Flip five vehicles by shooting their horses.

    This will work on any horse carriage, even ones that civilians are riding around on. All you have to do is wait until the horse is highlighted and then quick shoot it with . It takes 3 shots to kill a horse. If the carriage has two horses, both of them must be killed for it to count. This will more than likely come through story progression as there are lots of points when you will have opportunities to shoot a horse.

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  • This is fairly easy to do in Sequence 4 - The Crate Escape. As the Blighters are chasing you in carts, aim for the horses' heads and that will kill them and cause the pursuing carriages to flip, taking out everyone in the process. Body shots to the horses may take 2-3 shots, so aim at the head to conserve ammo. However, if you run out, you will receive more, but it may give an opportunity for the pursuers to catch up and board your carriage.
  • For this you must knock over 5 carriages shooting and killing the horses. In secuence 4 memory 6 there'll be a flight in a carriage with many enemies. Just follow the video to do it. If you already completed this memory, just select to repeat it in the menu. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRf0mVDZm64
  • Easiest way to do this is this: steal a light carriage with 1 horse, build up speed, (go to the roof if you picked one with a roof) and shoot your own horse. Ok, you will fall, but do this 5 times and collect ))
  • Spot on #3, nice one!

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