Hungover Trophy

  • Hungover


    Wake up in a haystack.

    To get this trophy you will first need to find a Tavern; see Barfly for their locations. To get the trophy you will need to walk to the bar and interact with the bottle, and keep drinking until Edward passes out.

    Here is a video of this trophy from PowerPyx:

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  • Easy enough, drink 5 rums at the tavern lol
  • YARGGGHHH!!!!! Mateys!!! Ahhhoooooyyy
  • so easy. i didnt know what to do
  • This is a good one
  • Saving this trophy for last. Drinking myself to the platinum trophy! Yohoho!
  • i have problem with this trophy. Drinked 6 mug or rum and have the achivment but dint get trophy. can someone help me?
  • @#6 Just keep drinking until Edward passes out.
  • I gogot this one by accident, wanted to make him puke or something. Screen went black then a haya haystak appeared and a trophy popped lol.
  • Frikken typos
  • @#5 What a way to celebrate! Cheers!
  • Best trophy ever in the history of videogames.
  • this dont work for me,edwards be on drink last couple of days still wont pop up trophy
  • Drink up to the Platinum trophy. Takes about 5 drinks of rum for this. I didn't even know this was a trophy before. Was last thing to do before Platinum popped.
  • Also, it must be an outside tavern. The tavern in Kingston will not work.

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