His Full Attention Trophy

  • His Full Attention


    Freedom Cry - Achieve 100% synchronization

    To achieve 100% sync you need to get 100% in all the main missions, that is fulfilling all the optional objectives. The missions are:

    Memory I - The Calm Before The Storm
    Memory II - A Common Enemy
    Memory III - Laying The First Brick
    Memory IV - A Ship of His Own
    Memory V - Lifting The Veil
    Memory VI - A Scientific Inquiry
    Memory VII - Plant The Seeds
    Memory VIII - Down with the ship
    Mission IX - de Fayet's Last Stand

    A 100% mission guide can be found below or you can click here

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  • I'm pretty sure this one glitched on me, I beat the DLC and as the credits rolled, I hit start to double check that I did in fact get 100% in all missions - and the last one only showed 20%, yet the lil' "extra objective" bubbles are all filled in... Anyone else have this problem?
  • Never mind, I reset the game and it popped. I'm not sure what happened, but I have it now so. Hope the same doesn't happen for other people :)
  • This happened to me as well. You must either skip or wait for the credits to finish.
  • If you have bought Freedom Cry as a DLC stand alone but not part of Black Flag do you still have to buy the DLC Freedom Cry part of Black Flag to obtain these trophies, as in do them all again even if you have them done on the stand alone version of Freedom Cry?
  • Video guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXT-lYqKi5Y
  • @4, I know I'm four years too late, but yes, the standalone version of Freedom Cry has a separate trophy list from the add-on version. I accidentally bought the standalone and figured out I'd need to buy it a second time as the add-on in order to get 100% of the trophies on the main Black Flag list.

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