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    Perform 5 air assassinations from a swinging rope.

    There are four ropes on the Jackdaw that you can use to board other ships, one on the back near the helm, one in the front and one on top of each mast.

    I found the top ropes to be the easiest to use because you'll land on the deck of the ship where there are more enemies. You should also be tapping before you release the rope.

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  • Apparently I am really bad at this. I have plundered over 30 ships and I still haven't managed to do this rightly. Yeah, boarding Vessels isn't my thing on this game.
  • you can swing on a rope to another ship? only time i did that was in the tutorial mission thing
  • use the rope in the front of the ship vs the one in the back... its a lot easier with that one
  • This is way too difficult and it should be easy i need like 10 more trophies for plat
  • You really need to mash [] while swinging from the rope. Weapon of choice is irrelevant (did it with swords equipped).
  • I can't get this to work I swing in but I can't even get a target and it won't do the assassinate kills at all it's driving me crazy
  • I recommend trying to do this against a frigate, and wait for the boats to be completely set. I did all 5 in one attack because I kept jumping back and forth swinging.
  • A good place to do this is the final mission of sequence 2. You can swing on a rope to go to another ship on the first ship. Just use the rope and air assassinate, then reload the checkpoint. Rinse and repeat 4 more times.
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