Ghost In The Machine Trophy

  • Ghost In The Machine


    Hack 15 computers in Abstergo Entertainment.

    By the time you complete all the present day missions you'll have clearance to access every room in the building. Now it's just a matter of finding computers to hack and solve their mini-games.

    You'll have to complete every type of mini-game during the missions and most of them are harder than the computers you need to hack for the trophy, so that will act as a tutorial.

    Note: All the computers hacked during the missions count towards the total count.

    Here is a list of every computer location as well as the puzzle solution.

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  • just run around abstergo after the second offanimus mission and you will have 15 that you can hack into
  • i only found 5 to hack after the second abstergo mission
  • They should give you a trophy for hacking all 30 computers and finding all those silly stickies.

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