• Estimated trophy difficulty: 3/10 (Platinum Difficulty Rating)
  • Offline trophies: 47 (30, 14, 2, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 25-50 hours (Estimated Time to Platinum)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 0
  • Glitched trophies: 1 (Dedicated Employee)
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: N/A
  • Do trophies stack?: N/A
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No


Welcome to the Seven Years' War where you will play as the Assassin turned Templar, Shay Patrick Cormac in his moral adventure through the mid-18th century. While this game is set in the Seven Years' War, very little focus is on the war itself. In fact, you'll spend a majority of Assassin's Creed: Rogue playing your part in the ongoing and undying conflict between freedom and order, Assassins versus the Templars. Assassin's Creed: Rogue borrows features heavily from the last three instalments to the franchise; Assassin's Creed III, Assassin's Creed Liberation, and Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. This is the first time the Assassin's Creed franchise has allowed you to control a Templar character for the entire game.

As far as the trophies go, Assassin's Creed: Rogue is probably one of the easiest Assassin's Creeds to finish. It's the first Assassin's Creed that does not force you to achieve 100% synchronization in the entire game, and it does not have any multiplayer grinds whatsoever. You will spend a large portion of your time on side objectives, such as conquering convoys and liberating supplies from supply camps, and little time with the actual story mode in the game. You can finish the game having only invested between 30 to 50 hours of play time and the hardest trophies of the game can be easily exploited using methods I've detailed in the trophy guide found below.

There are no glitched trophies in Assassin's Creed: Rogue, but several people have difficulty locating P.O.W. and Convoy ships for the Freedom Fighter and What's yours is mine trophies. Rest assured that these trophies are still obtainable and also detailed in the trophy guide found below.

Step One: Play through each Story Mission while achieving 100% synchronization.

For this step, you'll just need to focus on completing the story missions while paying special attention to the synchronization objectives that are shown throughout most memories. I recommend leveling up the Morrigan somewhat earlier in the game to make the final sequences much easier on yourself. A lot of the end memories feature ship battles that are more difficult than they need to be if you're neglecting your ship upgrades. The story itself will only take you about 7 or 8 hours to complete, depending on how much time you spend replaying missions for full synchronization or only miscellaneous trophies. Something to note is that if you feel as though a particular objective is too difficult for you, you can skip it and replay that mission later when you've upgraded Shay some more. Be aware, however, that you can only take items into replay missions that you had unlocked by the time you played that mission. For example, you cannot take the grenade launcher into any mission before Sequence 3 - Memory 4, when you actually acquire that item. You can bring upgraded armor and weapons into memory replays though.

Upon completing Step 1, you will earn:
Halcyon Days
The end of youth
Making new friends
Picking teams
One legend dies, and one is born
Broken brotherhood
No page unturned
Templar then; Templar now
Did I do that?
He's not dead, is he?
A worthy cause
Sending a message
Achieve full synchronization

Step Two: Clean Up

In this step, you'll be chasing after all the different collectible and activity trophies. This step is where you'll be spending the most time on while moving towards the platinum. Use the progress tracker and maps in game to complete the remaining trophies. I recommend viewing the Denied, Stalker killer, and Do not want trophies before you capture too many gang headquarters. Several of the trophies can be paired together and earned at once, or are related to one another without any special attention. For example, completing all the native hills and ice caves will give you the King of the Hill trophy and you will also meet all the requirements to earn the Native Armor immediately after finishing the native hill or ice cave, which in turn gives you the Ancient Hero trophy. The collectibles take anywhere between 20 to 30 hours to complete depending on how long you spend in each area, what methods you use to earn kill trophies, or how lucky you are with naval convoy and P.O.W. ship spawns. The hardest trophy to complete legitimately is Master of the North Atlantic, for completing the 4 legendary ship battles, but this trophy can be made a lot easier by using the immortal cheat method that I've listed in the trophy guide below. You'll also need to keep in mind that you need to complete 65 Abstergo challenges in order to unlock the Veteran cheat for the Supplier trophy. Most of these challenges will be unlocked naturally by playing through the story or gathering other collectibles.

Upon completing Step 2, you will earn:
Capture all Gang HQs
Stalker killer
Property Tycoon
Dedicated Employee
Phantom Queen
What's yours is mine
Do not want
Ancient Hero
Knight of Yore
Globe Trotter
Memory collector
For the Empire!
I'll take that
Master of the North Atlantic
Ice Breaker
Freedom fighter
Unicorn Slayer
Defence First
King of the Hill
Instant Vikings
Nap time
This war of mine
Hunt the hunted
Killing Machine

Which will ultimately unlock:
Platinum Trophy

[PST Would Like To Thank Aeirou for this Roadmap]

Assassin's Creed: Rogue Trophy Guide

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47 trophies ( 14  30  4  )

  • Unlock all other trophies

    "Life's hardest choices, are those that cause you to question your own moral code. My choices led me here, standing against those I once called brothers. History may brand me traitor, rebel, or renegade... but in the end it doesn't matter how history remembers me. What matters is that I followed my own creed." - Shay Patrick Cormac

    Congratulations on earning the platinum for Assassin's Creed: Rogue!

  • Complete sequence 1

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This sequence contains four memories in total:
    -The Way the Wind Blows
    -Lessons and Revelations
    -Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy
    -By Invitation Only

    Sequence trophies unlock at a variation of completing the final memory in a sequence or completing small objectives in the present day. Don't panic if a sequence trophy unlocks late. None of them are known to be glitched and should unlock through natural progression.

  • Complete sequence 2

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This sequence contains five memories in total;
    -One Little Victory
    -We The People
    -Fiat Lux
    -Kyrie Eleison

    Sequence trophies unlock at a variation of completing the final memory in a sequence or completing small objectives in the present day. Don't panic if a sequence trophy unlocks late. None of them are known to be glitched and should unlock through natural progression.

  • Complete sequence 3

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This sequence contains four memories in total;
    -The Color of Right
    -A Long Walk and a Short Drop
    -Keep Your Friends Close

    Sequence trophies unlock at a variation of completing the final memory in a sequence or completing small objectives in the present day. Don't panic if a sequence trophy unlocks late. None of them are known to be glitched and should unlock through natural progression.

  • Complete sequence 4

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This sequence contains three memories in total;
    -Honour and Loyalty
    -Armour and Sword

    Sequence trophies unlock at a variation of completing the final memory in a sequence or completing small objectives in the present day. Don't panic if a sequence trophy unlocks late. None of them are known to be glitched and should unlock through natural progression.

  • Complete sequence 5

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This sequence contains two memories in total;
    -Men o'War

    Sequence trophies unlock at a variation of completing the final memory in a sequence or completing small objectives in the present day. Don't panic if a sequence trophy unlocks late. None of them are known to be glitched and should unlock through natural progression.

  • Complete sequence 6

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    This sequence contains five memories in total;
    -The Heist
    -Caress of Steel
    -No Laws But Our Own
    -Cold Fire
    -Non Nobis Domine

    Sequence trophies unlock at a variation of completing the final memory in a sequence or completing small objectives in the present day. Don't panic if a sequence trophy unlocks late. None of them are known to be glitched and should unlock through natural progression.

  • Complete the final glitched memory

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Unlike most of the other sequences, this sequence is split up into three memories that you play at various points throughout the game. This will be the last sequence trophy that you unlock in the game.

    This sequence contains three memories in total;

    Sequence trophies unlock at a variation of completing the final memory in a sequence or completing small objectives in the present day. Don't panic if a sequence trophy unlocks late. None of them are known to be glitched and should unlock through natural progression.

  • Complete the game

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    After you complete the final glitched memory and come back to present day, this trophy should unlock before or after the credits. If it doesn't unlock before the credits, don't quit out because you'll miss out on the trophy.

  • Achieve 100% synchronization in all main missions

    In order to earn this trophy, you must achieve 100% in all story related missions. Each mission can be replayed an infinite number of times by going into your start menu, hitting on Progress Tracker, on the sequence you would like to repeat, and selecting the memory you wish to play. The Progress Tracker will also visually show you which sequences you have yet to achieve 100% in, and what the mission objectives are for each mission. Note that you can also focus on singular objectives while completing missions. When you complete a mission, any progress you made towards 100% synchronization will also be saved. What this means for you is that if you complete one of the optional objectives to work towards 100% in a memory, you can focus solely on completing the objective you missed if you need to replay the memory. Remember that you need to actually complete a memory in order for this progress to be saved. If you quit a memory early, any progress you made towards synchronization will be lost.

    Sequence One

    Sequence 1 - Memory 1: The Way the Wind Blows
    -Remain undetected by British guards.
    -Kill all British guard.

    Sequence 1 - Memory 2: Lessons and Revelations
    -Remain undetected during Hope's lesson.
    -Complete Liam's lesson in under 40 seconds.

    Sequence 1 - Memory 3: Tinker Sailor Soldier Spy
    -Do not lose more than 50% health during boarding.
    -Sink the ships within three minutes.

    Sequence 1 - Memory 4: By Invitation Only
    -Kill Washington while blended.
    -Make enemies berserk with the air rifle: 4/4.

    Sequence Two

    Sequence 2 - Memory 1: One Little Victory
    -Kill Smith with an air assassination.
    -Destroy three gunboats with the Puckle gun.

    Sequence 2 - Memory 2: We The People
    -Sneak into the congress undetected.
    -Kill Wardrop with an air assassination.

    Sequence 2 - Memory 3: Fiat Lux
    -Do not get detected.
    -Do not swim.

    Sequence 2 - Memory 4: Kyrie Eleison

    Sequence 2 - Memory 5: Freewill
    -Do not take any damage.
    -Do not kill anyone.

    Sequence Three

    Sequence 3 - Memory 1: The Color of Right
    -Do not get stunned by smoke
    -Do not get shot

    Sequence 3 - Memory 2: A Long Walk and a Short Drop
    -Prevent Gist's hanging by shooting the rope
    -Blow up three barrels with firecrackers 3/3

    Sequence 3 - Memory 3: Circumstances
    -Hang the key holder using the rope dart.
    -Kill Le Chasseur without taking any damage.

    Sequence 3 - Memory 4: Keep Your Friends Close
    -Kill three guards with a single grenade.
    -Put ten guards to sleep: 10/10.

    Sequence Four

    Sequence 4 - Memory 1: Honour and Loyalty
    -do not take any damage
    -do not get detected

    Sequence 4 - Memory 2: Armour and Sword

    Sequence 4 - Memory 3: Scars
    -Stay out of combat.
    -Kill Kesegowaase using a Puckle Gun.

    Sequence Five

    Sequence 5 - Memory 1: Men o'War
    -Sink ten ships with mortars.
    -Take no damage from fireships.

    Sequence 5 - Memory 2: Bravado
    -Do not let the Morrigan get hit by mortar fire.
    -Don't kill anyone except Adewale.

    Sequence Six

    Sequence 6 - Memory 1: The Heist
    -Loot every chest in the fort.
    -Lockpick two doors.

    Sequence 6 - Memory 2: Caress of Steel
    -Do not get damaged by the poison clouds.
    -Stay out of combat.

    Sequence 6 - Memory 3: No Laws But Our Own
    -Avoid open conflict.
    -Do not kill any guards.

    Sequence 6 - Memory 4: Cold Fire
    -Do not collide with any icebergs.
    -Do not take any damage.

    Sequence 6 - Memory 5: Non Nobis Domine
    -Do not hit energy beam walls.
    -Do not get shot by Liam.

    Incomplete Memories

    Incomplete Memories - Memory 1: RGVjb25zdHJ1Y3RlZAOK

    Incomplete Memories - Memory 2: UHJvdGVjdGlvbgOK
    -Kill criminals with air assassinations: 3/3.
    -Kill all criminals before time runs out.

    Incomplete Memories - Memory 3: QXNzYXNzaW5hdGlvbgOK

    If you complete this trophy in order throughout the game, it will unlock after the credits end.

  • Capture all Gang HQs

    I highly recommend viewing the Denied and Do not want trophies before you complete the King's Farm Gang HQ in New York.

    In order to earn this trophy you must conquer the ten gang headquarters found in each of the three maps. There are six in New York, three in the River Valley, and one in the North Atlantic. When you enter the area of a gang headquarters, you will be tasked to complete a variety of objectives varying from killing scouts, snipers, gang leaders, destroying weapon reserves, and burning the Assassin flag flying over the headquarters. When you complete all of the listed objectives, the headquarters becomes yours and you will be able to access your Naval Fleet and Bank stores from these locations. Note that when you complete these locations, they are yours for good. They do not respawn under enemy control and enemies will not be in these areas.

    The picture above depicts a captured fort, which is the green rook symbol. Note that the circles on the top of the icon show the difficulty level of the fort itself. One circle is easy, two is medium, and three is hard. You'll also notice that captured forts can act as fast travel stations once they're conquered. Capturing gang headquarters also unlocks the map icons for all of the collectibles in the immediate area.

  • Counter-Kill 30 Stalkers

    See Denied for more details.

  • Complete all renovations

    Renovations, in Rogue, are similar to repairing shops in earlier instalments of the Assassin's Creed franchise. Renovating these locations will raise money added to your bank and increase the amount your bank can hold at one time before you have to pick it up. There are a total of 39 renovations in the game that count for this trophy. Renovating each location costs money as well as materials to do. These same materials are used for upgrading the Morrigan and can be obtained by opening chests, raiding outposts, completing convoy objectives, or successfully boarding enemy ships. Renovation locations are only unlocked after you successfully capture the gang headquarters in the area.

    The locations for Renovations are as follows:

    New York: (13)
    Story related - 1
    East Village - 2
    Greenwich - 1
    King's Farm - 2
    Lower Manhattan - 2
    Stuyvesant’s Farm - 3
    Waterfront - 2

    River Valley: (15)
    Albany - 1
    Ash Creek - 1
    Fleur-De-Vent - 1
    Greystone - 1
    Ile Des Pins - 1
    Mount Saint Denis - 1
    Old Growth Forest - 2
    Or-Du-Norde - 1
    Otetiani - 1
    Riviere Aurifere - 1
    Sleepy Hollow - 1
    Twin Snake Path - 1
    Two Bends - 1
    Vielle Carriere - 1

    North Atlantic: (11)
    Burgeo - 1
    Glace Bay - 1
    Halifax - 1
    Harbour Deep - 1
    Miramichi - 1
    Perce - 1
    Sept-Iles - 1
    St. Anthony - 1
    St. John’s - 1
    Terra Nova - 1
    Yarmouth - 1

    If you are missing renovations and you're having trouble finding them on the map, you can view renovations in your Progress Tracker found within your Start menu.

  • Complete 35 Abstergo Challenges

    Glitched: This trophy has been reported to glitch by several people after reaching 35 challenges. The cause of the glitch is unknown but could be attributed to activating cheats prior to reaching 35 completed challenges and finishing challenges while the cheats are active. The only way to prevent an additional run through the game is to back up your save. Reload your save if this glitch happens to you and complete the repeat challenges until the trophy unlocks.

    This trophy will likely occur naturally or working towards unlocking the cheats required for Hunt the Hunted, I ENDURE, Supplier, and Killing Machine. There are a total of 70 challenges within the game, 65 of which are required in order to earn access to the aforementioned cheats. The challenges that are easiest will vary from person to person. In order to view progress on any of your challenges, enter the start menu and select Abstergo Challenges in order to view the different challenge categories.

    • Lone Wolf challenges are related to viewpoints, interceptions, platforming, and assassinations targets.
    • Privateer challenges are related to taverns, Morrigan upgrades, destroying ships, capturing forts, plundering warehouses, and defeating legendary battles.
    • Scout challenges are related to collectibles, exploration, and unlocking the Viking armor.
    • Trapper challenges are related to hunting or harpooning animals, petting dogs, and crafting Shay's upgrades.
    • Warrior challenges are related to stylized killing methods, killstreaks, and the grenade launcher.
    • Finacier challenges are related to pickpocketing, looting corpses, renovating buildings, acquiring money, and the naval campaign minigame.
    • Performance challenges are related to total game synchronization.

    I wouldn't focus on specific challenges until you're close to finishing everything else in the game as obtaining most other trophies will earn most of the required challenges for you.

  • Fully Upgrade the Morrigan

    There are a total of 70 upgrades required to completely level up the Morrigan. I recommend attempting to upgrade the Morrigan as soon as you can, especially when Gist informs you that you have enough materials for an upgrade. You will have several unlocks that require you to progress in the story before you are able to purchase them. The reason being because your material values actually hit a capped maximize level. The last thing you want is to complete objectives without actually receiving rewards. Upgrading the ship earlier also means that story missions and convoys will be easier to handle as you come across them. You can obtain ship upgrade materials by completing the boarding minigame, picking up materials at sea, liberating materials from enemy outposts or camps, and from opening chests.

    You should note that in order to reach the maximum upgrades for the Morrigan, you will have to find all of the upgrade blueprints in chests scattered throughout the three maps in the game. These blueprints are indicated on the map as three gears as shown on the picture below.

    New York: (2)
    East Village - Elite Round Shot
    Lower Manhattan - Elite Puckle Gun

    River Valley: (4)
    Aarushi - Elite Set of Cannons
    Genessee - Elite Hull
    Otetiani - Elite Burning Oil
    Riviere Aurifere - Elite Explosive Shot

    North Atlantic: (7)
    Gros Morne - Elite Burning Oil Storage
    Fogo - Elite Icebreaker Ram
    HMS Miranda - Elite Mortars
    Nerepis - Elite Puckle Gun Cylinder
    Pearl Island - Elite Heavy Shot Storage
    The Sapphire - Elite Heavy Shot
    Terra Nova - Elite Mortar Storage

    Note that these are the only blueprints that are required to upgrade the Morrigan all the way up. There are other blueprints in the game that give additional cosmestics for the ship, but those blueprints are not required for this trophy.

  • Loot 20 supply camps

    Supply camps are only found in the River Valley area and are depicted on the map in the image of a covered wagon as shown in the image below.

    Supply camps appear in various locations throughout the River Valley and respawn at a fairly quick pace. If you're having difficulty with the respawn rate of supply camps for any reason, you can visit a Tavern in the River Valley to reveal the location for one. When entering a Supply Camp, your only objective is to secure the contents of the chest within the camp. How you get to it, be it stealthy or guns blazing, is entirely up to you.

    Note that you can pair this trophy up with the Supplier trophy as long as you have at least ten Supply camps looted before you go for that trophy. For more information, see Supplier.

  • Loot 20 ship convoys

    Royal Convoys appear in various locations throughout the North Atlantic. However, Convoys share their respawn zones with P.O.W. events and cross faction ship battles. This trophy can either be a grind, or it wont be that bad. It's entirely dependent on weather or not you take down convoys as you see them while going for other trophies. I've recorded a few spawn locations for convoys during my time playing. Remember that these aren't the only locations to see this event, but fast traveling to these locations can save you some time trying to grind for convoys.

    North Atlantic

    When approaching a convoy, you will have to kill two smaller gunboats and one large brig ship. The convoy events ends when you successfully board the larger ship and decide how best to use your plunder. Convoys appear in two types on the map. First is Royal Convoys, which are shared across your friends list via Uplay. These appear on the map as blue boat icons with an R on the right side of the sail. The second type of convoy is the Naval convoy. These standard convoys are not shared by Uplay and appear on the map as white ships with the AC: Rogue currency symbol on the right side of the sail.

  • Counter 20 smoke bombs successfully using a gas mask

    Scouts, gang leaders, and heavy soldiers throughout the game will throw grenades and smoke bombs at you randomly over the course of the game. This trophy can be obtained using the Assassin Killer outfit that comes with a permanent gas mask, rather then having to hit the button to use your gas mask. (Thanks to HiryuMK for confirming.)

    Go to the King's Farm gang headquarters in New York. One of your objectives will be to kill three Scout enemies that will be indicated by red circle waypoints. Instead of killing these enemies, kill all other enemies you attract you lure a scout away from the headquarters. Once you have him alone, counter and throw him by pushing the button twice. After you throw him and create some distance, he will usually toss a smoke bomb at you. Stand on the smoke bomb and push to counter the smoke using your gas mask. Continue to counter the scout until you've used your gas mask enough to earn the trophy.

    For a additional assistance, please refer to the video below:

    An alternative way to get this trophy easily is to replay Sequence 4 - Memory 3: Scars. Complete the mission normally until you come into the confrontation with Assassin Leader, Kesegowaase. Instead of killing him, chase him around the fort battlements at a reasonably short distance behind him and push every time he throws down a smoke bomb. You'll know when he's about to throw a smoke bomb because he says, "You think you can best me, traitor?" As long as you stay far enough back, you can just follow Kesegowaase around the battlements until you've successfully countered his smoke bomb 20 times. (Thank you 360GameTV for sharing this method.)

  • Repair all computers in Abstergo Entertainment

    You can only access Abstergo Entertainment while you are in the present day, and you can only earn this trophy after you receive level 3 security clearance in order to open every room and access every area that computers are located in. You are granted level 3 security clearance during the final present day sequence after visiting the server room in the basement. At this point, you can now access all twenty computers needed to earn this trophy.

    In order to easily track computer locations in-game, you can push select to open your map while you're in the present day. As long as you have access to your data pad, computer locations will appear on the map as computer icons. An example of how computers appear on the map can be found in the image below.

    Computer Locations by floor:

    Floor 15 - CCO: 2 (#9, #13)
    Floor 2 - Helix Research: 10 (#1, #4, #5, #6, #8, #10, #14, #15, #16, #17)
    Floor 1 - Lobby: 5 (#2, #3, #7, #18, #19)
    Basement - Servers: 3 (#11, #12, #20)

    Repairing each computer requires you to play a small puzzle game in which you need to line up each beam to a different section of the center sphere until all sections light up blue. These puzzles get progressive more difficult as your security clearance increases.

    • Transparent - A blue section on a ring means that this is the only piece of the ring that beams on the outer layer of the same side can pass.
    • Refract - An orange section on a ring means that any beams passing through this section from the outer layer will be bent.
    • Split - A green section on a ring means that beams passing through this section will be split into two separate beams before they reach the core circle.

    The best tip I can give you for completing each puzzle is that if a colored section appears in the puzzle, you will have to use it to match every beam to its own piece of the circle. It's best to line up these beams first, if and where possible.

  • Visit every location in the game

    There are 67 locations you can travel to across the three maps of the game. Note that traveling and unlocking these areas will not be enough to unlock the trophy for you. You will also need to complete all six sequences in order to reach areas that are exclusively available in missions. The map locations you need to worry about are as follows;

    New York:
    1. East Village
    2. Greenwich
    3. King's Farm
    4. Lower Manhattan
    5. Stuyvesant’s Farm
    6. Waterfront

    River Valley:
    7. Aarushi
    8. Albany
    9. Ash Creek
    10. Black Ridge
    11. Coeur-de-l'hiver
    12. Dekanawida
    13. Fleur-de-vent
    14. Fort Blanc
    15. Fort La Croix
    16. Fort Soleil
    17. Genessee
    18. Greystone
    19. Ile Des Pins
    20. Lac Eternal
    21. Le Bras-du-Seigneur
    22. Lock Cliff
    23. Marais Rocheux
    24. Mont Saint Denis
    25. Mount Vernon
    26. Old Growth Forest
    27. Or-du-Nord
    28. Orenda
    29. Otetiani
    30. Red Bank
    31. Riviere Aurifere
    32. Ruisseau du Renard
    33. Sleepy Hollow
    34. St. Nicolas
    35. Twin Snake Path
    36. Two Bends
    37. uncharted (You will unlock this area while you collect Animus Fragments)
    38. Vallee Verte
    39. Vieille Carriere

    North Atlantic
    40. Anticosti
    41. Burgeo
    42. Le Chameau
    43. Fogo
    44. Fort Baie-Rouge
    45. Port-la-Joye
    46. Fort St-Louis
    47. Glace Bay
    48. Grande-Entree
    49. Gros Morne
    50. Halifax
    51. Harbour Deep
    52. Havre-Saint-Pierre
    53. HMS Miranda
    54. Lewisporte
    55. Miramichi
    56. Nerepis
    57. Pearl Island
    58. Perce
    59. Port-aux-Basques
    60. Port-Menier
    61. The Sapphire
    62. Sept-Iles
    63. St. Anthony
    64. St. John's
    65. Terra Nova
    66. uncharted (You will unlock this area while you collect Animus Fragments)
    67. Yarmouth

    Be sure to unlock fast travel in these areas as you go to them in order to easily ensure that you've been there before. You'll most likely do this either way as synchronizing viewpoints is required to getting the collectibles for each location.

  • Get the Native Armor

    See King of the Hill for more details.

  • Get the Templar Armor

    In order to unlock the Templar armor, you need to collect and use Templar Maps to dig up the 24 Templar Relics scattered through the River Valley and North Atlantic. I will list the area locations of each map below where you can synchronize viewpoints in the area to collect each Templar map. The image below will show you what a Templar map looks like when viewed on your map ingame.

    Templar Map Locations:

    New York: (6)
    Lower Manhattan - 1
    Waterfront - 1
    Greenwich - 1
    Stuyvesant’s Farm - 1
    East Village - 1
    King's Farm - 1

    River Valley: (9)
    Albany - 1
    Sleepy Hollow - 1
    St. Nicolas - 1
    Old Growth Forest - 1
    Mont Saint Denis - 1
    Ord-du-Nord - 1
    Vieille Carriere - 1
    Ile Des Pins - 1
    Orenda - 1

    North Atlantic: (9)
    Port Menier - 2
    Halifax - 1
    Port Aux Basques - 1
    Anticosti - 1
    Sept-Iles - 1
    St. John's - 1
    The Sapphire - 1
    St. Anthony - 1

    After collecting each map, you need to equip the map in-game and follow the picture and coordinates on every map in order to locate the Templar Relics. Once you're collected them all, you can travel to The Sapphire in the North Atlantic to collect your Templar Armor and the trophy under the Templar symbol on your map. Interact with the door for a short cutscene and the trophy.

  • Complete 17 story missions in the Naval Campaign

    You can access the Naval Campaign minigame in the Captain's Cabin of the Morrigan or any Gang Headquarters under your control. For this trophy, you must complete 17 Naval Missions out of a total of 33. The Naval Missions, like all unit control missions in the Assassin's Creed franchise, are timed events. By that I mean you have to wait for an extended period of time for the mission to complete before your ship returns, not that you are time limited. I recommend starting these missions as soon as you possibly can rather than grinding them all out later. You have to control ships to secure routes for safe passage on the world map, and then send your ships off to other locations to complete missions and unlock new missions. The objective of this game is to seize French controlled trade areas for the British. You can acquire new ships for your game by capturing ships that you board and sending them to your fleet. Different ships have different stats that you will need in order to meet the requirements for the different story missions. Rotate securing routes and completing missions in the Naval Campaign to earn this trophy. It's far more time consuming than it actually is difficult.

    You'll unlock the trophy after you view the return report for your 17th unique mission.

    Note* - You can also set your PSN clock forward manually to cause Naval Missions to finish instantly. This is a good idea if you find yourself waiting on these missions exclusively towards the end of the game without other activities to finish. (Credit to GoTp for sharing.)

  • Collect all animus fragments

    There are a total of 200 Animus Fragments that can be found throughout almost every area of the game and in every location except present day and mission exclusive areas. Some of them are a bit tricky to obtain, but they are all located on the map for every area. Aside from the world map itself, Animus Fragment collectible progress can be viewed in the Progress Tracker of your start menu. Animus fragments look like two side by side triangle on the map as shown in the picture below.

    New York: (41)
    East Village - 7
    Greenwich - 6
    King's Farm - 8
    Lower Manhattan - 7
    Stuyvesant’s Farm - 7
    Waterfront - 6

    River Valley: (82)
    Aarushi - 2
    Albany - 5
    Ash Creek - 2
    Coeur-de-l'hiver - 2
    Dekanawida - 2
    Fleur-de-vent - 3
    Fort Blanc - 2
    Fort La Croix - 2
    Fort Soleil - 2
    Genessee - 2
    Greystone - 3
    Ile Des Pins - 1
    Lac Eternal - 2
    Le Bras-du-Seigneur - 2
    Lock Cliff - 2
    Marais Rocheux - 2
    Mont Saint Denis - 1
    Mount Vernon - 2
    Old Growth Forest - 4
    Or-du-Nord - 4
    Orenda - 1
    Otetiani - 3
    Red Bank - 1
    Riviere Aurifere - 1
    Ruisseau du Renard - 2
    Sleepy Hollow - 2
    St. Nicolas - 2
    Twin Snake Path - 3
    Two Bends - 2
    Uncharted - 14
    Vallee Verte - 2
    Vieille Carriere - 2

    North Atlantic: (77)
    Anticosti - 2
    Burgeo - 2
    Le Chameau - 2
    Fogo - 2
    Fort Baie-Rouge - 2
    Port-la-Joye - 2
    Fort St-Louis - 2
    Glace Bay - 3
    Grande-Entree - 3
    Gros Morne - 2
    Halifax - 2
    Harbour Deep - 3
    Havre-Saint-Pierre - 2
    HMS Miranda - 2
    Lewisporte - 2
    Miramichi - 3
    Nerepis - 2
    Pearl Island - 3
    Perce - 2
    Port-aux-Basques - 2
    Port-Menier - 3
    The Sapphire - 2
    Sept-Iles - 3
    St. Anthony - 2
    St. John's - 2
    Terra Nova - 2
    Uncharted - 15
    Yarmouth - 3

  • Complete every activity in a single location

    Completing every activity in a location means literally doing everything there is to do in a single area. The easiest area to do this on is Black Ridge. Black Ridge only contains one viewpoint, one cave painting, and one chest. Complete those three and the trophy is yours, if you haven't earned it naturally already.

  • Capture all forts

    There are a total of 6 forts through the game. All you have to do to capture a fort is approach it and use the Morrigan to destroy the marked towers of the fort. Once you finish destroying the towers you'll need to dock at the fort and complete a series of objectives ranging from killing VIPs or destroying gunpowder barrels. Once you've finished the objectives, the fort is yours and it will increase your overall revenue as well as turn the immediate area into a friendly zone so the fort wont shoot at you as you sail by. The forts are depicted on the map as larger versions of the gang headquarters icons. Remember that the circles on the top of the icon dictate that difficulty level of the fort itself. One circle is easy, two is medium, and three is hard. See the picture below for an example of what a fort looks like on your map.

    River Valley: (3)
    Fort Blanc
    Fort La Croix
    Fort Soleil

    North Atlantic: (3)
    Fort Baie-Rouge
    Fort St-Louis

  • Capture all settlements

    There are 8 settlements in the game to take over for this trophy. Taking over a settlement is nearly identical to taking over a gang headquarters. When you approach a settlement, you'll be given a series of objectives ranging from killing VIPs to destroying gunpowder barrels. Once you finish the objectives, the settlement will become yours and you'll increase the amount of revenue you gain periodically. Settlements are shown on your map as small cottage-style houses.

    North Atlantic: (3)
    -St. Anthony
    -St. Johns

    River Valley: (5)
    -Le Bras-du-Seigneur
    -Lock Cliff
    -St. Nicolas

  • All legendary battles completed

    This trophy can be difficult, or it can be laughably easy. Pick your destiny.

    For the easy road, enter your start menu and go into Abstergo Challenges. Scroll down to cheats and activate Immortal. Proceed to do every Legendary Battle on the map. When the final battle ends and you're back in the North Atlantic, head back into the cheats menu and deactivate the Immortal cheat. The game will reset you to your progress before you activated the cheat, but the trophy will unlock for completing the legendary battles. Congratulations on your gold trophy.

    For the hard road, read through the tactics I've written out below and complete each of the four legendary battles for the trophy. Note that if you do choose to use the Immortal cheat, you can still platinum the game, but you cannot complete all the challenges for your own personal accomplishment because one of the challenges is completing the legendary battles and progress made while using a cheat isn't saved.

    North Atlantic - Pirates of the Lost Age (Northwest Legendary Battle)

    The main threats of this fight are the two men-o'-war.

    A lot of their moveset is standard men-o'-war threats that you should be use to by now, or at least seen before. That is, mortars and heavy shot volleys from the side. Both of the two men-o'-war ships, also lights a fire trail in his wake so be careful of following too closely. The best tactic here is to use mortors to remove smaller ships from the equation. If you can weaken them to have a board option, that's awesome, you can board them and choose to repair the Morrigan mid-fight.

    Keep as much distance from the men-o'-wars as you can and pick them off from a distance. If you can get behind them, you can use your frontal flame shot to stun them and damage them slowly without putting yourself at risk. If you can pull this off, remember to stop moving a distance distance away so they don't activate flame trail to damage you.

    North Atlantic - The Battle of Labrador (Northeast Legendary Battle)

    You'll start the event fighting about 5 french ships that are rather unremarkable. They're the same style ships you can fight in the open world of the game. Do not waste Mortars or other ammo based shots here. Stay at range and shot icebergs and long range shots to conserve your health and wittle down the enemy ships.

    Once the first wave of ships die, a second wave appears along with the legendary ship, Couronne. There are six regular french ships in this wave as well. This fight is rather unremarkable. The Couronne is just like any other man-o'-war with more health. If you keep your distance and fire at range, this fight wont me too much trouble for you especially if you saved your mortars. This is more of a test of endurance for a long fight.

    North Atlantic - The Battle of Quiberon Bay (Southeast Legendary Battle)

    You'll spawn into combat against 6 French ships ahead of you. As you sail forward, fire ships will spawn in behind you and you're first priority should be to take them out before they hit you. If you don't attack the ships ahead you, they will leave you alone as long as you stay away from them. You can do this with any of your weapons. After you kill the fire ships, 4 more fire ships will spawn in the same direction the fire ships did, as well as the legendary ship, Formidable.

    The Formidable has the same moveset as a man-o'-war, mortars and heavy shot volley. However, the Formidable attacks noticeably slower which will give you time to take out the fire ships.

    When the Formidable drops to a third of his health, more fire ships will spawn in all directions. Quickly cut yourself a path by killing one or two and move out of the circle so you aren't surrounded and deal with the remaining fire ships before going back to attacking the Formidable. The Formidable should die shortly after you re-engage him.

    *After you deal with the first three Legendary battles, a fourth will spawn in the Southwest of the North Atlantic.

    North Atlantic - The Storm Fortress (Southwest Legendary Battle)

    This time, you'll only be fighting one ship, Storm Fortress. As soon as you enter the fight, Storm Fortress will be firing mortors at you and your allies, quickly knocking some of your allies out of the fight. Unlock normal mortors, Storm Fortress' mortors leave the affected area enflamed. You'll want to avoid mortor fire as much as you possibly can. Unlock the standard man-o'-wat, the Storm Fortress' ammo is all enflamed and will cause damage over time if you're hit. The best way to deal with Storm Fortress is to deal with him from a distance. If you fire frontal fire shot from long range, Storm Fortress will miss most if not all of his attempts to attack you just trying to spin to hit you. The tricky part of this tactic is that bracing damage will last long enough to allow Storm Fortress to move again. At about 20% health, in sight of victory, Storm Fortress will let off a foghorn sound and two more named ships will enter the fight, Argonaut and Sceptre. Storm Fortress dies right after these two move into range. These two ships don't use mortors. Instead, they circle around and fire enflamed heavy shots between each other, sometime damaging each other. Focus on one, it doesn't matter which one you kill first. Once you kill the first one, the other will light itself on fire and try to ram you. If you are ahead of him, all you need to do is steer in a circle and use flame trial to finish him off. He will follow you through your flame trail and kill himself.

  • Destroy 100 Ice bergs

    This trophy will take some grinding on your part, but it's not so bad as long as you're actively destroying Ice Bergs throughout the game. Ice Bergs can be found in the North Atlantic and you can destroy them easily with any weapon on the Morrigan. Destroy 100 Ice bergs and the trophy should unlock shortly afterwards.

  • Break through 500 meters of Ice Sheets

    This trophy will most likely come naturally. After you unlock the ram upgrade for the Morrigan, before sequence 2, you'll be able to plow through and break ice sheets found near the cold shores of the North Atlantic. This trophy progress will mostly be done just by going through the story and exploring on your way to other trophies.

  • Free 300 British Prisoners of War

    In order to earn this trophy you must free 300 British soldiers during the naval events called P.O.W. These events appear randomly throughout a few set spawn points around the North Atlantic map, but these spawn points are shared between P.O.W. events, as well as Naval Convoys, and faction battles between the French and the British. You need a minimum of three P.O.W. events in order to save 300 British because each event gives you an opportunity to save a maximum of 100 British Prisoners.

    If you played Assassin's Creed Black Flag's Freedom Cry DLC, this event will be familiar to you. You'll encounter a Brig guarded by two smaller ships. You have to take out the smaller ships without damaging the Brig at all. If you damage the Brig, you lose survivors. Once you sink the smaller ships, you can board the Brig and complete the boarding mini game to finish the P.O.W. event. You'll have to do this a minimum of three times and the P.O.W. events spawn at the locations I've recorded below;

    North Atlantic

    Remember, if you encounter Naval Convoys in these areas, complete the convoy events as well. Not only will the Convoys count towards What's yours is mine, but they also stop P.O.W. events from spawning in.

    Additional method by SuperkenGaming. If you Fast Travel to Gros Morne in the North Atlantic and idle for 10 to 20 minutes then you will force an event to occur. For this particular location, it's usually a P.O.W. ship that appears. This method is a lot quicker then sailing from spawn point to spawn point.

  • Harpoon a Narwhal

    The Narwhal spawns into the Northeast part of the North Atlantic map at a semi-random location. He's quite easy to kill as long as you're paying attention. You don't need a maxed out whaling boat to kill it, although it greatly helps. You will need at least 20 harpoons with at least 75% of the damage upgrades. Go to the Narwhal spawn on your map. It looks like a regular killer whale icon with a spike on the forehead.

    Hit it with a harpoon to start the fight. Brace by holding square if you are approaching ice. Aim a little lower then the shadow in the water a bit under the Narwhal around the center of its body to hit it. If the Narwhal breaks the line, charge a harpoon shot up and look straight ahead. It is important to hit it while it's charging you so that you don't take damage. Repeat these steps until you kill it.

    For additional assistance see the video below:

  • Survive a Reverse-Boarding

    Reverse-Boarding occurs when you are rammed by an enemy and they begin to board you. There are two ways to earn this trophy easily. One way is to gain a wanted level and have bounty hunters chase you. There's an aggressive bounty hunter type that will immediately try to ram and board you. Simply complete the mini event in order to gain the trophy.

    The other method is to replay Sequence 2, Memory 1. For this method, you'll be chasing after Samuel Smith across the icy North Atlantic. During your chase, you'll be ambushed by enemy ships. The large ship in the ambush will ram you and attempt to board. Simply complete the event objectives to complete the reverse-boarding event and earn the trophy.

    For additional assistance, refer to the video below:

  • Counter 15 air surprise attacks

    Stalker enemies should up most frequently around New York and some wooded areas in the River Valley. They are several places in which you can farm these easily.

    Stalkers are stealthy assassin enemies that hide in cabinets, bushes, haystacks, and on elevated areas waiting to attack you. One hit from a stalker will nearly kill you. You can tell when they're nearby because you will hear loud whispers and the border your screen will turn a mixture of red, orange, and pink. Activate eagle vision to bring up a detection meter and highlight them before they attack you. You can counter a stalker, be it aerial or grounded, by quickly pushing and then . Any other counter combination will not kill the stalker and will not count towards the trophy.

    You can easily farm both the kills required for both Denied and Stalker Killer if you have not yet captured the King's Farm gang headquarters in New York. Go to the Northwest corner of the headquarter and walk along the house by the crossroads for an aerial stalker counter, and then run towards the bushes on the Northwest side of the headquarters for a grounded stalker kill.

    For a visual aid of this method, view the video below.

    For those of you that have passed the King's Farm gang headquarters, here is another location for Denied and Stalker killer provided by 360GameTV.

    Keep in mind that the initial method is geared towards giving Do not want in the same spot as well as a close checkpoint. See Do not want for further details.

  • Complete all Native hills and Ice Caves

    This trophy is tied to the Ancient Hero trophy as well, for unlocking the Native Armor.

    There are 7 Native hills and Ice Cave locations found through the River Valley and North Atlantic areas. These specific locations hold Native Pillar puzzles that, when completed, reward you with a Native Relic that can be used to obtain the Native Armor. You don't need to totally clear these areas of all objectives in order to complete these areas for the trophy. All you need to do is finish the Native Pillars at each location.

    Each Native Pillar puzzle is on the pillar itself. When you approach the podium for these events, you will be tasked to match up the patterns on the pillars themselves until the lines on every segment of the pillar match up. If you start from the top segment of the pillar and work your way down, the segment will make a ping noise when you're on the right side to start. For there, it's easy to match up the lines so that the bottom and top of the pillar connect. Once you complete a pillar puzzle, the pillar will explode to reveal a small Native Relic. Pick up the relic to complete each area for the trophy.

    Once you have visited and completed each of the 7 areas, fast travel to Orenda in the River Valley and move toward the "native armour" marker that looks like a diamond shaped eye on your map. Note that this armor is not available before completing Sequence 4 - Memory 2: Armour and Sword. Interacting with the door will unlock the Ancient Hero trophy.

    River Valley: (4)

    North Atlantic: (3)
    Gros Morne
    Terra Nova

  • Complete an Outpost without getting detected

    In order to earn this trophy, you have to complete an Outpost without getting detected. This means you need to loot the key from the key holder, loot the warehouse where the supplies are stored, and escape without ever being seen, raising an alarm, or entering into an open conflict. You can kill people, but if their bodies are found then the guards will become alarmed and you will miss out on the trophy. You can use Berserk darts, but the berserk guard must die before he's the last one standing. There's a detection glitch where the berserk guard will take notice of you even when you're in hiding if he's the last alive.

    Your first, and best opportunity to earn this trophy is in Sequence 3 - Memory 3: Circumstances. During the mission you will be tasked to raid a French outpost with only one key holder. This is one of the easier warehouses in the game. Note that the 100% synchronization task calls for you to hang the key holder with a Rope Dart. It's unlikely that you'll be able to do this and remain undetected for the trophy, so if you use this method you'll probably have to replay the chapter. Go for 100% synchronization first, and replay for this trophy if you go this route. The reason being that you can quit after you earn Ninja, but you have to finish the chapter to save progress for 100% synchronization.

    Outposts in the world show up as houses on your map. Once you raid an Outpost in the world, it respawns after a period of time. You cannot miss this trophy regardless.

  • Hit 5 enemies with a berserk grenade at the same time

    See Nap Time for more details.

  • Put 5 enemies to sleep with a sleep grenade at the same time

    For this trophy you must hit 5 enemies with a sleep grenade and have enough of them doze off at once. You will not earn this trophy if enemies walk into your bomb after it has gone off. They must fall asleep simultaneously.

    A great spot for this is in the River Valley, at coordinates (701,-651), just above a fast travel point in this location. If you use this fast travel station, head North towards the patrolling guards indicated on your minimap by a red circle. There are exactly five guards in this group and they are close enough to hit all of them at once without upgrading your grenade launcher.

    Additionally, this trophy can be paired with Instant Vikings. Simply hit the group of guards with a sleep grenade until they are all asleep, and hit all five of them once again with a berserk grenade to earn both trophies.

    See the video below for further assistance.

  • Complete all assassin interceptions

    There are a total of 12 assassin interceptions found divided between all three maps in the game. In order to start an assassin interception, you must approach a location that looks like a pigeon on your map, as shown in the picture below.

    When you reach these areas, you will have to slowly approach a pigeon and quickly complete a one button quick time event in order to intercept the assassin's message and discover their plots to kill local VIPs. You will have a short time limit ranging from two to five minutes in order to use eagle vision in order to locate and eliminate all the assassins in the yellow marked areas on your minimap. Any assassins you don't kill within the time limit will make their moves towards their target and you will be forced to defend him. Successfully defend the target and eliminate the assassins to complete the event. If you fail an event, the pigeon will respawn if you fast travel out and back into the area or simply move far enough away.

    It is important to know that the assassin interception located in Greenwich, New York will not appear until you've successfully completed the other 11 assassin interceptions. The trophy will unlock after you've completed the Greenwich assassin interception.

    New York: (5)
    Lower Manhattan
    East Village
    Greenwich (Final)
    Stuyvesant's Farm

    River Valley: (4)
    Ile Des Pins
    Le Bras-du-Seigneur
    Old Growth Forest

    North Atlantic: (3)
    St. Anthony
    St. John's

  • Sink 10 ships in North Atlantic without dying while only the HUNTED cheat is active.

    Enter the start menu and go into Abstergo Challenges, go down to cheats, and activate Hunted.

    This cheat will cause bounty hunters to constantly be on you. With the Morrigan fully upgraded, wiping the bounty hunters out isn't really an issue. Kill any 10 ships to earn the trophy and then turn Hunted off.

  • Sink 10 ships in North Atlantic without dying while only the ENDURANCE cheat is active.

    Enter the start menu and go into Abstergo Challenges, go down to cheats, and activate Endurance.

    This cheats makes it so neither the Morrigan or Shay can regenerate health. This trophy can be paired with Killing Machine if you choose to board the ships you weaken and kill the guards on the ships. Simply weaken any ship, board it and use your guns, grenades, and Puckle Gun to kill the enemy soldiers without ever having to actually confront them with Shay. You should have Killing Machine by your third or fourth ship depending on the ship size. You can just shoot the rest of the ships without boarding them if you want.

  • Take over 10 large supply camps while only the VETERANS cheat is active.

    Enter the start menu and go into Abstergo Challenges, go down to cheats, and activate Veteran.

    This cheat requires you to complete 65 challenges in order to unlock it. It causes enemy guard combinations to be upgraded to harder versions of easy enemy that do more damage per hit. However, this challenge is easy either way. If you have finished at least 10 supply camps at this point, you will also earn Camper in the process of earning this trophy.

    Similar to camper, loot the chests of 10 supply camps to earn the trophy. You don't need to kill all of the soldiers to loot the chest, so stealth or speed are best here. Remember that supply camps have generous respawns, but if for some reason you're having trouble finding one then you can visit a River Valley tavern to reveal a supply camp location.

  • Kill 30 guards without dying while only the ENDURANCE cheat is active.

    See I ENDURE for more details.


Secret trophies

  • Complete Present 1

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Follow the way points to complete your objectives, usually activating a server or talking to someone, and then re-enter the Animus. The trophy will unlock while you're loading into the Animus.

  • Complete Present 2

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Follow the way points to complete your objectives, usually activating a server or talking to someone, and then re-enter the Animus. The trophy will unlock while you're loading into the Animus.

  • Complete Present 3

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Follow the way points to complete your objectives, usually activating a server or talking to someone, and then re-enter the Animus. The trophy will unlock while you're loading into the Animus.

  • Complete Present 4

    Story related, cannot be missed.

    Follow the way points to complete your objectives, usually activating a server or talking to someone, and then re-enter the Animus. The trophy will unlock while you're loading into the Animus.

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