Seeds of Independence Trophy

  • Seeds of Independence


    Liberate 500 slaves

    For this trophy you need to liberate 500 slaves which can be gotten from the second memory onwards. From there you can run around towns liberating 3-5 slaves in random encounters similar to the main game however plantation are your best bet. Each plantation gives you up to 30 or 40 slaves depending on how far you have progressed into the story. There are three plantations on the first island and then another couple throughout the map. The biggest groups are from slave ships, unlocked after the 4th mission. They have ninety slaves on them, focusing your efforts on them can get you this trophy rather quickly. You will need to free a certain number of slaves to progress in the game anyway. It would be to your advantage to save slaves anyway since it unlocks upgrades for you to purchase Once you save your 500th slave the trophy should pop.

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  • Just keep clearing plantations and keep track of your progress. You can also free captive slaves inside cities.
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