Excavator Trophy

  • Excavator


    Find a buried treasure.

    This should be your very first trophy. During the first mission you will find Stede Bonnet, before getting on the ship and leaving the island there is a corpse with a treasure map near where he was being held. Interact with the body and use the map, the treasure is in an alcove with an underground river.

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  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mjt-xQV0xA0 To find a buried treasure you must first obtain a treasure map. One of these maps can easily be found on Mariguana Island, at the coordinates 878, 539. Go pick it up and you will be shown a picture and the coordinates of a treasure. This particular treasure can be found on Andreas Island, at the coordinates 575, 717. To unlock the locations of other treasure maps, you can talk to the barkeepers of taverns or just explore the world and synchronize viewpoints.
  • You can get this trophy in " Cape Bonavista " At the beginning of the game

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