His Word Was “Perhaps” Trophy

  • His Word Was “Perhaps”


    Freedom Cry - Complete all missions

    You will get this from normal story progression and after completing the final mission which is memory 9.

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  • why cant i save this trophie?
  • ^Same.
  • Yeah, me too...
  • I'll see if I can let the admins know.
  • i would do that but i have no idea how to contact them
  • I sent them an email with the link to the trophy. Hopefully they get around to it, this is torturing my ocd.
  • Yeah this is happening to me too
  • We still can't save this trophy... Help!
  • This happened in AC III. The advice then, to disable, enable, and tick your trophies back doesn't work now.
  • Are they ever going to fix this?
  • Go to http://www.playstationtrophies.org/mytrophies.php Click the red X next to this game, which deletes it from your list. Re-add the game and re-check trophies. This has happened on a fair few game pages, no idea what the bug is. However, this fix works.
  • @11 Worked like a charm. Thanks!
  • Confirmed. @11 works perfectly. Thank you!

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