• Estimated trophy difficulty: 7/10 (Estimated Difficulty)
  • Offline trophies: 51 (36, 13, 1, 1)
  • Online trophies: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to platinum: 25-35 hours (Estimated Time)
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable trophies: 2: Mailer Daemon, Dust to Dust.
  • Glitched trophies: See Step 0 of walkthrough
  • Does difficulty affect trophies?: No difficulty
  • Do trophies stack?: PS3 and PS4 have separate platinums
  • Do cheat codes disable trophies?: No cheat codes


Step 0: Fixing glitched trophies.

The PS3 version of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood sometimes had glitched story trophies. It is currently unknown if this problem is also in the PS4 version. This step is provided for information should the glitch be present in the PS4 version.

After you watch the opening cutscene if the Technical Difficulties trophy doesn't pop, then there is a good chance that the story trophies are glitched. You can however follow these simple steps to fix it. Credit goes to UnderwAirWolf.

For those having issues getting the trophies to unlock, here is how I fixed the issue.

1. Deleted ACB file in Game Data Utility folder.
2. Loaded up game disc.
3. DECLINED update.
4. Let game install.
5. Went back to XMB.
6. Loaded up game again.
7. Installed update.
8. Started new story.

This worked for me as I'm now getting all the story related trophies. I hope this helps some of you.

More details on the glitched trophies in this game can be found here.

Step 1: Completing the game and collecting missable trophies.
There are two missable trophies in the game that you must collect before the end of Sequence 8: these are Mailer Daemon and Dust to Dust . Both of these require you to leave the Animus and return to Monteriggioni.

Enjoy the game, apart from the two missable trophies, you can go freely about your business completing the game. Remember you can replay any sequence from the menu by going into the DNA section, you can also replay any of the Lairs of Romulus if you miss any of the Borgia flags within them. It is recommended that you try to 100% sync all missions as you go, to save time spent on il Principe.

Step 2: Collectables.
There are 101 Borgia flags located around Rome as well as 10 feathers making for 111 collectables in total. If you've collected any Borgia flags or feathers then you need not worry because you can buy maps for both from art merchants in their respective districts when you've completed the game or collected 25 Borgia flags. Once you've collected all of the Borgia flags and feathers you'll receive Capture the Flag and In Memoriam .

As well as the Borgia flags and feathers there are also 10 glyphs to scan as part of Subject 16's puzzles, these are located on various landmarks throughout Rome, once you’ve scanned all 10 and worked out the puzzles you will receive .. .- -- .- .-.. .. ...- . . The addition of the Da Vinci DLC to the game also adds the 5 thirsty harlequins; they do not show up on the in-game map, so see that trophy for locations.

Step 3: Da Vinci Missions

For the PS4 version of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, the Da Vinci DLC is now a requirement for the platinum instead of being a separate list. Now is the time to focus on those side missions to get the story trophies and finally unlock il Principe.

Step 4: Clean up via free roam.
There will be a few trophies to clear up once you've finished the story and all of the collectables some of these will be side mission based others will be combat based but anything that you are missing can be obtained here or in the Animus Virtual Training program.

[PST would like to thank WillTheBassist for this Roadmap]

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Trophy Guide

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51 trophies ( 13  36  )

  • Win every trophy.

    Obtained after collecting all other trophies. You do not need the DLC to obtain this trophy.

  • Attempt to access DNA Sequence 9 for the first time.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy should pop after the first cutscene.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 1.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 1.

  • Find a secure place to hide and re-enter the Animus.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop when you return to Monteriggioni and set up the Animus in the cellar of the Villa Auditore.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 2.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 2.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 3.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 3.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 4.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 4.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 5.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 5.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 6.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 6.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 7.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 7.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 8.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 8.

  • Complete DNA Sequence 9.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after you've completed all of the memories in Sequence 9.

  • Secure the Apple of Eden.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop after the final interactive cutscene.

  • Achieve 100% Synchronization in any Sequence other than Sequence 1.

    This can be done in any Sequence except Sequence 1.

    In each memory within a Sequence there are certain factors and conditions that you must meet in order to achieve full (100%) synchronization. You must achieve 100% synchronization in each memory to achieve 100% synchronization in a sequence.

    The easiest place to get this is in Sequence 3, there are 4 memories in total:

    • Memory 1: Do not be detected whilst reducing notoriety or rejoining La Volpe.
    • Memory 2: Kill only the Borgia Captain.
    • Memory 3: Do not Swim.
    • Memory 4: No conditions.

    Keep in mind that the platinum trophy for the PS4 version of Brotherhood requires 100% synchronization of all memories, so you will obtain this trophy naturally while working towards il Principe.

  • Replay a Memory.

    This can only be done after Sequence 2, simply press then go into the DNA section, then select a sequence that you want to replay. This trophy should pop as soon as the sequence starts, you do not have to complete the sequence.

    This is likely to come naturally as you work towards il Principe.

  • Discover the Shrine in the Catacombe di Roma.

    This lair can be found in the Antico District at the Piramide Cestia. The trophy will pop upon exiting the lair after collecting the Scroll of Romulus. This lair is a maze that winds its way through the Catacombs which many find difficult to navigate but if at any point you come to a fork in your path, scan the walls with Eagle Vision and an arrow will appear pointing in the direction of the exit.

    See the "Amen" trophy description for more information.

  • Discover the Shrine in the Terme di Traiano.

    Story related cannot be missed. This trophy will pop during Sequence 2 upon exiting the first Lair of Romulus.

  • Discover the Shrine in Il Colosseo.

    This lair can be found in the Antico District at the Colosseum. The trophy will pop upon exiting the lair after collecting the Scroll of Romulus. This lair is relatively easy but requires you to complete a chase at the end, just avoid all of the black gates that drop as your target passes through them.

    See the "Amen" trophy description for more information.

  • Discover the Shrine in the Cloaca Maxima.

    This lair can be found in the Campagna District at the Cloaca Maxima. The trophy will pop upon exiting the lair after collecting the Scroll of Romulus. This lair requires some combat, as you chase your target through the sewer Followers of Romulus will jump out from the walls but you can shove them out of the way using and and continue the chase.

    See the "Amen" trophy description for more information.

  • Discover the Shrine in Palazzo Laterano.

    This lair can be found in the Antico District at the Palazzo Laterano. The trophy will pop upon exiting the lair after collecting the Scroll of Romulus. This is a very simple lair and requires nothing but free running. You do have to shoot several tethered weights but you do not have to worry if you run out of ammo, as there is a table to the right of the golden gates where you can collect more bullets and crossbow bolts.

    See the "Amen" trophy description for more information.

  • Amen


    Discover the Shrine in the Basilica di San Pietro.

    This lair can be found in the Vaticano District at the Basillica di San Pietro. The trophy will pop upon exiting the lair after collecting the Scroll of Romulus. This lair requires a little of everything. First of all you must blend into a crowd, when the groups stop you can swap groups and it will not attract any attention from the nearby guards. You will have to keep up with your target more so than in other lairs as there are several spots where you can easily lose him but it shouldn't prove too difficult as the path is clear.

    The Lairs of Romulus become available after completing Sequence 2 and are indicated on the map by a wolf icon.

    There are also 3 Borgia flags within each lair which you will have to collect; see the "Capture the Flag" trophy description for more information. All lairs can be replayed after they have been completed by pressing and then going into the DNA menu.

  • Destroy the Machine Gun.

    Story related cannot be missed.

    This trophy will pop during Sequence 5 after you destroy the Machine Gun which is the first of Leonardo Da Vinci's machines.

  • Destroy the Naval Cannon.

    During the game you'll meet with Leonardo Da Vinci, he informs you of several of his war machines that are being used by the Borgias and therefore require destruction.

    All of the Leonardo's missions are marked with an "L" on the map.

    For this trophy you must first kill the Templar Overseer in Rome then after you leave Rome you must talk with and then follow Eduardo to the dry dock. After some combat you must flood the dock and steal the machine, finally you must destroy all of the Borgia ships. To destroy a ship you must destroy all of it's sails. There are in 3 sails per ship and 4 ships in total.

    The trophy will pop once you've completed the mission.

  • Destroy the Bomber.

    For this trophy you must use a glider similar to the one in Assassin's Creed 2 but this one is equipped with incendiary bombs.

    First of all you must kill the Templar Overseer in Rome then when you've left Rome, you must follow an architect to a "secluded area" and squeeze him for information in other words beat him up using your fists. You will then have to reach the bomber using a combination of stealth and combat. When you've reached the bomber you will have to destroy 4 workshops (which take two shots each to destroy), 2 carriages and one horseman.

    Remember that this is a glider and has no propulsion so to gain height after a swooping attack, you must shoot the floor to start a fire. Once the fire is lit pull back on the left analogue stick as you are over it and you'll ascend into the air.

    The trophy will pop once you've completed the mission.

  • Destroy the Tank.

    Again you will have to kill the Templar Overseer and leave Rome. You will again have to beat up an architect using your fists, you must then free two mercenaries and protect them during a combat sequence, follow them through some tunnels and then command the tank.

    There are explosives located next to the majority of the stationary targets so it's a good idea to aim for them. You will have to fight other tanks but the trick is to circle them and keep moving this prevents them from scoring a hit and keeps you intact.

    The trophy will pop once you've completed the mission.

  • Renovate 5 buildings in the Antico district.

    In order to renovate a building you must first unlock it by destroying the Borgia Tower that's overlooking that area. The Antico District is the southern most district on the map.

    You can renovate any building by either walking up to it (or the architect) and pressing . Buildings you can renovate range from shops, tunnels, empty faction buildings and even landmarks. Each will cost a certain amount of Florins to renovate but will increase your income.

  • Burn All Borgia Towers.

    There are 12 Borgia Towers in total located throughout Rome. You must however complete up to Sequence 6 to unlock all of the Borgia towers.

    To destroy a Borgia Tower you must first kill the Borgia Captain whilst avoiding the guards, if you are detected then he will run and not return until the next shift starts so you have to use stealth and your assassins. When the Captain is dead you must climb the tower and ignite it by pressing this automatically syncs the viewpoint and updates your map.

    Destroying the Boriga towers will allow you to renovate buildings in that area and recruit more assassin's. Once a tower has been destroyed it will become an Assassin's Tower.

  • Complete 10 Guild Challenges.

    There are 4 guilds; Assassins, Thieves, Courtesans and Mercenaries. Each have their own factions and each have their own challenges, you must complete 10 of these to unlock the trophy. They vary in difficulty but won't cause too much trouble.

  • Solve all of Subject 16’s puzzles.

    There are 10 glyphs located on landmarks throughout Rome, these must be scanned in Eagle Vision and then climbed into. Once in, there are several puzzles to solve within each glyph.

    The puzzles are not fixed to a landmark so you can complete the landmarks in any order, the order of the puzzles will stay the same. The videos below by PowerPyx show each of the locations and the puzzles:

    1 - 5

    5 - 10

    You can also use this guide by GamesRadar.

  • Earn 3 gold medals in the Animus Virtual Training Program.

    This isn't too hard to achieve. You must earn 3 gold medals in any training program within the Animus.  There are 4 different types of training you can do: Free Run, Stealth Assassination, Locate and Combat. The easiest are the Free Run challenges.

    Press and select Animus Training, then select Free Run and then complete the first Free Run challenges, these are Short Courses 1, 2 and 3. Do not complete the Tutorial course as this will not count.

  • Recruit 3 Assassins.

    As you play the game you will automatically recruit 2 Assassin's to the Assassin's Guild but for the trophy you require one more. You must find and assist a citizen in trouble. You will as you run around find various people surrounded by guards to recruit them you must simply kill all of the guards and then press to speak with them.

    If you leave it too long or run away they will die but there are many more located through out Rome.

  • Train a recruit up to the Rank of Assassin.

    Once you have recruited an Assassin you can send him on missions from pigeon coops or Assassin Towers. To send an Assassin on a mission you must first select a mission from the contracts menu, then press to assign it to an assassin. Once you have done this you must press to send him on a mission.

    You will notice that there is a bar at the top when you select missions this is the percentage chance that the assassin will complete the mission. The higher the percentage the more chance of him completing the mission. Remember to keep it as close to 100% as you can because if you don't, there is a chance the assassin could fail and die. An Assassin can also die in combat helping you so you must be careful with them.

    Missions only take 10 - 20 minutes so you won't spend much time waiting and this trophy should come pretty quickly, once an assassin has reached the level of Assassino you must return to the Assassin's hideout for an initiation ceremony the trophy will pop after this.

    The XP for the ranks are as follows -

    • Recluta: 0XP
    • Servitore: 10XP
    • Assistente: 30XP
    • Milte: 80XP
    • Discepol: 180XP
    • Mercenario: 350XP
    • Guerriero: 600XP
    • Veterano: 1200XP
    • Maestro: 2000XP
    • Assassino: 3500XP
  • Remove All Borgia Flags in Rome.

    To earn this trophy you need to collect all 101 Borgia Flags in Rome. They are located throughout the 4 districts and in the Lairs of Romulus which can be replayed via the DNA section of the menu.

    Once you've collected 25 flags or have completed the game, you can buy Borgia Flag maps from art merchants for each of the districts that will add the locations of the the Borgia Flags to your map.

    The price of the maps are as follows:

    • Centro District: 17,255 Florins
    • Campagna District: 16,915 Florins
    • Antico District: 17,102 Florins
    • Vaticano District: 16,788 Florins

    The videos below by PowerPyx show the exact locations of the flags:

  • Collect All Feathers.

    There are 10 feathers located throughout Rome, you can by Feather maps from art merchants once you've completed the game to add the location of all of the Feathers on your map. The Feather map costs a total of 17,425 Florins.

    Alternatively you can use this guide by PowerPyx.

  • Find 1 Artifact in 2012.

    Missable! This must be done before Sequence 8 and can be accessed after Sequence 2.

    For this trophy you must leave the Animus by pressing and then selecting Leave Animus from the main menu and you will return to the cellar of the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni.

    You must then work your way out of the cellar and then outside of the villa, once outside you must climb up the side and run to the front of the villa where you will find a hole in the roof the artefact will be placed just inside.

    This video explains shows its exact location. Thanks to TehVGG.

  • Perform an Execution Streak of 10 kills.

    This is an annoying trophy to obtain. You cannot simply counter kill enemies using and you must chain kills together quickly.

    To do this you must highlight guards with the left analogue stick and press to kill them in one hit, this will of course leave you open to attacks so you must be quick with the counters, you can counter whilst killing an enemy so you need to be very quick. It will take sometime to get but it shouldn't prove too hard. If you get hit or are grabbed by a guard it will reset your tally to 0, so you have to be quick.

    There are two places you can do it, the first is Sequence 2 - Memory 6 but I found the best place was in the Animus Virtual Training program. Select Combat and then Long Kill Streak as it will give you more time. There is a counter in the top left corner that will tell you your current streak which makes things more helpful. This video by RoosterTeeth will show you how to do it in Sequence 2.

  • Kill a guard with a broom.

    First of all you need to find a broom. There are many people around Rome sweeping some can be found under a canopy or near to hay bales they are completely random. Once you've found a broom you must take it off a civilian, if you give them a good shove (try to avoid killing them) they will drop the broom and leave it for you to pick up.

    You must then find a guard to kill and proceed to kill him as you normally would with your sword. You can still use your pistol to get the kill as you won't drop the broom. The kill will still count as a broom kill and the trophy will still pop.

  • Throw money in a well.

    Wells are located throughout Rome, they are hexagonal in shape and usually surrounded by a wooden decking. Once you find one select your money pouch from the weapon wheel by pressing and press , Ezio will then throw some money in the well.

  • Jump with the parachute off the top of Castel Sant'Angelo.

    The parachute is unlocked after all of Leonardo Da Vinci's War Machines have been destroyed, you can obtain them by visiting him. Simply go to the "L" icon on the map and interact with the bench by pressing and he will give you the parachute. If you run out you can purchase more from tailor shops located throughout Rome.

    The Castel Sant'Angelo is the papal residence located in the Vaticano district and is within the restricted area. There is however a perfect spot to get this trophy in Sequence 8.

    After crossing the bridge run to the big wooden doors on the right and climb the outer wall, then climb the inner wall and finally climb the inner building. Once you've reached the top you must climb the large flag pole and perch on the top, jump off the top using and and immediately press to deploy the parachute and the trophy should pop before you hit the ground.

    Below is a video showing how to get the trophy during Sequence 8. Thank you to PowerPyx for the video:

  • Win the highest bet at the Fights.

    The fights can be found at the Barracks in the Campagna District and can only be accessed after Sequence 3. You must first of all fight your way through the first 4 fights and defeat an increasing number of guards in a set amount of time you do not need to place any money on these fights. When it comes to the 5th fight, however, you must place a maximum bet of 500 Florins on the fight and then win it. To win I found the best strategy was to throw dust in the faces of the attackers by holding down and then releasing it then you can execute all of the attackers.

    It takes a while to get the hang of but it shouldn't prove too difficult. The trophy will unlock once you've exited the fights.

  • Access your email in 2012.

    Missable! This must be done before Sequence 8 and can be accessed after Sequence 2.

    Whilst playing the game you will get a notification telling you that you've received an email you must leave the Animus and return to the cellar of the Villa Auditore you can do this by pressing and then selecting Leave Animus on the main menu.

    Once you're out of the Animus head towards the statue of Altair where the computer is, press any button when prompted and the trophy will unlock.

    This video explains shows it's exact location. Thanks to TehVGG:

  • Throw a Long Weapon, Heavy Weapon, and Smoke bomb more than 10 m at a guard.

    For the three parts to this trophy you will need: some smoke bombs, a heavy weapon and you'll need to steal a spear from a guard. For each part, have the weapon equipped, then find and lock on to your target (any guard) with . Then just move a decent distance away and throw it at them with . For the spear and long weapon, you need to hold the button down then to prepare then release to throw. See the video to get a good idea of the distance etc.

  • Win 10000 florins playing Hazard.

    This is a new game that can be found in the thieves guild. Da Vinci's apprentice is playing it when you first meet him in the first mission of the DLC. It is a luck based game where you roll dice and bet on the outcome. When playing after the main game you should have loads of money anyway so just bet the maximum of 7500 and you should get the trophy after 2 wins. If you bet again mid-turn, put the bet up to a total of 10,000. Since the winnings are usually a minimum of 2:1, you can get it after 1 victory.

  • Receive 100% synch in ACB and full synch in all missions of the Da Vinci Disappearance.

    All missions in the main game and in the DLC have a special requirement that show up when you are accepting it. You need to meet this in order to receive full synchronisation. For this trophy you need to have full sync all the missions; not only in the DLC but in the main game as well. So using the DNA option from the pause menu, revisit any memories that you don't have full sync in and redo them. Same with the DLC missions if you don't get them all first time through.

    Here Is what's required to be at 100% for full sync:

    • Memory Sequence 1-9 (The main story)
    • Restored Sequence The Da Vinci Disappearance (The DLC Story)
    • Secret Locations
    • War Machines
    • Templar Agents
    • Assassination (Mercenary Guild Missions)
    • Thief (Thief Guild Missions)
    • Courtesan (Courtesan Guild Missions)
  • Kill 10 guards with a single arrow storm.

    You'll need to get a large group of guards chasing you (at least 10, maybe more to be safe) before unleashing the arrow storm. An easy spot in the DLC missions to get this is in the first memory. Once you meet up with Da Vinci's apprentice and leave the thieves guild, you are confronted by a large group of hooded attackers. As soon as the fight starts use the arrow storm on them by holding down and you should get your trophy. See the video.

  • GPS


    Complete the Da Vinci Disappearance.

    When you start up the game you should get a notification of a Restored Memory. Go to the marker to start the DLC. Just play through the memory's and enjoy it. Once you get to the end you will get your trophy. I would recommend paying attention to the full sync requirements that pop up at the start of a mission and try and fulfil them. It will save you having to go back through to get the "il Principe" trophy.

  • Beat up the 5 thirsty harlequins.

    These guys are located around Rome, mostly along the river In the city. They are doing a handstand but will fall over and attack you when you get close. You need to equip your fists and beat them up. If you are quick enough, you can run up to them as they fall over and dispose of them quickly as they are getting up with one press of the button. You need to beat up all 5 for the trophy. If you accidentally kill one then they will re-spawn but you will have to go away and come back later.

    Below is a video and a map of their locations. Use whichever you prefer to locate them.


  • Double Assassinate from a parachute.

    First, you obviously need the parachute. It's one of the items you buy from Da Vinci during the main game. Next just locate one of the groups of 4 guards that walk or stand around the city and climb to a rooftop near them. Jump off, deploy the parachute with and glide over to the guards. Press for air assassination when you get close. See the video. Remember you can buy new parachutes from a tailor if you run out.

  • Steal 5 horses from their riders, while remaining on horseback.

    For me it only worked when I started doing it to guards on horseback, and it took quite a few more than 5 for the trophy to unlock, so this one may be a bit glitchy. First get on your horse and then locate a guard on horseback. Ride along side him, lock on with and press  button to hijack his horse from your own. You should get the trophy after you do this 5 times, but like I said, it took more than that for me. So if it doesn't unlock just keep going.

    I never did 5 in a row (without dismounting at all) so that isn't a requirement for the trophy.

  • Kill a guard with the bag that drops from a lift.

    Locate one of the many lifts around the city and get a group of guards to chase you. Lead them to the lift and let them get close before using it. To use a list just hold and run towards it. See the video.

  • Pay 500 florins to an orator, then pickpocket him afterward.

    You need to get your notoriety up, so kill guards or messengers around the city until you can find and bribe one of the heralds. Make sure you aren't wearing a cape that stops your notoriety from going up. If you are remove it in the inventory menu. Bribe the herald and then immediately pick his pocket after by holding down while walking into him to get the trophy. See the video.

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