Queen Anne's Revenge Trophy

  • Queen Anne's Revenge


    Playing as Blackbeard, perform an acrobatic kill and a gun kill in less than 10 seconds

    Firstly you will need to be level 38 to unlock the gun ability, once you have it equip it to a loadout. Enter a solo Wolfpack match on Saba Island with the Blackbeard character. Once your first “Defend the chest” wave occurs head to chest A and hang from the wall near it. Once an enemy goes to loot the chest kill him via your acrobatic position and then head to chest B and there should be an easy gun kill for you with another enemy looting chest B. Do this in 10 seconds and you should have the trophy.

    If there is no ledge to hang from for an acrobatic kill then you can use a wall or any sort of vertical surface nearby. Target the enemy with , run up the wall by him, and then as you're in the air, immediately pull the analog stick in his direction and press . Credit to Eternal21 for finding this alternate method for an acrobatic kill

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  • Got this playing Wolfpack. On the sequence where you defend the chests. You need two being attacked. Acrobatic kill one, shoot the other
  • Just to add you can shoot first then acrobatic kill second.
  • Wolfpack. Not chests.
  • I have done it in discovery mode n°6. In discovery mode you don't have to worry too much about time expires and in this map there are many opportunities to perform an acrobatic kill. After you have performed it, quickly run to the next target and fire with your gun, it may take a few tries.
  • In what Lvl do You Unlock Blackbeard?.
  • Black beard is unlocked when you purchased the season pass I believe also the above works great and it's easy, don't be worried if the trophy doesn't unlock straight away it took about 20 seconds for me to unlock.
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  • I had to do this 4 times before the trophy unlocked. On the first 3 times I tagged the first guy snd killed him with an Acrobatic kill then ran upto the second guy and shot him without tagging him. I know those 3 times were well within the 10 second requirement but no trophy. The 4th time I tagged the first guy and Acrabitic killed him, ran up to the second guy tagged him then shot him and got the trophy. My thought is that you need to tag, kill, tag, kill snd not tagging will prevent the trophy.
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