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    Fully upgrade your hideout.

    I would save this trophy for last since the hideout is kind of useless and you'll need loads of money to buy all the upgrade.This trophy is similar to upgrading the city if Monterigioni in Assassin's Creed II.

    The upgrades are:

    • Tavern
    • Harbour master's office
    • General Store
    • Campfire
    • Brothel
    • House renovation
    • Garden
    • Guests House

    You'll need around 90,000 Reales to buy everything.

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  • what is the hideout?
  • @1 its the great inagua island it has a special symbol on the map of a skull and two swords under it. it unlocks after sequence 4 or 5 cant remember
  • costs a fair whack of money to do this, the final build costs 40,000 if i remember right
  • @3 It does, I have only that one left on account of the fact that I couldn't afford it. As a general thing, I at least believe that building the campfire and brothel is worth it, because if you build them, you get to hire drunkard and dancer groups, respectively, for free. That was never a perk in ACII; there was just a hiring "discount" in Brotherhood and Revelations when you completed a certain number/tier of faction challenges.
  • thanks @2 abdulha

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