Redingote Up! Trophy

  • Redingote Up!


    Craft the Hunter outfit.

    For this trophy you'll need one Red Howler Monkey Skin and one White Jaguar Pelt. Both these pelts are extremelly rare and hard to find.

    The Monkey has set location at Isla Providencia which can only be visited after Sequence 8.

    The Jaguar is a bit more random and can appear in any location where there is a Jaguar symbol. But you can get a White Jaguar pelt during Templar Hunt 01 - Mission 1 where you have to hunt one.

    You can always buy both pelts for 5000R and 6000R respectively if you have the money.

    After having the pelts you have to go to the crafting menu and craft the Hunter outfit.

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  • Anyone found the White Jaguar (cat) yet? I've looked everywhere and haven't found it.
  • Crafting the Hunter Outfit will cost you 11,000R. Go to any general store and buy the red howler monkey skin (5000R) & white jaguar pelt (6000R). Now open up the crafting menu, scroll to the very bottom and choose to craft this outfit. If you don' want to waste that much money, you could make a backup of your save game before doing this (e.g. on an USB stick) and copy it back afterwards.
  • I actually just killed the red howler monkey myself and paid the 6000 R for the white jaguar. I couldn't find him at any of the locations.
  • i found the white jaguar during one of the assassins missions on Cayman Sound. It was part of the mission so I'm pretty sure that it will be avaliable for everyone in that mission.
  • The specific mission was Templar Hunt 01 - Mission 01 with Opia Apito on Cayman Sound. At the end of the hunting contest you have to kill the white Jaguar to impress her.
  • I found the jaguar 3 times near a shanty in Great Inagua. Have loaded pistols and active Eagle Vision. They attack first and they hurt. Location may be randomized, but worked well for me.
  • Found white Jaguar at Great Inagua, near the Shanty note. Very tricky to get to that song sheet.
  • Found a Red Howler.. In the mission where you're stranded without weapons. Lol
  • I found the white jag at same place as #7. I didn't see it until it attacked xD

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