Committed To The Cause Trophy

  • Committed To The Cause


    Reach level 55 in Multiplayer.

    Warning! There have been people that somehow skipped level 55 directly to Prestige, this might happen if you get XP outside a match, since you get the trophies when in-game, it may also happen if you receive a bonus, such as the Daily Bonus/First Match of the Day. If this happens all you can do is go for Prestige 1 level 55, and hopefully it will unlock then.

    This is the most boring and time-consuming trophy, unless you love to play the multiplayer part of the game. To reach level 55 you'll need 526,000 XP.

    To best way to level up is to play the Wolfpack Mode. To successfully reach the highest level you have to go slow and get the maximum points for each kill. Each sequence has a point target which you must reach in order to get to the next one. So if you go slow and manage to get 1000 points that gets you to the next sequence, it is much better than running to your target and getting 10 x 100 points kills, which is much slower.

    To get the maximum points you should always go for Perfect approach(450) + Focus(150) + Hidden(x2). This should give you around 1000-1200 pts per kill.

    You also should try and complete challenges since they give a big boost to the XP earned, such as "kill X enemies with Y ability", or "kill X enemies in Y way". Once you get Killstreaks you should also use them because even they don't give any particular help on this mode, they also have challenges tied to them. The challenges can be checked by pressing twice and going to the "Challenges" tab.

    You should first complete all standard maps to get a challenge and then you should make the leap to "Difficult" setting, I found Santa Lucia and Sabo Island to be the easiest maps because of the location of the chests on the Defense sequence.

    Eternal21 has a much detailed guide with Wolfpack Tips.

    PS3T member Mastodon made a video where he plays wolfpack using Eternal21's guide tips.

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  • Bronze? Seriously?
  • Hopefully they really spaced out the levels this time, it seems kind of weird that the last 2 games have been to reach level 20 and now 55. If not, then boosting here I come.
  • responding to comment #2 ... totally agree whit you .... im also up for boosting this trophy if it comes to that part... and can help you if needed =) PSN Connor_Kenway_89
  • Hmmm I will not rant so much because we now have Wolfpack (thank god). So, I don't believe it will be such a grid.
  • It won't take too much to reach Lvl 55 Thanks to wolfpack mode
  • yeah, wolfpack gives like 18k a match + challenges shouldn't take more than a day to achieve!
  • Add me to serious booster list if you're one who wants to get it done quick.
  • ACB was level 50 but that took 24 hours of online
  • I wonder why they added this "random number"?, i mean i saw in other games were the trophies are in reach level 5, 10, 25, 50, 99 or 100 But 55?, that's odd...
  • Well, wont be getting Platinum in this game. Grinding online in Assassins creed really is pain in a whole new way.
  • #10, this isn't a lot of grinding, took me like 6 hours playing wolfpack (not boosting) to reach level 50, level 55 will take me like 1 more hour, this really isn't that bad
  • @11 I bet 50-55 will be a pain but yeah you are right, took me around there for ACIII also.
  • Thank god for wolfpack mode.
  • Level 55 is the max level, then you can Prestige and do it all again.
  • Of course -,- Playing SP first. For people who want to play online with me, PSN: Ruler_of_Shadows
  • sheeit
  • can you level up in co-op mp? is that what wolfpack is?
  • Add me (stathis1992) for wolfpack lvling
  • yeah looks like a decent amount of time will have to be put in, but im up for boosting if it comes to that.
  • You only need a total of 500,000Xp to get to lvl55. With wolfpack mode and how evenly spaced the levels are in this game, getting to 55 is actually not bad. After one session of wolfpack mode I went from level 1 to level 8, the second wolfpack mode I got from 8 to 13. I feel like leveling is a lot easier in this game than it ever has been. I bet I can get to 55 in about 10-12 hours without grinding online. That is about what it took to get to 20 in AC3...
  • Man, I feared something like this.. Why couldn't they keep the Level 20 going?
  • Take advantage of the "Daily x2.0 xp" when you play. I just started playing today and got two Wolfpack matches with it, so it was a nice boost from Lv31 to 35 in just two games.
  • a Message to all who read this , I got to level 55 and done whit MP and my best advice to you all is play wolf pack and use every abilities and ranged weapons at least once for the all rounder trophy and its really not that hard, just buy every single abilities and ranged weapons as you level up then at 48 use poison darts and smoke bomb and you should have the all rounder trophy easily and also don't forget to play every sessions in MP too so....
  • thanks connor I will def take that advice. lol I haven't even started yet
  • Never got to lvl fifty in brotherhood thought it toomuch a pain in the ass to go for it but I got the lvl twenty in revelations and in three hopefully with wolf pack it should be cake
  • Does leveling go faster if you play WOLVES with friends?
  • Wolfpack is the way to go.
  • Who wants to help me achieve this with wolfpack? add me PSN: Lctjuh
  • Why is there so much complaining? ACB took a long time to level up, and not so many people complained. Heck there are 2 online trophies that most ACB players never got, and won't get, but your complaining about a quick level up. You can play your FPS for hours on end, and that's a boring grind if you ask me. If you want to do this quickly, not enjoy the game, and just be a lame trophy hunter that brags about how many trophies they have without actually taking the time to invest anything into a game, play Wolfpack, as it allows you to level up fast, like really fast if you know how to play. It can be done in 15 minutes, and even at high levels, 50+ it takes about one match per level, give or take. Just quit being so lame, and play the game. Look how many COD, MW, BF, KZ, Halo, and go
  • You'll need 526k xp, to be accurate. It's not hard at all, just super long. Took me 15 hours of pure online gameplay (including tonns of solo wolfpack playthroughs). This trophy was the last for me before getting platinum.
  • At least they didn't say reach max prestige. There are 99 prestige levels, so you can level up to 55 100 times! :(
  • well, it's black friday .. +50%, so I'm boosting. Bjarnebiceps on PSN
  • Please, someone help me grind. I played legitimately this whole time. I was close to 55, hit a huge exp bonus and it put me straight to prestige. So I didn't even get the damn trophy. Should of had the damn platinum. Now I got to level all the way up again. Complete bs. They need to fix this. PSN: hotsauce2888
  • I've been having a problem with the challenges today on wolfpack after I do the first 3, the challenges quit registering. I will see perform aerial kill and earn focus bonus on the top right and neither will register when I do them even tried doing both at the same time and nothing. Any help on this?
  • There's another option to make this go faster: Abstergo + is the new VIP service offered to all players to truly enhance their multiplayer experience. You can get the Abstergo + service, through both Abstergo and Erudito Credits. for a period of 3, 7, 30, 90, 180 or 365 days XP Boost: You will receive a +25% XP boost for all matches - level up even quicker thanks to Abstergo +! XP Aura: Grant +10% XP to all players in your session. If 2 Abstergo Plus members are in the same match, the members will receive a 25% +10% bonus (max +35%)
  • @#34: Yeah the same here! Getting points, not registering, wtf!
  • I dont see how wolfpack mode is the fastest It only gives you a fraction or the points you get in Xp. In single player if you get a 900 point kill it gives you 900xp. What determines how much xp you will be getting from wolfpack? Is it just the challenges?? Or what?
  • Not single player. I mean just regular multiplayer. Versus. Personally i like domination the best.
  • I'm dreading getting to the end and skipping the level 55 straight to prestige.. what are the chances of that happening?
  • Whenever you unlock new abilities just purchase them, and at level 49 onwards start to use them once. Add two to each ability set and play a game like Wanted where you will die a lot so you can switch inbetween sets quickly and efficiently.
  • Im gunna need to boost on this trophy. My PSN is Hazz145
  • This trophy is killing me.I'm a huge AC fan but I can't stand this stupid tacked-on multiplayer FML
  • Just bought the game, doing myself a favor by getting this trophy out of the way.
  • Just started playing online today and with in an hour i achieved three online trophies and got to level 6. All gotta do now is boost and take advantage of the daily bonus xp :)
  • add me on PS3: Matt_2113 if you want to play wolfpack to get this trophy.
  • 526.000 xp is lv55 ant to go to prestige you need 544.600 xp so i think it wil not be a problem to get the trophy!?! got it 2 times now :-)
  • did the new update fix the level 55 glitch
  • I just wanted everyone to know that people who play wolfpack in this game are fucking idiots. And I mean everyone people on lvl 1, people on lvl 30 even people who are climbing the prestigue ladder ... Nothing has changed since AC3 and they all just rush in for the kill so if you really want to get it fast without venting your frustration on random bypassers then I recommend that you get yourself a legitimate team.
  • In Wolfpack pople should be kicked when they get 2x 100 point kills in a row. Seriously ...
  • Don't visit the wolfpack tips link. I got this message from google. Warning - visiting this web site may harm your computer! and from firefox: This web page at has been reported as an attack page and has been blocked based on your security preferences. Attack pages try to install programs that steal private information, use your computer to attack others, or damage your system.
  • Almost at 55 comments..
  • I agree with #48, #49 and all others that complain how people don't work as a team in Wolfpack. It's so much easier when the game is played correctly. Add me if you want to work as a team: DarthLoser
  • People that just run around killing the targets in wolfpack whilst alerting them ruin this trophy for me. Wolfpack is actually enjoyable IF IT IS PLAYED PROPERLY. Take your time and don't rush the kills - you get a heck of a lot more xp.
  • I'm looking for people to play ac black flag with only that don't rush their kills in wolfpack. my PSN ID is: RikterHoeve add me :)
  • I'm looking for people to play ac black flag with only that don't rush their kills in wolfpack. add me xxshin is my psnid i have a earphone and skype (trophy hunter)
  • Why do they do this... :(
  • I'm looking for players that don't rush in their kills in wolfpack. PSN: gotopasalacqua
  • Loved it! Best MP of the AC series!
  • Yaaayyy I just got the Platnium Trophy for this c: I was soooo excited when I did xD Also yes, Wolfpack is a good choice for leveling up. I did all the other Multiplayer trophies & got to level 23. (Copycat is super useful for All Rounder achievement) After that i took a full day of pure Multiplayer, I only got up to level 33. But then next day I also did a full day grinding but this time on Wolfpack. I started at 11AM taking breaks every so 3 hours. Ended at 11PM, so yes it takes a lot of commitment to get there but hey the trophy does say "Committed To The Cause" c;
  • This multiplayer system is the worst piece of shit ever. Damn whoever made multiplayer trophies a requirement for platinum to hell
  • Worst trophy in the world. Pain in the ass, literally took me 7 months to get it. Add me if you don't kill just for killing in MP AC4BF: paablo_hdz
  • Damn, I've read all your comments, I'm late in the game now close to 3 years after the game got released. I managed to play the discovery and 4 wolfpack games by my self properly which it was like 1.5 hours and Im already on level 14. I Wish there were more levels than 25. All these advice have been great, I also want to point out that getting the challenges have helped also, doing full syncronization kills, and using your abilities before a kill have helped tremendously. I feel sorry for those of you who went through the pain of those rushed wolfpack killing. I wish I could get a few members to help me out for the gamelab trophy. Great Comments
  • Hey, I need all multiplayer trophies. Add me, freaky_45 with Assassins Creed in the subject line.
  • Need help with multiplayer trophies Psn : ahmed_sayd999
  • Looking for someone to play wolfpack with to boost to lvl 55. @ FrankTJ_Mackey
  • I need someone to help me boost to level 55 in Wolfpack PSN: BlazingViking
  • I need help with this as well as a few other online trophies, I'll return the favor to whoever helps. PSN- Macerillium
  • Looking to boost, feel free to send friend request with AC: Black Flag as the text body.
  • Feel free to add me on PSN, my id it's Lisboa14, just place Black flag Mp in the friend request body.
  • need to do one match to use my bodyguard ability. Add me, freaky_45
  • If anyone has the teleport and poison ability I can copycat, add me, freaky_45
  • I need help with all of the multiplayer trophies. Add me for boosting Official_Akash (PS3 Version)
  • Looking to boost Assassins Creed multiplayer trophies. PSN GreekGorilla32 (PS4 Version)
  • Send help. I’m on ps3 PSN: T-Swish41
  • So this can b done solo?

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