• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 45 (32, 11, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 6 (6)
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 30 - 50hrs (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1+ Clean Up
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Master Architect, Ransacking Versailles, I Got Skills
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No Difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No Cheats

Assassin's Creed Unity is next instalment in the Assassin's Creed franchise. The game is set in Paris during during the 18th Century, at the time of the 1789 French revolution. You take on the role of Arno, a young man wounded by the loss of loved ones, who turns to the assassins for help to seek redemption and revenge. His pursuit for this won't be easy, as Paris struggles with uprisings in the streets and the inhabitants fighting back for freedom, food and equality. This ruthless struggle will push Arno to his limits and train him to become a master assassin. Unity is the first AC game to introduce co-op. This mode allows up to 4 players to free roam the streets of Paris or to complete missions together. The city is also the most dense that an Assassin's creed game has ever been. Most buildings have interiors you can traverse through and a staggering 10,000 NPCs can be on-screen at once.

As for the plat, it is fairly simple. You need to complete all the challenges in the main story missions (In other words, 100% sync) and also collect a total of 402 collectibles. This may sound like a hell of a lot but they are marked on the map so it is a little easier. It's just going to take you a long time to collect them all. You also need to complete side missions, as well as fulfil the requirements for a few of the misc trophies. Finally, there is co-op. This will not take very long and all you need to do it complete all 18 missions either solo or with a group. I highly recommenced finding a group and playing with them. It will make the trophies easier and the game a lot more fun. There are no missable trophies. There have been reports of a few glitched trophies, such as Master Architect and I got Skills. It is not known why these glitch. I will update the guide once more is known about them.

Step 1: Complete the Main Storyline, Complete All The Optional Objectives In Each Of The Memories (Single Player Challenges)

The first thing you want to do is just complete the story and enjoy it for what it is. I do recommenced you go for the challenges in each memory as it will save you having to replay memories later on. The challenges are simple enough and just require you to get kills in a certain way most of the time. It isn't like past assassin's creed games where there are lots of specific tasks you need to complete. The main story is fairly short, with most sequences only having 3-4 memories in them. This step will take you about 10hrs if you are going for the challenges as well. This will cut back on the plat time but it may lower the overall experience of the story if you focus on challenges. As well as completing the story, you want to watch out for any chests and cockades. There's 294 chests and 128 cockades so if you can get some of these as you play, it won't feel like such a drag in the next step. Finally, if you see any crowd events, make sure to complete them. These are randomly generated so you may as well get 10 out of the way instead of searching for them post game.

To summarize, for your first playthrough you'll want to:

  • Complete Sequences 1 through 12.
  • Try to complete all the challenges (100% Sync).
  • Make sure to collect any Cockade you see or to open any chest. This will save time later on.
  • Complete any crowd event you see, when you are on your way to mission markers. This will save time later on.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:
A Long Time Ago
Youth In Versailles
First Blood
La Cour des Miracles
The Root Of Evil
Secret Meeting
Mystery Solved
Bloody Trail
Road To Starvation
Love And Duty
Down But Not Out
Curtain Call
I Want It All
Blade In The Crowd
Falling From The Sky
Help Me!
The Bells! The Bells!

Step 2: Side Missions, Collectibles and Misc trophies

This is the most time consuming step. You need to renovate all the social clubs and complete all of their missions, complete all cafe theatre missions, complete all the Nostradamus Enigmas, complete all the training missions, complete a murder mystery, complete all the helix rifts, collect all 128 cockades, sync all viewpoints, open all 294 chests and finally clear up any misc trophies. This is the bulk of the plat and it's going to take you about 20hrs to complete all of this. The collectibles are a nightmare as there is so many of them. My best advice for those is to clear each district out before moving onto another. You will be able to see progress then and you won't lose the will to live by mindlessly walking around opening chests up all over the map. The side missions are fairly quick there, while there might be lots of them, they don't take long to complete and are easy for the most part. You do not need to do any of the Paris Story missions but some of them reward a lot of money so it may be a good idea to do a couple if you are low on money. Lastly, you want to get any misc trophy you might have missed in step 1. If you chose not to get the challenges done in your first playthrough or you missed some, then now is the time to do that as well.

The only thing you will really need a guide for in this step, are the Nostradamus Enigmas. These side missions involve solving riddles and unless you have a degree in French history and architecture, you won't be figuring them out any time soon. You need to complete these in order to unlock the medieval armour, found in the lower floors of the Cafe Theatre. If you need help with any of these, refer to the trophy guide for video walkthroughs.

To summarize, for this playthrough you'll want to:

  • Complete the side missions that involve trophies
  • Collect all the cockades, open all the chests
  • Sync all viewpoints
  • Complete all misc trophies

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:
Needs More Data
An Old Internet Meme
From the Past
Gentleman Cambrioleur
Business and Pleasure
And Stay Down!
Panoramic View
Hand of Justice
Ransacking Versailles
Accurate Prediction
Don't Need It
Patron of the Arts
Safe and Secure
Room With A View
Master Architect
Must've Left it Open

Step 3: Co-op

Note: You can, play co-op solo if you want to. Even though they are called co-op missions, it does give you the option to play them alone. This is not recommended though as it just makes things much harder on yourself. These missions were designed for 2 and 4 player groups. Also note that you have to get/complete Sequence 3, before Co-Op will become available.

This will be the shortest and final step on your road to the platinum. Hopefully, now all you have left is co-op and about half the skills. There are a total of 11 co-op missions and 7 heist missions. All of them take about 20 minutes to finish, if that and that's all you need to do for this step. While on those missions, you need to look out for the misc trophies and you also want to get the sync point collectibles in each mission. You need these to upgrade your skills. They are marked on the map with an assassin icon. The misc trophies just require you to kill enemies in a certain way or revive a player etc. Nothing too difficult, just refer to the trophy guide for more info on those. Finally, in order to get the maximum amount of rewards from a co-op mission, you will need to play one of them 3+ times. You will get a random award upon competition of the mission and there is 3 rewards per mission. Just pick an easy one to do it on. I personally did the very first one called "Heads will Roll". Once you have finished all the co-op, you now want to spend your newly earned sync points on the last skills you need.

Upon completing Step 3, you will earn:
The Baguette Boyband
Visited Once
Share the Wealth
Never Say Die
Merciful Killer
I Got Skills
Master Assassin

[PST Would Like To Thank Harry94_ for this Roadmap]


Dead Kings DLC:


  • Estimated trophy difficulty: 2/10 (100% Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 7 (5, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0 (Co-op missions can be played solo, though this isn't recommended)
  • Approximate amount of time to 100%: 5 hours (Estimated Time To 100%)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1 + Free Roam Clean Up
  • Number of missable trophies: None
  • Glitched trophies: Defender Of Franciade (see trophy description)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheats


Dead Kings is the free DLC provided by Ubisoft as a goodwill gesture after the problems with Assassin's Creed Unity on release. It takes place in the town of Franciade and is available after completing sequence 4 of the main story. You cannot access Franciade (where Dead Kings takes place) until you have completed this. Once you have done so, look for the F symbol on the map next to Cafe Theatre to find a carriage that will take you to Franciade. Though you can access the DLC from Sequence 4 onwards, I recommend playing the main game until sequence 9 so that you can unlock the 'Master Locksmith' skill. This will make the chest collectibles infinitely easier.

Step 1 - Complete the story, with 100% Synchronisation.

Once in Franciade, play all 6 memories of Sequence 13, aiming to complete the optional challenges in the process. Completing the challenges during this step will reduce the time it takes to earn Hydrogen Bonded later on, because you won't need to replay any missions.

You should also try to pick up any collectibles and open any chests you encounter as this will save you time later in step 3.

In this step you should earn:
Piece of Eden
Reign of Terror

Step 2 - Co-op and Heist Missions

There is only one co-op and one heist mission in Dead Kings; both need to be completed at least once for Hydrogen Bonded and Fraternité! . You can do these solo if you prefer (hence why it is obtainable offline), however it is recommended that you play them with a partner as the levels are designed for two people. To find co-op partners, please use this thread.

In this step you should earn:

Step 3 - Side Missions, Collectibles and Miscellaneous trophies

For this step you want to find all collectibles in Franciade and the underground territories beneath it. If you're having trouble finding them, remember that you can press to show the map of the underground. You'll also want to free all the outposts, solve all the Suger's Legacy riddles and synchronise all view points (if you haven't done so already).

In this step you should earn:
Defender Of Franciade
Freedom Fighter
Hydrogen Bonded

[PST Would Like To Thank Moosh for this Roadmap]

Assassin's Creed: Unity Trophy Guide

Printable Guide
Show completed trophies
Show secret trophies

58 trophies ( 14  41  5  )

  • Earn every Trophy.

    Unlock all other trophies. Congrats!

  • Complete Memory Sequence 1.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 1 consists of the following memories

    • Memory of Versailles
    • The Estates General
    • High Society
  • Complete Memory Sequence 2.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 2 consists of the following memories

    • Imprisioned
    • Rebirth
  • Complete Memory Sequence 3.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 3 consists of the following memories

    • Graduation
    • Confession
    • Fin De Siecle
  • Complete Memory Sequence 4.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 4 consists of the following memories

    • The Kingdom of Beggars
    • Le Roi Est Mort
  • Complete Memory Sequence 5.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 5 consists of the following memories

    • The Silversmith
    • La Halle Aux Bles
    • The Prophet
  • Complete Memory Sequence 6.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 6 consists of the following memories

    • The Jacobin Club
    • Templar Ambush
  • Complete Memory Sequence 7.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 7 consists of the following memories

    • A Cautious Alliance
    • Meetig with Mirabeau
    • Confrontation
    • The Resistance
  • Complete Memory Sequence 8.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 8 consists of the following memories

    • The King's Correspondence
    • September Massacres
  • Complete Memory Sequence 9.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 9 consists of the following memories

    • Starving Times
    • Hoarders
    • The Escape
  • Complete Memory Sequence 10.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 10 consists of the following memories

    • A Dinner Engagement
    • The Execution
    • High Society
  • Complete Memory Sequence 11.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 11 consists of the following memories

    • Bottom of the Barrel
    • Ride of the Assassin
    • The Bastille
  • Complete Memory Sequence 12.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    Sequence 12 consists of the following memories

    • The Supreme Being
    • The Fall of Robespiere
    • The Temple
  • Complete all Rift missions.

    There are a total of 7 Helix Rift side missions that you need to complete. They are marked on the map with a symbol that looks the same as the trophy icon for it. The objective of these missions is to collect the data clusters until you reach the score displayed at the top of the screen. The blue clusters are worth 10 points, the red ones are worth 20, and the green ones are worth 50 points. For the missions that have enemies in them, you can kill them for 20 points. Once you have reached the set amount of points, the trapped assassin will appear and be marked on the map. Simply go to their location, and free them. This will then allow you to escape through the rift, or you can stay and get the 2nd score target which provides you with a data bonus. You need 3 of these bonuses for the Needs More Data trophy. Just be careful you don't run out of time, as once you do, the simulation starts closing and if you touch the walls, you will die. Once you have escaped, it'll give the the option to start the next rift. Here is a list of all the rift missions in the game; do note that you will have to do this post game as they unlock as you progress through the story.

    • Belle Epoque - Data Harvest
    • Belle Epoque - Tornado
    • Occupied Paris - Covert
    • Occupied Paris - Data Harvest
    • Occupied Paris - Tower
    • Medieval - Battlefield
    • Medieval - Quarry

    Upon completing the final one, the trophy will unlock.

  • Earn Data Bonuses in 3 different Helix Rifts.

    To earn a data bonus, you must get the second score requirement after you complete the first one. The first few Helix Rifts are the best ones to try this on as you get plenty of time, and there won't be enemies trying to kill you. The path you take to collect the clusters is up to you, but stick to the rooftops and always go out of your way to get the green (x50) clusters. As soon as you reach the second requirement, you can leave the simulation and you will earn the data bonus. Do this on 3 different missions and the trophy will unlock.

  • Free a total of 10 trapped Assassins.

    You free assassins in the Helix Rifts. You will free 7 of as you complete the Helix Rift missions, so you will need to repeat three more helix rifts to unlock the trophy. As soon as you free your 10th assassin, the trophy will unlock. For more information on Helix rifts, refer to No Man's Land.

  • Assassinate 100 enemies.

    To assassinate an enemy, you need to kill them with your hidden blade. The only way you can use your hidden blade is if you kill an enemy undetected. As this will mainly be how you are killing enemies in the game, you will kill 100 in no time. Kills also stack if you die, reload checkpoint etc.

  • Complete all Single Player mission challenges.

    Note: Challenges stack, so if you completed 1 of the 2, you will only need to complete the other one and not the one you already completed.

    This trophy is for getting 100% sync as it would be, but there is no 100% sync in this game and they are just called challenges. Every memory has additional challenges that you need to complete. For this trophy, you need to complete those additional challenges for every memory. You need to do it from Sequence 1 through to 12; you don't not need any other side missions (Like the Paris Stories) for this, only the main story missions. The challenges will pop up on the screen when you start the mission and stay on the right hand side throughout. You can also pause the game and have a look at the challenges for that mission through there.

    If you fail any of the challenges on a memory, you will have to replay it later on. To do this, go to the "Progress Tracker" on the pause menu, and you can select what sequence, memory etc you want to play. This screen will also show you what the challenges are on a memory before you even play it, and it will also show which missions you have 100% in already and which ones you don't. It will also say what challenges you have done already, and which ones you haven't done. Overall, all of the challenges are fairly easy. They just require kill related things such as air assassinations, or cover kills. It's not like past Assassin's Creed games where you had to do pretty specific things in order to complete the optional objectives. If you mess up at all during a mission, you can always let yourself get killed or restart the checkpoint. This will give you another shot at the challenge then, instead of you having to replay the entire mission over again. The trophy will unlock once all the challenges have been completed.

  • Renovate your first Social Club.

    See An Old Internet Meme. You simply need to renovate a club. They are marked on the map with a red house symbol when you haven't bought one, and a white one when you have. You just need to buy it; you don't need to complete the missions it has.

  • Perform 10 air assassinations.

    Same as the Blade In The Crowd trophy, but this time the assassinations need to be from above. To do this, just get above an enemy (By standing on a building, rope, ledge etc) and wait until an enemy below you gets highlighted. Once they do, the button in the top right of the screen should say "Assassinate". Now simply press , and you'll jump down on top of them and kill them. Do this 10 times and the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete a Co-op mission.

    Self explanatory. Complete any co-op mission for this trophy. You can even play the mission solo and the trophy will still unlock.

  • Complete all training missions.

    Training missions can be completed in the training room of the Cafe Theatre. To get to the training room, simply go upstairs and go through the first door to your right. You will now be in a large open room and will have the option to play training missions. There are 21 training missions to complete, but be aware you need some skills in order to play some of them. All of the training missions are short and easy, so you shouldn't have any trouble with them. Here is a list of them all, and their requirements.

    1. Staggering Strike | Requirements: Purchase the Staggering Strike Skill
    2. Ground Execution | Requirements: Purchase the Ground Execution Skill
    3. Strong Attack | Requirements: Purchase the One-Handed Weapons Master Skill
    4. Heavy Weapon | Requirements: No Requirements
    5. Heavy Weapons Master | Requirements: Purchase the Heavy Weapon Master Skill
    6. Long Weapon | Requirements: No Requirements
    7. Long Weapon Master | Requirements: Purchase the Long Weapon Master Skill
    8. Ranged Weapons | Requirements: Purchase the Ranged Weapon Skill
    9. Bomb Throwing | Requirements: No Requirements
    10. Roll Recovery | Requirements: Purchase the Roll Recovery Skill
    11. Fast Slide | Requirements: No Requirements
    12. Double Assassination | Requirements: Purchase the Double Assassination Skill
    13. Air Assassination | Requirements: No Requirements
    14. Double Air Assassination | Requirements: Purchase the Double Air Assassination Skill
    15. Cover Assassination | Requirements: No Requirements
    16. Ledge Assassination | Requirements: No Requirements
    17. Disguise | Requirements: Purchase the Disguise Skill
    18. Lockpick | Requirements: Purchase the Apprentice Lockpick Skill
    19. Crowd Blend | Requirements: No Requirements
    20. Environmental Blending | Requirements: Purchase the Environmental Blending Skill
    21. Assassin Cache | Requirements: Purchase the Assassin Cache Skill
  • Lockpick 20 chests.

    Some chests are locked and you need to have at minimum, the Apprentice Locksmith skill. I highly recommend buying the Journeyman and Master Locksmith skills as soon as you can, as it will help with opening doors as well. So, to open a locked chest, you first need to have some lockpicks. Lockpicks can be found on dead enemies, but the easiest way to get them is by buying them from merchants. Once you have some, go to any chest that is red on the map; this means it is locked. Interact with the chest as you normally would do. Now, you have to do a little lock picking mini-game. The aim is to press when the line gets into the "safe" zone. Some locks require you to do this twice, sometimes even 3 times, but most of the time you just need to do it once. If you miss the "safe" zone, a lockpick will break. All you need to do for this trophy is open 20 locked chests, and you will open far more then 20 while going for the Curiosity trophy.

  • Open every chest in the game.

    Note: You DO NOT need the nomad and initiate chests for this trophy, just the standard and locked ones.

    There are a total of 294 chests in the game. Chests are marked on the map, and you just need to go up to them and interact with it to open it up. Once you open it, you'll get some money. Some of them are locked though, see Gentleman Cambrioleur for more info on the locked chests. Here's a breakdown of how many chests are in each district.

    • La Bievre: 40 Chests
    • lle de la cite: 30 Chests
    • Le Louvre: 40 Chests
    • Le Marais: 44 Chests
    • Ventre de Paris: 40 Chests
    • Le Quartier Latin: 40 Chests
    • Les Invalides: 40 Chests
    • Versailes: 20 Chests

    There's also a chest underneath Notre Dame that is behind a gate that needs gears to open. To obtain these gears you need to complete the following 4 paris story missions for the same woman. She can be found in the lle de la cite district, next to where the theatre is. You need to complete the following:

    • Tall, Dark Strangers
    • Flamel's Secret: The monks
    • Flamel's Secret: Denis Molinier
    • Flamel's Secret: The Elixir of Life

    The chest is in Flamel's lab right by the elixir.

  • Complete all Co-op and Heist missions at least once.

    Note: You can solo all of these, but it is not recommended as they are designed to be played with multiple players.

    New to AC Unity are co-op missions. These are very much like the single player missions, except you can play with up to 4 players (Some missions only allow 2 players). You will use the same Arno you use in the single player, so it is best to make sure you have high level equipment and weapons before attempting these as some of them are hard, and you don't want to drag your team mates down. There are 11 co-op missions and 7 Heists that you need to complete at least once. The missions are as follows:

    Co-op Missions

    • Heads Will Roll
    • The Food Chain
    • The Infernal Machine
    • The Austrian Conspiracy
    • Danton's Sacrifice
    • Jacobin Raid
    • Political Persecution
    • Les Enrages
    • Moving Mirabeau
    • The Tournament
    • Women's March


    • Tithing Templars
    • Catacomb Raider
    • The Party Palace
    • Royals, Guns and Money
    • Smuggler's Paradise
    • Ancient History
    • It Belongs in a Museum

    Once you have completed it, the icon will turn gold instead of white; this makes tracking them much easier. To find this menu, press the options button, the "progress tracker". The middle column has the co-op mission progress. Once you complete all of them at least once, the trophy will unlock, even if you completed them all solo. If you need a co-op partner(s), then please refer to this thread:

    Co-op Partners Thread

  • Earn a total of 50,000 livres.

    This may seem daunting at first as you will hardly earn any money at all, but post game, there are a ton of opportunities to earn money and 50K is hardly anything. Once you complete all Cafe Theatre missions and all the missions in the social clubs, you will be earning 10000F every 10 mins from the chest in the Intendant's Study. There are also a few Paris Story missions that will give you 25K just for doing a small, easy task. Do not worry about this trophy as you will get it on your way to the plat.

    (The image above shows the Intendant's Chest, the main source of income in Unity)

  • Perform a ground execution.

    In order to perform a ground execution, you need to complete up to Sequence 10. Once you are that far into the story, you will have the option to buy the "Ground Finisher" skill in the stealth category. It costs 9 upgrade points so it is a fairly expensive upgrade. Once you have bought it, you simply need to knock an enemy to the ground, and then execute them. To knock an enemy to the ground, keep hitting them with "Staggering Strike". This is done by holding down while in combat. Arno will shoulder bash the enemy and stun them. If you keep doing this, the enemy will eventually fall over. When they are on the floor, all you need to do is press to execute them. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards. Here is a visual walkthrough if you are having trouble.


  • Synchronize all Viewpoints.

    There are a total of 23 viewpoints that you need to sync, 21 in Paris and 2 in Versailles. Viewpoints are very high points up on the map, and you usually have to climb quite a way to reach them. They are marked on the map with a "" symbol. Once you climb to where the viewpoint is, you will need to press to synchronise. Once you sync a viewpoint, it will reveal all of that area in the district for you. It also reveals chests and side mission locations. Syncing the viewpoints has always been one of the first things I do in Assassin's Creed games as it gives you a clear minimap which will help you a lot. So I recommenced doing this early on. Once you sync the final viewpoint the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete 10 Crowd Events.

    Crowd events are randomly generated events that happen on the streets of Paris. They can be anything from tackling a thief to killing criminals. You will be notified on the screen when one is nearby, and it will also be marked on your minimap. Completing 10 is very easy. Every time you see one, make sure you complete it. They only take a few seconds and it will save you having to go out your way looking for them if you don't have the trophy post game. The trophy will unlock after you complete your 10th crowd event.

    (The image above shows what a crowd event looks like in the game world)

  • Solve a Murder Mystery.

    Murder mysteries are marked on the map with a magnifying glass symbol. The very first one can be found in northern Paris. Go to the map marker, and you will reach a police station. The officer will tell you that if you solve murder cases for him, he will give you weapons and equipment. Once you are done speaking to him, talk to the man in the jail cell. You will now get given a murder case to solve. I had the "Murder Foretold" mystery. Now all you have to do is go to the location marked on the map and investigate the body. You can now use eagle vision to scan for clues, and also ask people in the area if they saw anything etc. Once you have found most of the clues, it will give you the option to accuse somebody. You will see markers on the map saying "Accuse". You can accuse as often as you like; all it will do if you are wrong is give you less money at the end. Once you have successfully found the killer, you need to return to the police officer and turn the case in. You will be rewarded with a weapon or piece of armor, and the trophy will unlock shortly afterwards.

  • Earn 100% completion of Versailles.

    GLITCHED: This trophy might not unlock, even after getting 100% completion in Versailles. If this happens, leave this trophy until last then start a new game and go to Versailles straight away.

    You can access Versailles by going to the V symbol on the map. You also travel here during sequence 11 as part of the story There will be a carriage there and it will take you to Versailles. This is a small town that has two districts. There isn't many collectibles here, so it won't take long. You need to open the 20 chests (Ignore the nomad and initiate chests) and also collect the 8 Cockades. Once you have all of those, the trophy will unlock.

  • Complete a Nostradamus Enigma.

    See From The Past

  • Collect all Cockades

    Tip: You can buy a time saver pack that reveals all of the cockades and chests on the map from the Estore in game. It costs 150 helix points. You can obtain around 500 helix points for redeeming a uplay reward on the uplay store, so there is no need to use real money.

    There are 128 cockades to collect in the game. They are marked on the map when you get near them, so you won't need to follow a guide for these. Each district tells you how many you have, and how many more you need. So finding these will be easy, but time consuming. Here is a breakdown of how many cockades are in each district:

    • La Bievre: 21 Cockades
    • lle de la Cite: 12 Cockades
    • Le Louvre: 15 Cockades
    • Le Marais: 15 Cockades
    • Ventre de Paris: 15 Cockades
    • Le Quartier Latin: 21 Cockades
    • Le Invalides: 21 Cockades
    • Versailles: 8 Cockades

    One of the cockades requires you to complete the paris story mission "The Cult of Baphomet" in order to get the password to the tunnels below. This paris story mission jsut requires you to steal two goblets from the notre dame cathedral. Once you have collected them all, the trophy will unlock. When you get near one, you will hear its chimes. They are marked on the map with a little ribbon symbol, so it is easy to find them without any sort of guide. An easy, but time consuming trophy. Here is what they look like in game; they are a little hard to see but just make sure to set a waypoint on the map for them so it gives you an exact location.

    (The image above shows what the Cockade collectibles look like)

  • Drop 20 Money Pouches in the streets.

    Before you can drop money bombs, you need to have first completed Sequence 2. Now go into the skills menu, then the "Ranged" section. There is a skill for money bombs here, and you need to buy it before you can use money bombs. Once you have bought the skill, you can "buy" money bombs from merchants. This game isn't like past assassin's Creed games where you could just throw money on the floor and it came out of your total cash, you need to actually buy them this time. Simply throw 20 of these on the floor and the trophy will unlock. If you don't want to waste money on these bombs, you can always use them up in a mission, then reload checkpoint or kill yourself. That way you will spawn with the same amount you had, and the ones you threw down before will still have counted towards the total.

  • Watch a play in the Café Théâtre.

    In order to get plays to play out in the Cafe, you need to first complete all 5 Café Théâtre missions. They are fairly easy and nothing is too long or difficult. The first mission you get given to you as soon as you reach the Cafe; the rest you need to unlock. You do this by purchasing the renovations in the "Intendant's Study". There are 5 upgrades you need to buy. Once you have bought them all, you will have access to all the missions. Upon completing them all, plays will now continuously play out in the main room of the Cafe. All you need to do is walk close to the stage and watch the play. Not all plays seem to count towards the trophy though, so just stand there until it unlocks. Here is a visual walkthrough.


  • Get all the rewards in a Co-op mission.

    This trophy is easier than it sounds. Under each co-op missions, you will notice equipment awards. To get this trophy, you need to have a tick by each of those rewards. Now to do this, you just need to keep replaying a particular mission. It will give you a different award each time. Replay any mission 3 times, and you should get all the equipment awards. You do not need the sync points for this, even though those are technically rewards; the trophy only needs the equipment to be unlocked. If you need a co-op partner(s), then please refer to this thread:

    Co-op Partners Thread

  • Perform all Social Club missions in a district.

    See An Old Internet Meme

  • Enjoy the view of Paris from Arno's balcony.

    As soon as you get access to the Café Théâtre (Second Sequence), you can get this trophy. Simply head up the stairs and go through the door directly ahead of you, then take a right through into the next doorway. This is Arno's room and for the trophy, you just need to stand near the balcony. Arno will rest his hands on it, and you need to stand here for a few seconds before the trophy will unlock. Here is a visual walkthrough.


  • Kill 20 enemies with a Long Weapon.

    To equip a long weapon, press options, then "Character Customization", "Gear Loadout", "Weapons" then "Long". The cheapest long weapons are around 250 - 500F, but they are pretty useless so I would go for one that does a fair amount of damage. Once you have found one you like, buy it then it will automatically equip. Now you just need to get 20 kills with it. Kills stack if you die, or restart checkpoint.

  • Kill 20 enemies with a heavy weapon.

    To equip a heavy weapon, press options, then "Character Customization", "Gear Loadout", "Weapons" then "Heavy". Heavy weapons are two handed and deal a lot of damage, so it may be worth using these a lot throughout the game. I liked the "Great Claymore", which costs 5000F. It has very good damage and you can parry enemies very easily with it. Once you have found one you like, buy it then it will automatically equip. Now you just need to get 20 kills with it. Kills stack if you die, or restart checkpoint.

  • Complete all the renovations of the Café Théâtre.

    GLITCHED: This trophy might not unlock; it is not known why. You can make a back up save before buying them all, then if it doesn't unlock, bring your save back and try again, although this might not work either. I will update once more is known.

    There are a total of 5 renovations you need to buy. You can purchase renovations in the "Intendant's Study". You need to buy these to unlock Cafe Theatre missions. Buying these renovations will also increase your overall income. The upgrades are as follows, and they can all be bought at any point in the game.

    • Ground Floor | Cost: 250F
    • Hall | Cost: 500F
    • Exteriors | Cost: 1000F
    • Upper Floors | Cost: 5000F
    • Finishing Touches | Cost: 15000F

    You will also unlock secret passageways and database entries for renovating. Once you have bought the final upgrade, the trophy will unlock once you exit out the renovation menu.

  • Kill an enemy with a lift counterweight.

    You can do this at any point in the game, but it is easier if you have smoke or stun bombs as you can make an enemy stand still underneath the counterweight. What you need to do is lead an enemy just below one, then use the lift so the box falls down onto the enemy. It might take a few tries as the box is small and the enemy needs to be in the perfect spot. I did it at the "Palais Bourbon" and there are lot's of enemies here and quite a few lifts. Any location with lifts works well though; you just need to lead enemies to them. Here is a visual walkthrough if you need further assistance on the location.


  • Revive a partner in Co-op.

    Self explanatory. When in co-op, if you lose all you health, you fall to the floor and you can either hold to desynchronise (Respawn back at the checkpoint) or wait to get revived. For this trophy, you need to revive somebody. Just go up to somebody in a dying state, and hold down to revive them. The trophy will unlock as soon as they are revived. If you need a co-op partner(s), then please refer to this thread:

    Co-op Partners Thread

  • Perform 10 non-lethal takedowns in a Co-op mission.

    Much like how you assassinate people, you need to perform non-lethal takedowns instead. To do this, you need to go up behind an unaware enemy and hold down . Keep it held down until the enemy is unconscious. Melee kills with the rifle do not count towards this; they have to be stealth takedowns with your arms. Do this 10 times during a co-op mission, and it will unlock as soon as you perform the 10th one. If you need a co-op partner(s), then please refer to this thread:

    Co-op Partners Thread

  • Perform 10 Co-op sync kills.

    To perform a sync kill, at least two people need to assassinate an enemy at the same time. The enemies don't need to be next to each other; just two need to be assassinated at the same time. If done right, it will come up saying "Double, Triple, or Quad Sync Assassination". Do this 10 times and the trophy will unlock. It does not need to all be done in one game; it can be over multiple games. If you need a co-op partner(s), then please refer to this thread:

    Co-op Partners Thread

  • Sabotage 5 alarm bells.

    You will get this trophy for sure as you complete the campaign, as you need to do it for some mission objectives. Alarm bells are marked on the map with a small bell symbol. They are used by enemies by reinforcements, so you want to sabotage them as often as possible. To sabotage, simply go up to one and press . Arno will cut the rope inside the bell so that it no longer works. Do this 5 times and the trophy will unlock. The bell sabotages stacks if you die or reload checkpoints.

    (The image above shows an alarm bell)


Secret trophies

  • Complete the Prologue.

    Story related and cannot be missed

    The prologue is a small section that takes place way before the events of AC Unity. It doesn't take long to do; just follow the objectives and the trophy will unlock at the end.

  • Renovate all the Social Clubs and complete all the Social Club missions.

    There are a total of 7 Social Clubs that you need to renovate. They appear as a red house on the minimap when you haven't bought them, and then a white house when you have bought them. Most of them cost 1000F, and on completion of the game, you will have a ton of money to burn, so buying them won't be an issue. Each club has 3 missions, and one of them only has 2 missions. There are 20 missions all together. None of the missions are difficult; one or two of the max difficulty ones can be a little tricky if you don't have good equipment. So make sure you do before attempting those ones. The social missions, and club locations are as follows:

    Social Clubs

    • Cafe de l'lle de la Cite
    • Cafe du Ventre de paris
    • Cafe du Quartier latin
    • Cafe du Marais
    • Cafe du Louvres
    • Cafe de la Bievre
    • Cafe des Invalides

    Social Club Missions (Name, Difficulty, Reward)

    • Bridge Brigands | Difficulty: 1 | 500F
    • Marat's Missive | Difficulty: 2 | 400F
    • Let Them Eat Hay | Difficulty: 2 | 800 F
    • Cat Food on a Hot Tin Roof | Difficulty: 2 | 800F
    • Hoarding Hostages | Difficulty: 3 | 700F
    • Cafe Procope | Difficulty: 3 | 700F
    • Roux's Remains | Difficulty: 3 | 700F
    • An Engaging Egyptologist | Difficulty: 4 | 2500F
    • Artful Dodger | Difficulty: 1 | 700F
    • A Dramatic Exit | Difficulty: 3 | 700F
    • Breaking the habit | Difficulty: 4 | 2500F
    • Extortion Contortion | Difficulty: 4 | 2500F
    • Chouan Riddles | Difficulty: 4 | 2500F
    • Bara's Funeral | Difficulty: 5 | 5000F
    • Retribution For a Rabble-Rouser | Difficulty: 3 | 700F
    • The Black Office | Difficulty: 4 | 2500F
    • Betrayer Of The Queen | Difficulty: 5 | 12500F
    • Spiked Bourbon | Difficulty: 5 | 12500F
    • Special Delivery | Difficulty: 5 | 12500F
    • Smokey Yet Robust | Difficulty: 5 | 37500F
  • Unlock the Medieval Armor in the Café Théâtre.

    For this trophy, you need to complete all of the Nostradamus Enigmas. There are 18 in total. Without a guide, these are pretty impossible to complete. The game gives you a riddle, then you must go to the building, statue etc it is referencing. The riddles don't make much sense unless you are a French historian, but you can try them without a guide if you like. Be aware, each mission covers the whole map. It is not just in the vicinity of where you started it, and that's what makes these so hard. I am currently working on a guide for these, but like I said they are hard and it's going to take a while to figure out. Here is a list of all the Nostradamus Enigmas. Simply click one for a video walkthrough:

    As this is not complete yet, I have made a thread so the community can help each other out as to what the riddles are referencing. Once you complete them all, you want to head to the armor room, located underneath the cafe theatre. You the need to solve two puzzles, and do some climbing. Pull the 3 switches and all the gates around the armor will lower, allowing you to take it. The trophy will unlock shortly afterwards. If you need help with the armor room puzzles, here is a visual walkthrough.


  • Lockpick 5 doors.

    Some doors are locked and you need to have at minimum, the Apprentice Locksmith skill. I highly recommend buying the Journeyman and Master Locksmith skills as soon as you can as opening doors without it can be pretty hard. So to open a locked door, you first need to have some lockpicks. Lockpicks can be found on dead enemies, but the easiest way to get them is by buying them from merchants. Most palaces and mansions have locked doors, and you will encounter lots on the main story missions and the co-op ones. Now, you have to do a little lock picking mini-game. The aim is to press when the line gets into the "safe" zone. Some locks require you to do this twice, sometimes even 3 times, but most of the time you just need to do it once. If you miss the "safe" zone, a lockpick will break. All you need to do for this trophy is open 5 doors.

  • Unlock all Skills.

    GLITCHED: For whatever reason, this trophy has not unlocked for a couple of people. There is no known fix, and no known way to prevent it. So, to be safe back your save up before buying the last upgrade.

    To access the skills screen, press options, "Character Customization", then "Skills". Skills are broken up into 4 categories; Melee, Ranged, Stealth and Health. To unlock skills, you need "Sync Points". You obtain sync points by:

    • Completing Main Missions
    • Completing Co-op Missions
    • Collecting the Sync Point Collectibles Found in Co-op Missions

    In order to get this trophy, you need to purchase every skill in the game. In order to do that, you need to complete all of the aforementioned things as there won't be any spare sync points. So you want to complete all the main missions and co-op missions, then find all 40 of the Sync Point Collectibles hidden in the co-op missions. Once you have done that, you will have enough to upgrade all of your skills. Below is a list of all skills in the game that you need to buy. Also, if you are having trouble finding the sync points here is a video that shows the location of all 40:



    • Long Weapon Master
    • One-handed Weapon Master
    • Staggering Strike
    • Heavy Weapon master
    • Ground Execution


    • Ranged Weapon
    • Assassin Cache
    • Bombs: Money Pouch
    • Bombs: Stun Grenades
    • Improved Phantom Blade
    • Bombs: Poison Gas


    • Communal Sense
    • Disguise
    • Apprentice Locksmith
    • Journeyman Locksmith
    • Master Locksmith
    • Roll Recovery
    • Double Air Assassination
    • Double Assassination
    • Enviromental Blending


    • Group Healing
    • Thick Skin
    • Thicker Skin
    • Thickest Skin
    • Iron Skin

DLC: Dead Kings

7 trophies

  • Complete Memory Sequence 13.

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    There are a total of 6 Memories that make up Sequence 13:

    • Memory 01: Buried Words
    • Memory 02: The Book Thief
    • Memory 03: A Shadow From the Past
    • Memory 04: Raising the Dead
    • Memory 05: Under Lock and Key
    • Memory 06: A Crown of Thorns

    You should try and complete all the challenges as you play the missions, however they can be replayed from the pause menu if needed. See Hydrogen Bonded for more information.

  • Complete Suger’s Legacy and recover the Eagle of Suger.

    *GLITCH WARNING* Some users have reported that this trophy hasn't unlocked for them. It is believed that this is caused by a glitch which prevents the player from equipping weapons or requiring them to re-buy them. There is currently no solution to this other than replaying the game on a save that hasn't encountered the glitch.

    For this trophy you need to find and solve all of the Suger Legacy Puzzles, two of these are story related but the others can be done in free roam. Please see the videos below for solutions:

    I - Nativitatis Et Mortis


    II - Morbum


    III - Diabolus (story related, cannot be missed)

    IV - Natura


    V - Crux (story related, cannot be missed)

    VI - Noctis


    VII - Dies


  • Free every outpost in Franciade.

    Outposts are side missions where you have to clear locations in Franciade that are heavily guarded. They are shown on the map by a small symbol that looks like a hut. Each outpost mission will have 3 green circles on the map. Go to the green area and locate and kill one specific enemy (shown in gold when using Eagle Vision). Do this for each area to complete the mission.

    There are a total of 3 outposts: Cemetery, Courtyard and Windmill.

  • Kill 5 enemies at the same time with a Guillotine Gun.

    You should get this very easily during the Sequence 13 Memory 2 - The Book Thief, when you first get the Guillotine Gun. See below for more information on when and where is the best opportunity to earn it.

    Your objective will be to follow Leon, he will take tunnels which are too small for you so you have to find another way. Press and hold to equip the lantern and jump down to the platform below, move through the swarm of bats and follow the path to the left. Below you there will be a group of raiders; hold to equip the gun, then hold to aim. Move the mortar target circle to cover at least 5 raiders and release to fire. I'd advise that you try and leave a few raiders alive at this point, as this will be the easiest spot to get 5 Perfect Parries for this memory's optional challenge (see Hydrogen Bonded for more information.) If you don't get the trophy at this point you can either reload the checkpoint and try again or replay the mission later.

  • Kill 15 Raider leaders.

    Raiders are found in the underground territories below Franciade. Each group of them will have a Raider Leader who is more powerful and slightly harder to defeat than the others, they are shown on the mini map with a larger red marker with a cross in it. Once you defeat the raider leader, the rest of the raiders will flee and panic. This should come naturally whilst playing the story missions and hunting for the collectibles but if you need to hunt more leaders down, then they can always been found in great numbers underground.

  • Achieve 100% synchronization in Dead Kings.

    To get 100% synchronization you need to complete the following:

    • Sequence 13 Memories, including challenges
    • Multiplayer Missions
    • Stories of Franciade
    • Suger Legacy Riddles
    • Outposts
    • Napoleon Bicorns
    • Chests (the white and red ones only)
    • Artifacts
    • Viewpoints

    A breakdown of the memories and the collectibles can be found below:

    Sequence 13 Challenges:

    Memory 01: Buried Words
    Don't get into conflict
    Cover Kills 2/2

    Memory 02: The Book Thief
    Don't get into conflict
    Perfect Parries 5/5

    Memory 03: A Shadow From the Past
    Pass over/under objects 3/3

    Memory 04: Raising the Dead
    Don't get into conflict
    Air Assassinations 1/1

    Memory 05: Under Lock and Key
    Rooftop enemies killed 3/3
    Headshots 2/2

    Memory 06: A Crown of Thorns
    Double assassinations 2/2
    Parries 3/3

    Multiplayer Missions - See Fraternité!
    Last Rites (Co-op)
    Holy High Rollers (Heist)

    Stories of Franciade
    Last Will
    The Eyes of the King
    A Royal Hide
    The Unopened Rose
    Blind Justice (Murder Mystery)
    Equal Justice (Murder Mystery)

    Suger Legacy Riddles - 2 story related, 5 side missions.
    See Defender of Franciade

    Outposts x 3


    Chests: 10
    Artifacts: 3
    Napoleon Bicorns: 7
    Viewpoint: 1

    Chests: 7
    Artifacts: 1
    Napoleon Bicorns: 4
    Viewpoint: 1

    Chests: 3
    Artifacts: 2
    Napoleon Bicorns: 4
    Viewpoint: 1

    Chests: 13
    Artifacts: 3
    Napleon Bicorns: 4

    Chests: 13
    Artifacts: 2
    Napleon Bicorns: 4

    Royal Crypt
    Chests: 10
    Artifacts: 3
    Napleon Bicorns: 3

    Note: Collectibles will only show up once you've seen/encountered them from walking around, therefore I'd suggest you frequently use Eagle Vision with whilst exploring to maximise your view.

  • Complete the Heist and the Co-op mission in Dead Kings at least once.

    You can do this alone but I'd recommend doing this with a partner as the missions are designed for 2 people, co-op partners can be found here. You will only need to complete each mission once.

    The missions are:

    Last Rites (Co-op) - You'll need to escort a funeral procession to the cemetery. The mission has 2 or 3 checkpoints which makes it slightly easier to attempt alone (as you can die without ending the mission), but it is time consuming and much more difficult without a partner.

    Holy High Rollers (Heist) - This one is much easier than Last Rites. You simply need to locate a chest and steal from it. However, if you die it will end the mission. The more you are detected by enemies, the less money you will be able to steal but as long as you complete the mission then the trophy will pop.

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