Cannon fodder Trophy

  • Cannon fodder


    Recruit 500 crew members.

    This should come naturally as you go for the platinum, you'll most likely get it while farming materials to upgrade the Jackdaw.

    There are three ways you can recruit crew members. By plundering ships, collecting survivors from shipwrecks/rafts by holding and by rescuing captured pirates.

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  • Don't quite get this one... Anyone knows what's up with it?
  • i haven't done this yet but i'm thinking you have to have crew members then board a ship and let them die then rehire more crew members and keep doing that until you've hired 500 all together.
  • I just got it. I have been picking up on the sea and on ships that I board. I have only hired a few in the towns. So I am assuming all the pickups at sea counted. I was never able to find any data showing how many I had. The Trophy just popped when I picked up my last guy out of the ocean.
  • You can check your progress in the database in the menu. After that go to statistics > pirate statistics and it will be the last one.
  • A pretty quick way to get this trophy is to replay Sequence 3 Memory 2 [Now Hiring]. Your crew meter resets to 0 and you have to recruit 15 pirates to complete the mission. Rescuing the pirate about to be hanged counts as 10 pirates too, so you'll get at least 25 pirates in this mission. Also when I went back in to my main game after finishing the replayed mission, my crew meter was at 10/30 so I was able to buy another 20 crew members at the bar.
  • You can check how many people you have rescued in pause menu -> database -> statistics -> pirate statistics -> total crew recruited
  • Don't for get the 4th way... recruiting them at taverns!
  • Should be picked up as you play through the story, explore the world and upgrade the Jackdaw. I got the trophy in Chapter 9 and at that point, I had captured all the forts, explored most of the stops and had the Jackdaw almost fully upgraded. Essentially, I'm just trying to say you don't need to farm for this one.

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