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    Rescue pirate hostages by distracting enemies with "dancers."

    This trophy should be done as soon as possible while you still need crew members because once you get the maximum number of crew members, these events will stop appearing.

    If you already have the maximum number of crew members, I would recommend boarding a Man o' War and just stand there watching while your crew gets butchered.

    Now go to a big town like Kingston or Havana and look for some captured pirates, once you find them hire a group of dancers and press for them to distract the guards.

    Here is a video of this trophy from PowerPyx:

    In addition to this you can repeat "Now Hiring" (Sequence 3, Mission 1). There are also at least 2 set places where you can distract guards who are guarding hostages and those locations reset after a bit of time as well in case you screw it up. You can just replay it whenever you want and don't have to worry about having a full crew. Credit goes to CaptainNick for this tip.

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  • To do this you must let some of your crew members die. Just board an enemy ship and sit back while your crew does the fighting. Many will die. After that, head to Kingston and go to coordinates 623,172. There is a restricted area where two enemies are aiming at captured pirates. You can hire some dancers nearby, just up the street. Send the dancers to these two enemies and once they are distracted sneak behind their backs and free the pirates. Alternatively, you could replay DNA Sequence 3, Memory 2 where you had to free some pirate hostages during a story mission. This does only work with enemies aiming at pirates.
  • FYI, the coordinates are for the city. Not someplace inside it. Found it thanks to the video though.
  • Don't even need to do that...just find the pirates being held at gunpoint in Havana early on and hire dancers to distract the guards.

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