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  • Killer Killer


    Harpoon a killer whale.

    There are two locations on the game where you can find Killer Whales, (120,496) and (449,440). But first you should liberate the fort to see the symbol on the map. To improve your surviving chances you should first upgrade your harpooning.

    Here is a video of this trophy from PowerPyx:

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  • Killer whales can be found in the ocean part named "Cruz". First off, you should capture the fort of this area to see the killer whale symbol on your map. The fishing locations can vary, so check your map. Also upgrade the harpooning statistic of your ship by upgrading the harpoon strength and harpoon storage. Fishing locations are highlighted on the ocean when you get close. Interact with one of these spots to start fishing. Defend your boat and keep throwing harpoons at the whale until it dies.
  • makes me think of the lake boss in RE4
  • I didnt free willy Lol
  • Harpooning a White Whale
  • Video guide:

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