Master Of The Caribbean Trophy

  • Master Of The Caribbean


    Complete the Discovery Mode of Wolfpack in Multiplayer.

    To play this mode go to the Walfpack icon and select Discovery, now play the 8 maps and the trophy should be yours. This acts as a tutorial for the Wolfpack mode.

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  • Select this mode on the Wolfpack menu and just follow the "missions", once you complete one you will be placed in the next, there are 8, so it is pretty easy as the final one only requires you to reach Sequence 15.
  • The last one is 25 but i completed it but no trophe thats weird
  • you werent on discovery mode... just regular wolfpack
  • Anybody boosting? I found it easier to do this with a full group. You can do it by yourself but that takes to long for me.
  • Does nobody play online anymore?
  • okiesnake on PS4, if anyone wants to boost just let me know
  • Looking for someone to boost this trophy add me Counterstrikes on PS3
  • I'm also looking to boost this one. I made it through the first 3 missions by myself, but I keep running out of time on the 4th. Hit me up if you want to boost. I'm not sure if it matters, but I'm on the PS3. PSN ID - FatEd6186
  • This trophy only takes about 30-40 minutes solo. If you are running out of time, then you are doing something wrong. Just walk up to your targets, lock them, blend in with the group they are usually around, wait for the 150 pt. Focus bonus and kill them. One kill = 1050 points, and will usually advance you 2 or 3 sequences at a time. Most people just don't realize that the point of Wolfpack is subtle kills, not running around like a madman stabbing everything and getting only 100 pts. per kill...
  • ok look i have stopped boosting, because people are stupid no offense, second off, this is way to easy doing by yourself, seriously, just sneak up on the targets. Please have a great day
  • Thanks #9
  • Yip. I got this last nite finally. Like #9 says .. listen to what the info is, I was running round like a headless chicken killing target and only getting 100 points each.. its not about that, you need to use stealth! STEALTH people, trust me. Get your 350, 400 + points per kill and you do the whole section in no time, its bloody good fun, might just do it all again in fact.
  • This is why I play Wolfpack solo. The public rooms are full of muppets that charge around getting 100-150 points for a kill, where I take a bit more time, getting hidden bonus, focus, and the full 450 points for the approach, and scoring 1050. Most annoying when you've stalked a target for a minute, you are about to get the kill and some idiot just charges in, and steals it, and only gets 100 points for it.
  • people. PLEASE understand that in wolfpack if you kill every target slowly in madafakin incognito and focus and hidden (nearly always EASILY possible) you can even beat the game solo first try. the only thing I hate playing WP with others is because the retards just run n kill the targets for 100p (even when they see I'm hidden in a nearby crowd walking towards the target) so instead of 800p/kill you get 100p/kill and THAT is why you all fail. JUST SIMPLY STOP RUNNING and when there is a synch sequence wait for everyone don't go close to any of the targets until everbody is near to someone
  • i need help with this one anyone willing to help just add me and send a message letting me know thanks
  • add me enonimous ( psn gamertag) im just mission saint lucia but help on any level... for what ever reason this map never show up in online wolfpack to play and if it does it doesnt get voted in
  • need help for this add me psn: icyszz
  • i looking for good players in that mode psn : icyszz
  • add if you need help
  • im done with this trophy but i want to play with some1 who not rush at the soldiers
  • Hey, I need all multiplayer trophies. Add me, freaky_45 with Assassins Creed in the subject line.
  • Need help with multiplayer trophies Psn : ahmed_sayd999
  • Add xextremexdangerx msg ac4

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