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  • Firepower


    Kill 5 guards at once with a blunderbuss

    You get the blunderbuss in the mission 3. Go into Port Au Prince, get a group of guards after you (at least 5) and run away. Lure the guards around the corner of a building, turn around and as they all come into view free aim with and fire with at the group.
    Also if you get a group to chase you, you can run into a slave auction where all the enemies there will attack you as well. Once they are all in a group throw a smoke bomb and fire at the group. You could also lead them to the main gate of the gouverneur’s mansion since the gate has a narrow opening the enemies will all funnel through there making them group together easily.

    There is also two good opportunities during the last story mission:

    Get to the gouverneur’s mansion and watch the quick little cut scene, there will be a checkpoint after it. Four guards will be at the main entrance and as soon as you enter combat a bunch more will come running out. It may take a few tries but you should be able to get a good shot off taking out 5 guards.

    There is also another chance in this mission, when you chase the gouverneur and he eventually stops there will be 7 other guards in a group waiting to be shot by your blunderbuss.

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  • I actually got this one almost by accident when boarding a ship. As you say, a really good place for this is at the end, in the area that the Gouverneur flees to in the last mission, there's a group of guards in a cluster, just begging to be blasted at. It also gets you one of the secondaries for that mission.
  • Takes ages to pop.
  • Just after your get it go to the compound with two chests in it. stay left and you see 3 guards standing together. wait for the two wandering guards to go past and bam there you go. super easy, just takes patience
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