke and Hordafylke
  • Spend your first Mastery point

    To earn Mastery points, you need to reach the maximum power level, 400.  Every time you level up from 400 on, you will earn Mastery points to one of the skill trees for small stat increases: Bear Mastery (melee damage, melee resistance, and health), Wolf Mastery (ranged damge, range resistance, and health), or Raven Mastery (assassination damage, evasion, and health). 
  • Light the unlit braziers on Hadrian's Wall

    Hadrian’s wall is in the very northern part of England in Euvicscire and it will run the entire width of the map.  There are about 45 braziers that you need to light by throwing your torch at them.  Some are not right on the main part of the wall, they are off to the side or on a tower but all are within throwing distance of your torch. 
  • Complete all the flytings

    Flyting is a game of insults that you find at specific locations in the world.  They’ll be one of the blue mysteries, a face this time.  The idea is to match your opponent’s rhythm and rhyme.  It’s kind of fun and to win, you’ll have to get two of the three insults correct.

    Alvis (Fornburg)  -
    • I’ll recall what you’ve taught me ere I enter the fray.
    • Then I’ll tell you you’ve nothing inside of your skull.
    • I will flyt you with flourish and best you with flair!
    Fergal the Faceless (Grantebridgescire)
    • But your rhythm is clumsy, you’ll never outpace me.
    • There has never been so weak an insult as that.
    • You’re not a talented flyter, Fergal.
    Jungulf (Repton)
    • O, to beat such a braggart will surely be fun.
    • You’re a weakling, a milksop, a cadger, a louse.
    • Your pride is appalling, and your rhyming is worse.
    Chadwick (Northwic)
    • Then you’re speaking to fools, and their knowledge is flawed.
    • And they’re sorely mistaken, I’m known for my might.
    • Then you’ve clearly misheard them, my wit is immense.
    Hogg (Oxeneforda)
    • O, you’re barely an insect, a fly that I’ll swat.
    • You’re possessed of a baldness that’s scared off your hair.
    • You’ve the brain of a donkey, to challenge a Norse.
    Manning (Stawanger)
    • What you make up in muscles, you’re lacking in spine.
    • They seem perfectly placed to give children a scare.
    • No, you’re quite like your arms; just incredibly thick.
    Thor (Asgard)
    • O beware what you ask for, I will finish the fight.
    • I’m as wise as an owl, you’re a fool of a god.
    • Well, your victory’s not what my visions portend.
    Augusta (Lundun) *This is reversed, so only compliments.
    • You’re the picture of elegance, beauty, and grace.
    • O, your valor’s the subject of story and song.
    • It is truly a pleasure, my partner’s sublime.
    Ove (Quatford) *You’ll also have to fight him after.
    • And your thick little skull’s fit for grinding my axe on.
    • Test your might against mine and we’ll see how you do.
    • If it’s fighting you want, I shall take you on now.
    Hertha (Jorvik)
    • The one fool that I see here is up on that wall.
    • Then enjoy while you can, a great fall is at hand.
    • What’s it like feigning hugeness?  You’re naught but a gnome.
    Borghild (Picheringa)
    • Your face brings to mind the arse-end of a horse!
    • Now to look upon you leaves both my eyes in pain.
    • We should probably call truce before one of us dies.
    Stigr (Hemthorpe)
    • Yes, with words I”ll ensare you and put you to bed.
    • I’m as good with my lips as I am with my tongue.
    • While I doubt you can take me, I’ll give you a go.
    Ellette (Colcestre)
    • For they put all who hear them to sleep.
    • I’ll defeat you and banish all doubt.
    • Lend a salve, for your words make me ill.
    Alwin/Quiecis (Canterbury)
    • Though you speak through another, your flyting’s still poor.
    • Though you choose to be quiet, your folly is loud.
    • With such drivel to speak, I see why you keep mum.
    Fenn (Hamtunscire)
    • Nay, one thousand’s a pittance, it’s closer to ten.
    • It is not mine to judge, only fill up the graves.
    • To ensure that I’ll sit in Valhalla one day.
    Ratatosk (Jotunheim)
    • I should like to see you try.
    • They’re too dull to conquer me. 
    • I grow weary of your squeak.
  • Defeat all Alpha animals (Base game only)

    The Alpha animals are not called such on the map, they are called Legendary Animals.  They will appear as one of the mysteries, a paw.  There are nine of them to find.  A checklist of them is available from Wallace in the Hunting Shop in your settlement. Steinnbjorn in Jotunheim (Power level 400) doesn’t count as one of these, but he will count as a mystery for that territory.  
    • Elk of Bloody Peaks (Rygjajyllke, Norway - Power level 20)
    • Black Shuck (East Anglia - Power level 90)
    • The Corpse Feeders (Oxenefordscire - Power level 130)
    • Beast of the Hills (Sciropoescire - Power level 180)
    • Gemad-Wulf (Lincolnscire  - Power level 220)
    • Aelfred’s Battle-Sow (Suthsexe - Power level 250)
    • Blood Swine (Eurvicscire  - Power level 310)
    • Beast of the Blue Waters (Hordafylke - Power level 310)
    • Wildcats of the Weald (Hamtunscire - Power level 340)
    Most of them are pretty straightforward.  Dodging, focusing on their hind end, and using your abilities are very effective.  For some, using ranged attacks is helpful in other fights.  The one fight that is a little different are the Wildcats of the Weald.  There are two lynxes that you will fight, and the smaller one will sometimes jump on your back, quickly draining your health.  Roll on the ground by holding SQUARE to knock it off.  This will unlock after killing the last one.
  • Destroy 10 Curse Symbols (Base game only)

    Curse symbols are marked as white markers on the map/compass. Once you get close enough, they look like a white circle with spikes. There will also be a message on your screen saying that the area is cursed. Make your way to the center of the area and there will be a red skull and you can destroy to lift the curse. 

Secret trophies

  • Complete the Prologue

    Story related and cannot be missed.
  • Leave Norway

    Story related and cannot be missed. Will unlock after The Seas of Fate quest.
  • Complete the Grantebridgescire Arc

    Recommended power level: 20
    After completing Settling Down, you will have the option of choosing to pledge to one of two places, Ledecestrescire or Grantebridgescire.  Obviously, choose Grantebridgescire for this trophy and make your way south to Duroliport and speak with Magni.  This starts the arc and the storyline covers the quests listed below.
    • The Great Scattered Army
    • Orphans of the Fens
    • Glory Regained
    • Razing Earningstone
    • Unholy Father
    • Storming Ravensburg
    • The Stench of Treachery
    • An Island of Eels
  • Complete the Lunden Arc

    Recommended Power: 90
    Story related and cannot be missed.  The Lunden arc is available after building a brotherhood hall in your settlement.  It’s probably best to do this after East Anglica to get your power level up first. 
    • Walls and Shadows
    • Bleeding the Leech
    • Firing the Arrow
    • Smashing the Compass
  • Complete the East Anglia Arc

    Recommended Power: 55

    Story related and cannot be missed.  After completing Ledecestrscire and Grantebridgescire, your settlement will be attacked.  The East Anglica storyline will then open up. The quests to complete are listed below.
    • Kingmaker
    • The Measure of a Norseman
    • A Triumphant Return
    • Raising Iron
    • A Fury From the Sea
    • Wedding Horns
  • Complete the Cent Arc

    Recommended power level: 130

    Story related and cannot be missed.  This will become available after completing the Oxenefordscire arc. 
    • The Abbot’s Gambit
    • Puppets and Prisoners
    • The Man Behind the Man
    • A Bloody Welcome
  • Complete the Suthsexe Arc

    Recommended Power: 160

    Story related and cannot be missed.  Suthsexe becomes available after completing the Cent arc.  
    • Reaver of the South
    • Arrive Unexpected
    • Severing the Lines
    • Let Them Eat Ashes
    • Scorched Earth
    • Storming the Walls
  • Complete the Wincestre Arc

    Recommended Power: 250

    Story related and cannot be missed.  This will be available after completing the Suthsexe arc. 
    • The Reeve of Wincestre
    • Choking the Gallows
    • Plucking the Quill
    • Impaling the Seax
  • Complete the Asgard and Jotunheim quests

    Asgard Recommended Power: 90
    Jotunheim Recommended Power: 190

    Story related and cannot be missed. After reaching settlement level 3, the seer Valka will arrive.  She will ask you to build her a house and complete a short quest of gathering materials for a potion.  Once you fall asleep, you will awaken in Asgard.  
    • View Above All
    • Well-Traveled
    • Defensive Measures
    • Extended Family
    • Forging a Bond
    • Taking Root
    • A Feline’s Footfall
    • The Big Finish
    • Going Deeper
    • Mistress of the Iron Wood
    • The Lost Cauldron
    • A Gift from the Past
    • A Feast to Remember
    • The Price of Wisdom
    • Binding Fate
    • Cheating Fate
  • Complete "The Prophecy" storyline

    Recommended power: 280

    Story related and cannot be missed.  This will become available after finishing up all available England arcs.
    • Where Legends Are Born
    • A Brother’s Keeper
  • Complete Hamtunscire Arc

    Recommended Power Level: 340

    Story related and cannot be missed.  This will become available after completing “The Prophecy” quest arc.
    • Kingdom’s End
    • Holy Day
  • Eliminate all targets of the Order of Ancients

    Partially story related, but it can't be missed.  There are 45 targets.  Some members of the Order, you'll kill as part of the story.  Those are listed below.  Others, you will have to find clues for and kill them in any order that you choose. Before you get to kill The Father, you will need to return to Hyatham after killing all other Order members.

    Story related:
    • The Axe (Norway)
    • The Tang (Grantebridgescire)
    • The Compass (Lunden arc)
    • The Arrow (Lunden arc)
    • The Leech (Lunden arc)
    • The Firebrand (Jorvik arc)
    • The Needle (Jorvik arc)
    • The Vault (Jorvik arc)
    • The Keel (Vinland arc)
    • The Crozier (Lincolnscire arc)
    • The Instrument (Suthsexe arc)
    • The Gallows (Wincestre arc)
    • The Quill (Wincestre arc)
    • The Seax (Wincestre arc)
    The non-story related you’ll need to find clues for in specific areas.  For some, you’ll get clues by completing orlog games and others you’ll have to find clues in locations listed under the person’s name.  Look out for an eye icon since those will be your clues.  Once you find all of the clues, you can select them from the Order menu and mark them on the map with square.png

    Non-story related:
    • The Baldric (Ledecestre)
    • The Scabbard (Ulbech)
    • The Vellum (Glowcestre)
    • The Billhook (Lincoln)
    • The Anvil (Oxeneforda)
    • The Dart (Quatford)
    • The Lathe (Buckingham)
    • The Adze (Repton)
    • The Ash-Spear (Forest Hideout in East Anglia)
    • The Bell (Brimcliff Monastery)
    • The Sickle (Colcestre)
    • The Oil (Fearnhamme)
    • The Rake (Canterbury)
    • The Lyre (Grantebridge)
    • The Vice (Picheringa)
    • The Father (Aethelnay)
    There are also 15 zealots that will roam around England.  They are in random locations within territories, but if you hear a horn blast, it means one is near.  If you’re having trouble finding one, moving between the fast travel points can help you locate them on your map.  
    • Cola (Lincolnscire)
    • Horsa (Oxenefordescire)
    • Redwalda (Ledecestrescire)
    • Hrothgar (Suthsexe)
    • Woden (Cent)
    • Heike (Essexe)
    • Wuffa (East Anglia)
    • Callin (Eurvicscire)
    • Cudberct (Oxenefordscire)
    • Eorforwine (Grantebridgescire)
    • Kendall (Grantebridgescire)
    • Osgar (Lincolnscire)
    • Beorhtsige (Glowecestrescire)
    • Wealdmaer (Sciropscire)
    • Bercthun (Hamtunscire)
  • Run through 30 breakable objects

    You want to focus on your melee skills (red) to get far enough into the skill tree for this to unlock. The path Stomp - Perfect Attack - Warrior Takedown - Sprint Bash. Once you have Sprint Bash unlocked, then you can push down l3.png and run through weak boxes, some fences, and clay pots. 
  • Reach Vinland

    This will be a part of the side quest, In a Strange Land.  To unlock it, you need to kill specific members of the Order of the Ancients. The Compass, The Arrow, and The Leech you will encounter during the Lunden arc.  The other two, you will have to go and find. Hunta, the Baldric is in the Ledecestre market and Leofgifu is along the coast in Ulbech in Grantebridgescire. After killing all of them, speak with Hyatham, then Randvi, and finally Nessa at the docks to head to Vinland.  You will leave behind all of your gear until the arc is completed.
  • Draw Excalibur from the Stone

    There are 11 tablets that you need to find.  Eight of them come from the blue Treasures of Britain mysteries. The other three are found on zealots.  The zealots will appear in random places in their territories.  Ride around and stick to the roads to find them. 
    • Cave of Trials - Cent
    • Grimes Graves - East Anglia
    • Santlache Mine - Suthsexe
    • Old Cellar - Essexe
    • Wiccan’s Cave - Eurvicscire
    • Deoraby Spar Cavern - Snotinghamscire
    • Red Lichen Cavern - Hamtunscire
    • Wocig - Hamtunscire
    • Hrothgar - Suthsexe (Power level 180)
    • Heike - Essexe (Power level 250)
    • Woden - Cent (Power level 220)
    Once you find all of the tablets, go to Myrddin’s Cave in Hamtunscire.  Move along the platforms until you get to a large lake.  Dive down and go through a large doorway and keep going until you can swim back up.  After a bit more platforming, you’ll come to a large room with 12 pillars at the center.  Insert the 11 tablets and you will then be able to pull Excalibur from the stone in the middle of the 12 pillars.
  • Complete your first Animus Anomaly

    These are glitches and among the blue dots that you’ll find on your compass/map.  Once you’re close enough, it’ll show as a triangle facing down.  You’ll be controlling Layla for these events and will have to parkour along a series of platforms.  The platforming isn’t bad and there is mild puzzle solving using the lasers to solidify unstable platforms. 
  • Swim a total of 3km with the horse

    Once you’re able to upgrade buildings in your first settlement, upgrade the stables and speak with Rowan.  One of the riding upgrades that you can purchase allows the horses to be trained to swim.  After that, it’s just a matter of riding your horse through water that is deep enough for them to swim.
  • Obtain all video fragments and watch the hidden truth video

    Each of the Animus Anomalies has a short video clip at the end.  After you complete the 10th anomaly, the hidden truth video will play automatically.
  • Obtain Thor's Helmet

    Each of the Lerion sisters will give you one dagger when you defeat them.  See Witch Hunter trophy_bronze.png  for more info.  
    Once you collect all three, you will need to head to the Lerion estate in East Anglia.  Go down the stairs in the crypt next to the house and make your way through the tunnels.  You’ll find a place where you can insert all three daggers as keys.  Continue following the stairs down to a chest with the helmet.
  • Wield Mjolnir

    In addition to dropping the daggers needed for Godly Reward trophy_silver.png, they will also drop a piece of Thor’s armor. Again, see Witch Hunter trophy_bronze.png for more info. After you eliminate all members of the Order (see Disorder of the Ancients trophy_gold.png), Hyatham will give Thor’s Cloak. Once you have Thor’s complete armor set, you can return to Hordafyllke in Norway and go to the location shown below. You will need to have Thor's full armor set equipped in order to hold Mjolnir.

DLC: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla Wrath of the Druids

9 trophies


Secret trophies

  • Complete the Wrath of the Druids campaign (Wrath of the Druids).

  • Collect all the amber shards for Deirdre (Wrath of the Druids).

  • Equip a Sickle in both hands (Wrath of the Druids).

  • Find the full Dublin Champion armor set (Wrath of the Druids).

DLC: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla: Mastery Challenge

2 trophies

  • Get your first Gold Medal in Mastery Challenge (Part 1)

  • Earn all Gold Medals available in Mastery Challenge (Part 1)

DLC: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla The Siege of Paris

9 trophies

  • Complete the Siege of Paris campaign (The Siege of Paris).

  • Complete all territories of Francia (The Siege of Paris).

  • Defeat all three Frankish Nobles (The Siege of Paris).

  • Reach maximum Infamy in the Rebel Missions (The Siege of Paris).

  • Defeat the Ghost Auroch Boss (The Siege of Paris).

  • Kill an enemy with a scythe while wearing the full Reaper armor set (The Siege of Paris).

  • Pat all the cats in Evreux (The Siege of Paris).

  • Complete 10 Rebel Missions (The Siege of Paris).


Secret trophies

  • Enter the Assassin Bureau in Francia (The Siege of Paris).

DLC: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla: Tombs of the Fallen

2 trophies

DLC: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla Dawn of Ragnarök

9 trophies


Secret trophies

DLC: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla: Mastery Challenge The Reckoning (Part 2)

1 trophies

  • Earn all Gold Medals available in Mastery Challenge

DLC: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla: The Forgotten Saga

9 trophies

  • Reunite the dead within Kaldstad, Døkkerland and Nidheim (The Forgotten Saga)

  • Defeat Nidhogg without using an Elk Shrine (The Forgotten Saga)

  • Knock 10 enemies off of ledges using the Kick of Tyr Ability (The Forgotten Saga)

  • Find Hel's Majordomo (The Forgotten Saga)

  • Buy all of Nar's Favors at least once (The Forgotten Saga)

  • Defeat Hel, ruler of Niflheim (The Forgotten Saga)

  • Return to Odin's Camp for the first time (The Forgotten Saga)


Secret trophies

DLC: Assassin's Creed® Valhalla: Tombs of the Fallen: Buried Knowledge

1 trophies

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