Devil Of The Caribbean Trophy

  • Devil Of The Caribbean


    Defeat all 4 legendary ships.

    The Legendary Ships are located on the four corners of the world. These ships are not to be taken lightly and you should not attempt them without the Jackdaw fully upgraded.

    Here is a guide by MrSoKoLoV with the ships details and tactics to use against them.

    Here are some videos of FightinCowboy, fighting all of the Legendary Ships.

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  • These are located at the 4 corners of the map but are insanely difficult. You'll likely need the fully upgraded ship to beat it and then some luck. The one I tried was a level 95 ship.
  • i tried them all. WTH overpowered way too much!!
  • Overpowered but overpowerable. Nevermind my last post. It really takes alot of experience to take those down. luckly i'll never see those again :D
  • I am at sequence V. I tried one where you get to fight two Man o' War's. HOLY F*CK. I wasted all my Heavy shot and Mortar and I got only one in half health bar. Guess I need to fully upgrade the Jackdaw.
  • My best advice for these is to get the fully upgraded hull and ram. Then ram them to death. That's how I killed all 4 of them fairly easily. After you take them down you get a ram boost that allows you to hold L1 and double tap X to lunge.
  • Huh never knew you could do that with ram I only had trouble with the one in the top left cornor but I used mortars from afar heavy shot when they were broadside and the fire barrels when/if they charged me
  • the ships are five not four. almost fully upgraded and i cant beat them
  • El Impoluto: Just bombard it with your mortar when afar and punish it with heavy shots when close, it will mainly ram at you so take the chance to hit it hard and avoid getting close on its side. Twin Man o' war: Just handle as any other Lv60 Man o' wars, with the advantage that they won't use mortar, but instead will try to sandwich you, avoid that. HMS Prince: Easiest of the pack, approach at high speed and punish it with heavy shots, don't mind the mortar fire just keep attacking, I sunk it in 15 seconds. La Dama Negra: Break every time the mortar is fired and keep approaching her. Attack the rear, it is the only non-armored place, and use your mortar. It'll sink pretty fast if you keep nailing the captain's quarters on the back.
  • It's better to fully upgrade your ship by weapons and storage or else you will have trouble with it.
  • 2 to go
  • RAM RAM and RAM! ;)
  • Tough as hell but goddamn they're satisfying to beat. Only shame is once you're upgraded enough to beat them, all other ships are a cakewalk. You can ram a man-o-war twice and destroy it by then.
  • Hardest trophy in the game. The Southern ships are really easy, the Northern ones are a pain in the ass, even if your ship is fully upgraded. The youtube vids posted above will give you some basic strategy, but it'll come down to some luck with your shots and luck steering away from their shots to actually sink them. Took me about 20 tries to take out the twin Men o' War. Be sure to pick up the crate if you sink either of them, because you can keep the R10,000 even if you fail to take out the other.
  • Here's the strategies to use
  • I thought the easiest was the twin man-o-war. Just distance yourself and you'll be fine. The others, i thought was harder, so i used the glitch found in youtube (boarding the ships).

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