All Aboard! Trophy

  • All Aboard!


    Board a ship without losing any crew members.

    This is a luck-based trophy since your crew can die quite easily.

    To get the trophy you must board the ship, you can't take all the crew with the swivel guns.
    To get this trophy you have to board a ship with at least 10 crew members, so you should go for a Brigg. Start the boarding and kill the enemy crew until there are only 1 or 2 left, then quickly use a rope to get on the other ship before your crew does and quickly kill the enemy using your pistols.

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  • I found this one to be difficult in a naval battle, so I found a ship at a harbor that had enemies on it, killed all of them, then got in my ship and it said I could board it. After holding the board button, it went straight to the "What do you want to do with this ship" screen and the trophy was awarded.
  • Or you can find a schooner that requires you to kill 5/10 enemies on it. After you incapacitate it, go to the swinging canon next to you and just kill 5 people before any of your mates jump to the other boat.
  • I have boarded ships multiple times where you need to kill 5 enemies, and I have done so without losing any crew and the trophy doesn't pop. The trophy description doesn't say you need to board a bigger ship.
  • @#1 What harbor did you use?
  • Keep plundering ships and always be the first one to kill everybody before any of your crew members die, eventually you will get it. It took a while for my trophy to pop.
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